Alex Harvey / Last Of The Teenage Idols four-CD ‘highlights’ edition


Last year‘s mammoth 14CD large format Alex Harvey box set The Last Of The Teenage Idols will be available as a four-disc ‘highlights’ edition from next month.

217 tracks are distilled down to 76 for this package which is friendlier on your wallet and easier on your CD shelf. The compact ‘bookset’ presentation mirrors what Universal did with the four-disc version of The Moody BluesTimeless Flight (14-disc version is available at ShopSuperDeluxe).

Full track listing is below and this four-CD edition of The Last Of The Teenage Idols is released on 24 February 2017.


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Alex Harvey

The Last Of The Teenage Idols


The big 14CD version isn’t out of print:

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Alex Harvey

The Last Of The Teenage Idols

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  1. Framed
  2. Let The Good Times Roll
  3. Teensville Usa
  4. House Of The Rising Sun
  5. Reeling And Rocking
  6. Shout
  7. Long Long Gone
  8. Shakin’ All Over
  9. Parchman Farm
  10. Elevator Rock
  11. Trouble In Mind
  12. I Learned About Women
  13. Big Rock Candy Mountain
  14. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
  15. Agent 00 Soul
  16. Work Song
  17. The Sunday Song
  18. Birthday
  19. Midnight Moses
  20. Hammer Song
  21. Roman Wall Blues
  22. Broken Hearted Fairytale
  23. Hammer Song
  24. Midnight Moses
  25. Framed


  1. The Faith Healer
  2. Vambo Marble Eye
  3. The Last Of The Teenage Idols/Parts 1-2-3
  4. Giddy Up A Ding Dong – Live / BBC “In Concert”, London / 1973
  5. Next – Live / BBC “The Old Grey Whistle Test”, London / 1973
  6. The Hot City Symphony Part 1: Vambo
  7. The Hot City Symphony Part 2: The Man In The Jar
  8. Sergeant Fury
  9. Anthem
  10. The Faith Healer – Live At The Ragnarock Festival /1974
  11. Action Strasse
  12. The Tale Of The Giant Stoneater
  13. Ribs And Balls
  14. Sharks Teeth
  15. Tomorrow Belongs To Me
  16. To Be Continued


  1. Give My Compliments To The Chef – Live / BBC “The Old Grey Whistle Test”, London / 1975
  2. Fanfare (Justly, Skillfully, Magnaminously) – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, King Street, London
  3. The Faith Healer – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, King Street, London
  4. Tomahawk Kid – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, King Street, London
  5. Delilah – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, King Street, London / Edit
  6. Sergeant Fury – Live At The Hammersmith Odeon / 1975
  7. I Wanna Have You Back
  8. Jungle Jenny
  9. Runaway
  10. School’s Out
  11. Goodnight Irene
  12. Gamblin’ Bar Room Blues
  13. Crazy Horses
  14. Cheek To Cheek
  15. Dance To Your Daddy
  16. Sultan’s Choice
  17. Boston Tea Party
  18. Amos Moses


  1. $25 For A Massage
  2. Dogs Of War
  3. Satchel And The Scalp Hunters
  4. The Dolphins
  5. Who Murdered Sex?
  6. Nightmare City
  7. Water Beastie
  8. No Complaints Department
  9. Engine Room Boogie
  10. Rock ‘N’ Roll – Live At The BBC / Alan Freeman Saturday Rock Show / June 3rd 1978
  11. I Love Monsters Too
  12. The Mafia Stole My Guitar
  13. Shakin’ All Over         ISRC:
  14. Just A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody – Medley
  15. Big Tree (Small Axe)
  16. Snowshoes Thompson
  17. Billy Bolero – Home Demo Version

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Herman Roovers

As a die hard fan I liked most of the 14 cd set. The booklet was a kind of “tribute to our holy hero”. The biography of Alex pays attention to Alex in a wider perspective (incl. his not so friendly side..). I agree, although it isn’t a SAHB box set the Fourplay album (which shows the great skills of the Tear Gas lads) had to be in the box!
Nice the book contained a pic of The Tubes with Alex: both are my favourite live bands! Never a dull moment…
It always is a discussion when you have all the regular stuff: how much percent of a box is really “previously unreleased”. And is it worth the money? In this case the value for money for the box set as a whole is good, but according to the amount of real stuff from the vaults… uhm.. I guess not.

Brian McNeill

it is indeed an ALEX HARVEY box set and NOT SAHB the clue is in the name in big blue letters on the cd! And the big box is still the most comprehensive cd antholgy of Alex and was a long time overdue, and they did know what they were doing as I compiled the bloody thing! ;) It tok us well over Three Years to get clearances etc finalised


Brian, If you compiled it could you answer the oft-asked question. Why was it not complete? It contained about 90% of his output, so it would only have involved adding one ,or at most two, more CDs to the package. And why has the single version of “Anthem” (the instrumental), still never been issued on a CD? These omissions slightly mar what would otherwise have been the perfect box.

Brian McNeill

it wasnt complete because there are many things missing from the archives, and also budgets had to be adhered to so im afraid a few discs had to be cut from the tracklistng at the 11th hour

[…] Alex Harvey / Last Of The Teenage Idols […]

Steve Anderton

Got to agree with JF , a 4 disc complete SAHB box set would have been essential , but after seeing the track selection I wont be buying this set. Too many 60s tracks and even the SAHB track selection has too many tracks from the later albums.


Great idea but bad song selections! Couldn’t they have just made it the entire S.A.H.B catalogue with the previously unreleased live stuff? One day somebody who knows what they are doing will be put in charge of these type of releases…but it won’t be in our lifetime.


I wasn`t tempted by the 14 disc set as I already had all the albums, I am tempted by this 4 CD set and Rich has just sealed it for me ALL 217 tracks! Not really into MP3 quality or lack of but…..


Switch to iTunes match = no storage problems & accessed ANYWHERE – Better still even if you have a ‘low grade’ track they will automatically provide best quality available AND at a bargain fee of sub £25/ year !

Simon F

Never really ‘got’ Alex Harvey in the past but since this set encapsulates his entire career this might be worth a ‘look’. I’ll have to borrow our kids 14 disc version and go through the track listing with a fine ‘tooth’ comb before giving a definite yeigh or neigh.


Quirky but great – Gofrit


Just ordered the 4 disc set on Amazon – and the Autorip is all 217 tracks.



Simon Taylor

I have the 14cd box and it is wonderful. A friend of mine who saw Alex supporting the Stones in the 60’s was interviewed by the compiler and his memories are published in the booklet. So as a SAHB fan it was essential for me.

As a edited down box this looks a decent tracklisting. I’d still suggest trying to get a copy of the 14cd version but if not this looks good. Price is comparable with the 14cd set at £7.50 per cd as opposed to £7.85 for the larger version but as its only 4cd’s I think a fairer price would be around the £23-25 mark. Perhaps it will drop in time, likely to have more availability than the bigger version.


Agree – SAHB were simply magnificent live & up there with the Faces

Mic Smith

Not sure if this will tempt me as I’d rather have the 14 disc edition but not at full price….I notice that this is listed on Amazon but it mixes the pre-order details for the highlights edition while listing the 14 disc track list which is misleading to say the least. When you click on the link for what is the 4CD edition it gives you very little information other than 26 reviews of the 14 disc set. Its only on here have I seen the 4CD track listing to allow you to make the decision to buy or pass.