Alice in Chains / Rainier Fog signed CD

Alice in Chains / new album Rainier Fog

Alice in Chains will issue a new album, Rainier Fog, later this month, and Amazon in the UK have an exclusive SIGNED CD edition up for pre-order.

This is the American rock band’s third album since the reformation of the group around 2007/8 (which saw William DuVall step in on guitar and vocals after Layne Staley’s death five years earlier).

The title Rainier Fog is a reference to Mount Rainier in Seattle, and the title track is a tribute to the band’s roots and the Seattle scene. Jerry Cantrell described it (to Rolling Stone) as “a little homage to all of that: where we come from, who we are, all of the triumphs, all of the tragedies, lives lived”. Like the previous two records, this is produced by Nick Raskulinecz.

Amazon exclusive SIGNED CD edition

As well as the signed CD, there is a standard CD with no signatures and a 2LP vinyl edition which comes with a download card.

Rainier Fog will be released on 24 August 2018.


1. The One You Know
2. Rainier Fog
3. Red Giant
4. Fly
5. Drone
6. Deaf Ears Blind Eyes
7. Maybe
8. So Far Under
9. Never Fade
10. All I Am

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I’m curious…does anyone know just HOW limited the signed copies of the CD are? I recently bought a still-sealed new Amazon version with the Autographed booklet still inside. I didn’t want the other version with the booklet on the outside. The seller I bought from on Ebay is an honest seller who bought 3 copies from Amazon of the Autographed version. He was selling the opened one, so he could show the Autographs in a picture, but I contacted him, and spoke with him – asked him if he could sell me one of his sealed copies, and he did so – at a really generous price. I mean there are a lot of scalpers on Ebay, and but he’s a true fan, and knows I am, and so he sold me the sealed copy for the same price as the opened one he was trying to sell. I only paid $29 for it – which was in my opinion f*ckin awesome!!! There were sellers on Ebay (DEALERS…SCALPERS!) asking well over $50 for sealed Amazon copies…and I didn’t even find out about the Autographed version until just a couple weeks ago, so I count myself lucky…and no I’m not even tempted to open the CD, and look at the Autographs inside! As long as they’re in there – that’s all I care about. I’ll just leaved it sealed. I’m a HUGE AIC fan of almost 28 years, so I’m thrilled to have it. I might buy another one, that’s been opened in the future, but for now, I’m good.

Anyway, does anyone know how limited the singed copies were?


Tony O

I should have checked this thread first, lambasted amazon for being idiots after which they offered me a full refund and no need to return the unsigned item.
i wonder if i should let them know and pay them the money?


Yes, at least tell them about it and see what they say.

Ray Oakley

I ordered the Amazon exclusive signed CD and it arrived today, as Amazon had previously advised. It doesn’t look like it has been signed though, certainly not on the outside. There’s no hype sticker about it being signed or an Amazon exclusive and am reluctant to open it in case it invalidates it’s return. I certainly don’t want to keep something that Amazon has conned me into buying! Anyone received theirs yet?

Ray Oakley

Thanks Paul, that’s reassuring to hear! I will check mine later.

Ray Oakley

All is well with my signed CD. As Paul mentioned, the signatures are not on the cover but on the enclosed booklet. The image on the Amazon page has s a bit misleading because it shows silver signatures on the predominantly black cover, but what are actually provided are black signatures on the predominantly grey image of the booklet. On my copy Jerry Cantrell’s signature is his initial’s only. I have no problem with any of this, at least it’s signed!


Just got the dispatch-mail from Amazon! So the signed cds should be arriving soon.


I checked Amazon today and they still hadn’t shipped my CD that I ordered on August 8. The estimated delivery was September 11. Minutes later I got an email from Amazon saying that the payment had been declined and they asked me to fix the name and the address. Well, I did that and Amazon canceled my order without my permission and now the CD is out of stock. Great.


No signed cd here either. My account says that it’s due to be delivered on Wed (29th) but that’s looking unlikely because it hasn’t even been dispatched. I wonder, has anyone received a signed copy from Amazon?


Same here. I just contacted Amazon and they say it is out of stock. My guess is that the signed cds have not arrived at the Amazon facility yet, so there is a delay in shipping. Or is that just my wishful thinking?


