Alison Moyet deluxe editions now available for pre-order


As previously reported, ‘the Sony four’, as we like to call Alison Moyet‘s long-players issued between 1984 and 1994, are being reissued as two-CD deluxe editions. These are now available to pre-order…

Quick pre-order links: Alf 2CDRaindancing 2CDHoodoo 2CDEssex 2CD

Alf, Raindancing, Hoodoo and Essex all come with a bonus CD that feature B-sides, remixes, live cuts and in some instances unreleased demos.

They will be released as two-CD deluxe editions on 25 November 2016.

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Alison Moyet

Alf (Deluxe Edition 2017)


Compare prices and pre-order

Alison Moyet

Raindancing (Deluxe Editions 2017)


These are only on Amazon UK right now. Pre-order the other others here



Alf 2CD deluxe edition

Disc One – original album

  1. Love Resurrection
  2. Honey For The Bees
  3. For You Only
  4. Invisible
  5. Steal Me Blind
  6. All Cried Out
  7. Money Mile
  8. Twisting The Knife
  9. Where Hides Sleep

Disc Two – bonus tracks

  1. Love Resurrection (U.S Long Version)
  2. All Cried Out (The Remix)
  3. Invisible (Extended Version)
  4. For You Only (Extended New Version)
  5. Love Resurrection (Love Injected Remix)
  6. Baby I Do
  7. Invisible (Transparent Mix)
  8. Hitch Hike
  9. For You Only (New Version)
  10. That Ole Devil Called Love
  11. Don’t Burn Down The Bridge
  12. That Ole Devil Called Love (Jazz Version)
  13. Don’t Burn Down The Bridge (Extended Version)
  14. Twisting The Knife (Live)
  15. That Ole Devil Called Love (Live)


Raindancing 2CD deluxe edition

Disc One – original album

  1. Weak In The Presence Of Beauty
  2. Ordinary Girl
  3. You Got Me Wrong
  4. Without You
  5. Sleep Like Breathing
  6. Is This Love?
  7. Blow Wind Blow
  8. Glorious Love
  9. When I Say (No Giveaway)
  10. Stay

Disc Two – bonus tracks

  1. Is This Love? (L.A. Mix) (Produced by Dave Stewart)
  2. Blow Wind Blow (Long Version) 
  3. Weak In The Presence of Beauty (Extended Mix) F
  4. To Work On You 
  5. Take My Imagination To Bed 
  6. Ordinary Girl (Remix) 
  7. Palm Of Your Hand (Cloak & Dagger) 
  8. Ordinary Girl (Dance Mix) 
  9. Love Letters
  10. This House (Original Mix)
  11. Love Letters (Extended Version)
  12. The Coventry Carol (From Olympics benefit album ‘A Very Special Christmas’, 1987)
  13. Love Resurrection (Live At Wembley Arena, 13th May 1987) 
  14. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Live At Wembley Arena, 13th May 1987) 
  15. You And Me Previously unreleased demo.
  16. Let’s Get Personal (with James Brown)


Hoodoo 2CD deluxe edition

Disc One – original album

  1. Footsteps
  2. It Won’t Be Long
  3. This House
  4. Rise
  5. Wishing You Were Here
  6. Hoodoo
  7. (Meeting With My) Main Man
  8. Back Where I Belong
  9. My Right A.R.M.
  10. Never Too Late
  11. Find Me

Disc Two – bonus tracks

  1. Take Of Me
  2. Back Where I Belong (Polite Mix)
  3. Back Where I Belong” (Soft Mix)
  4. Come Back Home
  5. Hoodoo (Extended Version) (remix by Francois Kevorkian)
  6. Hoodoo (Starlight Dub) 
  7. Hoodoo (Single Version) (remix by Francois Kevorkian)
  8. Hoodoo (Instrumental) 
  9. It Won’t Be Long (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991) Previously unreleased.
  10. Wishing You Were Here (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991) Previously unreleased.
  11. Never Too Late (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991) Previously unreleased.
  12. Find Me (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991) Previously unreleased.
  13. (Meeting With My) Main Man (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991) Previously unreleased.
  14. Dig A Hole Previously unreleased demo.


