Alison Moyet / new album, ‘Other’

Alison Moyet will release Other, her ninth studio album in June.

As with 2013’s The Minutes Moyet has worked with Guy Sigsworth on the ten-track long-player, so fans can expect no shift in the electronic nature of the production.

She will support the new album with a world tour which kicks off in America in September.

Other will be released by Cooking Vinyl on 16 June 2017.

1. I Germinate
2. Lover, Go
3. The English U
4. The Rarest Birds
5. Beautiful Gun
6. Reassuring Pinches
7. April 10th
8. Other
9. Happy Giddy
10. Alive

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Andrew F

In the BBC Two series that focused on female pop icons, Queens of British Pop, Alison stated that her ‘money years’ were not her happiest years in the music business. Her proudest achievements are the ones that occurred after she parted company with Sony.

Following her album, The Turn, she was approached to record an album of cover versions and really didn’t feel that she wanted to become one of those artists where treading the path of revisiting songbooks and classic tracks would be lucrative but creatively treading water.

I really love how instead of coming back with jazz standards and bluesy ballads, she delivered a modern, electronic, pop album and her highest charting elpee in a long time. It must have felt vindicating to let the A&R people who write off artists over the age of 50 that Moyet still has the creative muse within her.

Fame damaged Moyet; something she self-confesses in interviews from the point of returning with her Hometime album. Having wanted to create something special for her debut solo album, her label rushed it out as soon as she’d recorded sufficient songs to fill two sides of vinyl. Having enjoyed a somewhat hands-off approach with Mute, it probably came as a shock that a major label was just interested in the product and not her creative fulfilment.

Still, it’s not a tragic career history by any means. The four albums for Sony were amazing and her post-Sony recordings have seen her take the creative paths that she wanted to follow. I’m sure that Other is going to be another great album, showcasing her great voice, her songwriting and the production of Sigsworth; whose work is never dull.

June is set to be a good month. The return of Saint Etienne is also the cause of great anticipation.


it took a couple times to get into the groove of the song…and i really like it…and since i didn’t expect it to be a copy of the minutes it was a nice surprise


JackC, Adele and Alison Moyet are completely two different styles of artist. You can’t even compare them. I’m will to bet Alison is happy just right were she is.


i have always hated that for some insane reason, only one woman with a big voice can be popular at any given moment…but then, since the recording industry has always been controlled by white men, im not surprised…just because they are both women from england with big voices…thats were most if not all the similarity ends.


It drives me insane too. There’s some weird obsession with pitting female singers into artificial competitions against each other. When I was a kid, it was Debbie Gibson vs. Tiffany. And I remember an Amy Winehouse vs. Lily Allen phase (which makes no sense–how are they ANYTHING alike?). And of course, thirty years of Madonna vs. every new female pop singer to hit the charts, from Cyndi Lauper to Kylie to Britney to Gaga. I know I have room for more than one woman in my music collection.

Darren H

My close friend used to work at Beggars Banquet and was around when Adele was getting signed, I remember her playing me the demo’s [which I love] but I also remember shouting my head off when she told me ‘she’s like the new Alison Moyet’.
I reminded her that we still had the ‘old’ Alison Moyet.


I bet she’s pissed that Adele has her career!


Alison could have easily had a career similar to Adele’s if she had wanted, but she didn’t want it. It is well known that Alison wasn’t happy with the direction that Sony wanted to steer her in and that’s why she eventually walked away from them.

Darren H

The very last thing Alison wants is Adele’s career!

Frankie Tan

It is rather interesting that she is also releasing the album in cassette format. I don’t know if there is a high demand but it seems that some people like the retro feel of a cassette?


Can one even buy a tape player these days? I know that VHS recorders went out the window a couple of years ago. I expect the same hipsters that are buying all the vinyl are also scouring eBay for old Walkmans…


Just saw on TV yesterday that VHS is still big in Japan… And so are cassettes! Crazy… Japan!


Umm, speaking as a long term, regular (ie not maniacal when it comes to formats, CDs and mp3s being my main thing) music lover and resident of Japan, I’ve never heard anything about VHS and cassettes being big here. That’s just as an everyman living in the rural north, though….!!

TV really likes to spin things sometimes….


What’s with the lino?

Andrew F.

When the title track and video landed on Friday, a fan commented on Twitter that Other was a very downbeat single to kick off the new album campaign.

It was then stated that Other isn’t a single; just the title track and that it has a video so that there is a YouTube presence for the song as well as Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

It’s a sign of the times that a single ain’t even a single, even when it has a video.

That said, I love the song. It’s fragile and stark. She looks great in the promo clip too.

I’ve ordered the signed vinyl from the official store, which will work out at £6.50 more expensive than the unsigned Amazon equivalent, due to the £4.50 postage fee.


Waited Forever for Alison to come to USA, toured with CClub in Europe, why not the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame city, Cleveland?! Add more US dates please…..

Darren H

Or maybe you could make the trip and go to her?


Hmm other sounded a bit dull to me but maybe it will sound better as part of the album.I loved the minutes so knowing it’s the same producer sounds like it’s going to be great .


Excellent news.

‘Other’ is an exceptional piece of music. Moyet has rarely strayed from being thoroughly brilliant and on basis of the title track alone I’m fully expecting this to be the album of 2017.


Excellent, looking forward to this. The Minutes is IMO her best album to date.

Matt Harper

Worth mentioning, Alisons own website shop is offering various bundles including signed cds/vinyl.

Her video for the track ‘other’ is on youtube too


Considering my other posts regarding Alison, it’s no surprise that I’m really excited about this!!!! There are various bundles (and even a cassette, they really seem to be flavour of the moment these days) available at her online store, but most of them include vinyl, which I don’t care about at all

Also, the song “Other” is available to listen to on YouTube, stark, raw and beautiful.


Now this is great news! Thrilled to see her perform again! :D