Just had a check at Amazon for the signed copy I ordered and is saying Thurs delivery, doesn’t say that it is dispatched, there’s been no message from Amazon regarding why it is being held up! or even if the order is fulfilled, Great service!

mark Mccann

Anybody had their CD yet. Mine is delayed until weds for some reason

Carl Noonan

I preordered a signed Halestorm cd from Amazon a few years ago on the day it was listed. I think it was about 8 to 10 weeks in advance. When the release date arrived the order status changed to out of stock so I contacted Amazon and was told they were trying to get more. After a month of chasing I finally got told they couldn’t supply.
Very annoying to say the least. I have ordered the Alice In Chains cd but until I get a shipping message I am not convinced it will be supplied even though they were still taking orders a week after I placed mine.

Paul E.

Amazon shows the autographed CD as unavailable at this time. I’m very surprised it lasted this long as many of us/SDE readers made purchases (in quantities of 3 no less).

Paul, you may owe the band some ice packs for all the autograph labor your site provoked :)


These have been up for awhile which surprises me.Does anyone have experience with items like this being oversold and having their order cancelled because there wasn’t enough to fill the order?

William Gooding

What do these come out to with shipping to the US?


I shouldn’t worry about multiple orders, my guess is there are plenty for everyone. It’s hardly sold out in a flash has it?

Steve T

All sold out at Newbury Comics now


What’s the idea behind ordering multiple copies?…other than blatant profiteering?
Maybe I’m just not capitalist enough, but to my mind I’d like to think that as many genuine fans as possible get hold of a signed copy…at the price it was originally intended to be sold at.


Ordered. Thx, Paul. Wonder why people do the business thing….a chance like that should be for every fan…ordering three just to rip off other people then on eBay, discogs….hmm. That’s why unlimited sellings on some online stores are sold out after a few minutes. Clever or greedy, your decision.

Steve T

signed “Rainer Fog” CD now available on Newbury Comics as well…$15.99 US, limit is 5

Paul E.

Just some perspective here as Alice In Chains’ official site sold out of their “Rainier Fog Signed Deluxe B/W Splatter 2XLP + Merch Bundle” that was limited to only 100 copies and sold for $94.98. The same bundle is still available without the autographed 18×24 lenticular poster for $74.98. If the autographs alone are worth $20.00 than how Amazon.uk can serve up the disc + autographed edition at this price point is beyond me (a great deal indeed).


Got most of the Layne Staley stuff, but Black Gives Way To Blue was dull as dishwater. Luckily I don’t have to listen to it anymore, as the case seems to be missing the CD for some reason. How fortuitous!

Paul E.

I just picked up the maximum/three signed copies allowed on Amazon (about $40.00 delivered to the US). Sellers on eBay already have them listed for $39 each. Not going to sell my extras, but rather gift them to a few friends who I know still listen to the band. Thanks Paul for the early heads up here. I’ve listened to the new track “So Far Under” on Spotify and it sounds rather vintage Alice In Chains and that’s fine by me.


Just ordered also three of them. Three is the maximum amount per order/customer, by the way.
So hurry up, fellows… who knows how long stocks will last…
Any informations about the total amount of these signed items? Taking care of the musicians as well ;-)


The stock won’t last long if everyone orders three copies. Greed is nothing to be proud of.


Thanks for the heads up, Just ordered the signed CD


Great stuff! Glad I visited this am

Shame it wasn’t signed vinyl. Must not grumble!

Strve Gilmour

Might order 100 copies..good price n collectable ;)

Phil Wilson

Maximum of 3 per customer On these from Amazon


Great deal!!!! Pre-ordered 3 of the signed edition
Paul do you know if these are actual autographs or mechanically reproduced?


What’s the shipping price of these to the US?

Phil Wilson

Mostly the signed Amazon ones are a signed CD sized card, inserted inside the pack or jewel case. Amazon gets a lot of negatives for this but they are usually ok


I’ve bought quite a few from Amazon (Lykke Li/EoDM/Tori Amos/Feeder…}and all have been signed booklets.


Pre-ordered the signed version! I´ve been a fan since Dirt came out (still got the cassette buried somewhere in the basement), can´t wait to get this one.