Essex 2CD deluxe edition

Disc One – original album & bonus tracks

  1. Falling
  2. And I Know
  3. Whispering Your Name
  4. Getting Into Something
  5. So Am I
  6. Satellite
  7. Ode To Boy
  8. Dorothy
  9. Another Living Day
  10. Boys Own
  11. Take Of Me
  12. Ode To Boy II
  13. Whispering Your Name (Single Mix)
  14. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Single Mix)
  15. Blue (Original Version)
  16. Solid Wood (Single Mix)
  17. Our Colander Eyes (Single Mix) Rare – withdrawn single.
  18. My Best Day (featuring Lightning Seeds)
  19. Make A Change (featuring Tricky)

Disc Two – bonus tracks

  1. Falling (Infinite Dub)
  2. It Won’t Be Long (Acoustic)
  3. Whispering Your Name (Extended Remix)
  4. Whispering Your Name (Remix) (remix by Vince Clarke)
  5. Getting Into Something (Midnight Mix) 
  6. Dorothy (Acoustic)
  7. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Acoustic)
  8. Never Too Late (Remix)
  9. Never Too Late (Extended Remix)
  10. Life In A Hole
  11. Rock And Roll (Live At The Mean Fiddler, London, 3rd April, 1992)
  12. Sunderland Glynn
  13. Beautiful Previously unreleased.
  14. How Long (Alternate Version) Previously unreleased.
  15. Blue (The Essential Mix)
  16. Our Colander Eyes (Pete Glenister Demo) Previously unreleased.
  17. Blue (Playing The Field Edit) Previously unreleased.
  18. There Are Worse Things I Could Do




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Thanks to the comments on this forum about the compressed & distorted sound quality, I’m not going to buy these remasters & will instead stick with my originals. I’m very disappointed & find it hard to believe that that they are still remastering older titles as badly as this. I hope the record labels take note of lost sales…sound quality matters!

Stephen E Cohen

I did get one bit of good music news today. My order of “Raindancing” which has been on backorder from Amazon (US) since Dec 05, is finally being delivered on Thursday, Dec 29. I am ordering each deluxe edition of Alison Moyet’s first four reissues individually. I received “ALF” right on time, but since I did not order “Raindancing” right away, I was put in the backorder pile. So, apparently Amazon (US) has received another shipment of this album, in case anyone is interested.

Neil Young

I’m glad others have noticed and commented on the distortion. I thought it was my ears. It really is disappointing. I’ve waited years to hear some of these 12 inch mixes. Such a shame.

Steen Hansen

I ordered both Alf & Raindancing. Packaging, liner notes etc is perfect, but I must say that the remastering is absolutely awful. More so with Alf than Raindancing, but Alf didn’t sound that good to begin with. I have listened to all 4 cds once and it was a pain throughout because of distortion etc. Got my old cd versions from the 80’s out and they sound just great with the dynamics intact – not something you can say about these new editions. What a shame :(


Yes Charlie the original sound was alway harsch. The new remaster has a well done EQ, but with the heavy limiter they destroyed everything. So there is a highres 24/96 file availabe, but is it without the limiter ? Has anyone asked BMG what has happened ? There are two engineers listed in the booklet, maybe the second engineer has applied aditional limiter ?

Charlie D

Would love to see an interview with the folks who remastered these.
I know “Alf” was one of the earliest all digital recordings and to my ears, was always rather harsh sounding. I also felt the keyboard sounds didn’t hold up well and it made it feel dated even 10-15 years ago.
From only having heard the streaming remasters on Spotify they do sound a bit warmer but I haven’t gotten a physical disc yet.


It wasn’t a digital recording. Says that on the cover…


I’ve only ripped these to my PC and listened to them on there through the averagely good speakers attached to it. Alf is MUCH LOUDER, but it doesn’t sound awful to my ears. Will try again back to back on the proper stereo at some point, probably with headphones, as I went all AV years ago and don’t have proper speakers any more…



All cried out – distorted to hell :(


WHY!WHY!WHY! They know that these cds are more for collectors than anyone else. It is never going to be a chart hit, so why do they have to “update” these deluxe editions with the horrible standards of today’s masterings?


Got my Alf and Raindancing editions. Horrible brickwalled, loud and distorted. What a disappointment !!!

David Mcintyre

I’m actually looking forward to getting my hands on alf. Fond memories if that album when I was young.


I’m very glad i preordered Alf when i did because it’s went up 2 pence lol.


The release date for Alf is the 25th Nov the same as the rest Amazon are mistaken.

Stephen E. Cohen

I see that the pre-order for “ALF” is finally available from Amazon’s USA site, but none of the others.


Available at Pledgemusic for £44.42 including shipping: all four albums together with a 12 cm x 12 cm bonus collectors card. (Or £ 12,50 each, including shipping).

Billy Dojcak

I’ll stick to Amazon US. I have Prime and already get free shipping + the price may drop more. Don’t need a collectors card. It would end up in the Collectors pile.


Thank you for this Information! Great deal for people in Germany!


Because these have been so long coming and I’ve long digitally ripped all my 12″ singles I’m not feeling any real excitement about these. I’ll probably still buy them, though, as quite often I leave it too long and end up paying inflated prices for second hand stuff!


Alf is up on Amazon US and it also lists 12/2 as release date.

Andrew Edwards

Amazon UK has Dec 2nd listed as release date for Alf


These come out the week of my birthday!!! If anyone needs any gift ideas, hint hint. :)