Alanis Morissette’s box set explained

Such Pretty Forks in the Road box set

Alanis Morissette finally releases her new album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road, at the end of this month and SDE has full details of the limited edition box set which no one seems to know anything about!

This is a CD box set that isn’t even available on her own store – go figure! But anyway, here are the details.

The lift-off lid box set is limited to 2000 units for the whole of Europe, which is a fairly low number, but in terms of music it only contains the digipak CD edition of the album; there are no bonus tracks. The other content is what SDE likes to call ‘stuff’, namely:

  • A white cup/mug with “Alanis Morissette – Reasons I Drink” on the side (that’s a song from the album – see the video below)
  • A set of four postcards (100 x 150 mm)
  • Print of the album cover on 300gsm GC1 board, silver lined one side, and individually hand-numbered
  • A sticker sheet (kiss-cut-stickers, glitter varnish)

If this all sounds rather lame, 10 boxes do contain a ‘Golden Ticket’ which include a tour passes where the buyer gets a free VIP experience ticket to a European show of their choice and a personally signed item. You could be Charlie Bucket!

Such Pretty Forks in the Road is released on 31 July 2020. The European Tour now doesn’t start until October 2021 and before then there’s North America dates in the summer of the same year (details are here).

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Such Pretty Forks In The Road - limited edition box set


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Morissette, Alanis

Such Pretty Forks In The Road - CD edition


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Morissette, Alanis

Such Pretty Forks In The Road - vinyl LP


Such Pretty Forks in the Road CD edition

1. Smiling
2. Ablaze
3. Reasons I Drink
4. Diagnosis
5. Missing The Miracle
6. Losing The Plot
7. Reckoning
8. Sandbox Love
9. Her
10. Nemesis
11. Pedestal

Such Pretty Forks in the Road Vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Smiling
2. Ablaze
3. Reasons I Drink
4. Diagnosis
5. Missing The Miracle
6. Losing The Plot

Side 2
1. Reckoning
2. Sandbox Love
3. Her
4. Nemesis
5. Pedestal

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I received the box set this afternoon and can confirm I did not get the golden ticket. A larger box than I expected but it is all box and few contents. So you all now have a larger chance of one of the golden tickets. Good luck :-)


Does anyone know if the purple vinyl sold on her official store is the same version sold on Amazon US?

I personally hate buying though the “official stores” since they charge a lot when shipping internationally and without any tracking number.

paul wren

A mug? Give me strength…………………………….

Matthew Ganoe

Considering her previous album ‘Havoc and Bright Lights’ had 8-10 bonus tracks and b-sides spread across the various countries and editions, it’s surprising this new album is just a solid 11 tracks through and through. It appears not even Japan will get an extra song?!?! I wonder if that’s a biproduct of her new label Epiphany Music/Thirty Tigers in the USA? The Bil Bless Remix of ‘Smiling’ is a duet with Elizabeth Stanley from the Broadway cast of Alanis’ Jagged Little Pill musical, and it gives the song a fizzy electronic crunch sound that’s reminiscent of her previous work with producer Guy Sigsworth. It was released as a digital single on June 30th, and it has a vastly different sound to the more straightforward rock production on this new album. It’s very much worthy of some extra attention, and shoulda been a bonus track somewhere.


Sometimes I prefer the bliss of ignorance when it comes to those many bonus tracks. I was shocked at the time when I found out that some of her best songs ever (Orchid, Madness, Limbo no more, It’s a bitch to grow up) were dismissed from the core of Flavors of Entanglement. Music on Vinyl didn’t even bother to include them on the long-waited vinyl release. It’s a shame, really.

I can say the same about ‘Permission’, a great song from the Havoc sessions that was relegated to a bonus track on the target exclusive cd and it’s not even available on the streaming services.

Larry Davis

Love Alanis…all her stuff is great…fave song “Precious Illusions”…but this box is pretty lame & no US dates as part of this ticket deal…her tour with Liz Phair & Garbage pushed to next summer…also I wouldn’t order it out of fear the mug getting smashed in transit…if sold in stores in the US, I’d reconsider…


Such silly things in the box.


Good grief! Not even a (Moris)set(te) of pretty forks?


I’ll grab me coat and fork off. :)


All you needed was a knife…


Are the characters in “Reason I Drink” from the Ironic video?


To quote Richard E Grant, “Fork it”


Bought it can’t wait. Big fan. she’s supreme live. And she is so much than Jagged Little pill. flavors of entanglement was a totally awesome album.

Peter Muscutt

No marbles, coasters or a scarf though. Disappointing!!

kenneth tilley

what a complete waste of time and money…i honestly think she’s taking the xxxx with this “box”.
it’s a shame because i do like her, but needless to say i won’t be buying this.


I agree with you fully on the songs Paul…..very deep indeed….can’t wait……ordered box set from Japan….only cost me 1,000 yen to ship to Florida :-)


These are two real good songs, the best material she’s released in a long while. I would not even have oticed she was putting out something if you did not present this “box set”. So it served its marketing purpose in a way.
Well the boxset is not what I expect for a boxset, but the music is not what I expected from her either. A nice vynil edition will be the right product for me.


She has released such great music beyond the Jagged Little Pill era. Sadly, she keeps playing safe on tour and other live performances by focusing her setlists so heavily on that album. All the hidden gems and brilliant album cuts from subsequent records rarely get a chance to shine. If you saw one of her concerts, I’m afraid you saw them all.

She could learn a few lessons from Tori Amos on how to cater to the loyal fanbase and simply play all of her songs, mixing and matching them on every single concent.

I would love to hear more from my favorite ‘Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie’ and from the lush beauty of Flavors of Entanglement, for example.

As for the new record, I’ll buy the vinyl.


Thank you for making to such an easy pass!


Not a fan, so needless to say this doesn’t interest me. I suppose I can’t be too critical, since I did spring for the deluxe edition of Dead Can Dance’s Dionysus.


So you’ve a one in two hundred chance of a ‘golden ticket’, assuming that your country of purchase within Europe even gets a box with a ticket in it.

The reality is some poor sod will buy a box set with a VIP ticket, once the tour has finished, and find they’ve missed the boat.

The song they’ve been promoting the album with on the radio is pretty good. Alanis’s career went from the stratosphere to what feels like the sleepy backwaters of insignificance. Her SDE of Jagged Little Pill is brilliant and sold at the time at a great price, when SDE’s were fabulous value. Now you get a mug with no extra music.


I’m not bothering with the box set, I’ll stick to the vinyl. Looking forward to finally hearing this album.


The staple merch of artist-branded mugs finally find their way into a deluxe box! I always thought their awkward shape would terminally prevent that. Come on SuperDeluxers, thats surely something to get excited about ?!?!

Chris Squires

Have resisted using my “Never For Ever” mug so far.
A particularly (spectacularly) awful SDE, although I guess it just about fulfils the role of Limited Edition box set as we know the numbers and it comes in a box. I know SDE is mostly about re-issue box sets but that doesn’t mean poor efforts at a current box set should get away with it. Are there any “new music” box sets that are worth a candle?


what a poor box set


Indeed, what a lame set of contents.
How anyone can get excited about an individually hand numbered print of the album cover when most other artists would have signed it, is just a missed opportunity.

Jeff Brace

Hmmm…..are box sets now in “limited print runs?”


They must of ran out of mugs.


Thanks Paul. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and all I wanted to know was if there were any bonus tracks included. I´ll pass, since there are no exclusive tracks.

Mike Davis

Thanks Paul ..it’s charley & the chocolate factory all over again!