Alison Moyet / The Other Live Collection

Alison Moyet will issue The Other Live Collection next month.

As the title suggests, this is a live set, and it contains an economical 13-tracks – songs from throughout Moyet’s career. This includes numbers from the recent Other, reworked favourites (Wishing You Were Here, Ski) and a couple of big hits (Yazoo’s Only You, All Cried Out).

The Other Live Collection is released as Moyet prepares to go on the road in support of Tears For Fears’ 2018 UK tour which kicks off in Leeds at the end of April.

The Other Live Collection is released on 20 April via Cooking Vinyl.

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Alison Moyet

The Other Live Collection


1. I Germinate
2. Wishing You Were Here
3. Ski
4. The English U
5. Only You
6. Beautiful Gun
7. The Sharpest Corner (Hollow)
8. All Cried Out
9. The Man In The Wings
10. Other
11. The Rarest Birds
12. Right As Rain
13. Whispering Your Name

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Andy N

Bemused by this limited song release.
A 2 cd edition would have covered the whole show. I saw Alison at the Nottingham gig and it was superb so a Blu Ray would have been awesome.
The tour was a sell out so I’m sure that these items would have sold well.

Enrico G.

I still listen regularly to “Minutes and Seconds”.
She is amazing in concert and this is a must buy for me.
Cheers from Bologna, Italy.


I saw the show in London and she completely blew me away! I ordered the signed CD. A shame that it’s not a double CD or a CD/DVD release though.


It’s a shame the economics of this is forcing a single disc release.

26 songs were performed across the tour with key variants between the USA, Europe and Australia.

It would have been awesome to have a 2 disc set with all tracks.

Just maybe if this was successful enough they may issue a deluxe edition – yet live albums just don’t sell that well against studio albums.


Paul, do you know if Alison will Support TFF on their German Dates?

elliott buckingham

a record label called cooking vinyl not releasing a vinyl version bizzare


i saw her in los angeles on the last night of the american leg, and she blew it out…had quite a few shots of sambuca and just seemed to enjoy it as much as we did…the light show was stunning and she sounded amazing…of course would love for a dvd or a double disc…but she said that one disc is pretty much all the record company would spring for, so…i am glad to at least have this…ordered with a signed copy and a hard cover tour program (i missed seeing the merch booth at the concert somehow)


Thirteen tracks seems a bit tight given the breadth of her back catalogue. Surely a more expansive two disc job could’ve been offered, even as a limited edition?

Andrew Fleming

I went to see Alison Moyet at the Sage Newcastle. This was her Other tour. She was excellent and her voice great. She was was definitely my cup of tea.

CJ Feeney


Just sayin’



Great, just pre-ordered the signed CD from Alison’s web store!


Agree completely on the light show, especially here in the US (but I think the tech ended up going to AUS/EU/UK with them too).

A Blu-Ray of the whole show with some extras to make sure all the songs played were captured would be a great idea.


Saw her in Philly on this tour. She was in top form and sounded great. Can’t wait for this release.


There are signed ones available on Alison Moyet’s official website.

Radisson Blu Cumberlands

I thought the concert was average at best – no weak in the presense of beauty :(


No surprise. Alison is on record saying she loathes the song and only recorded it because he knew it would be a hit.


She can’t do them all. I’m pretty certain she sang that on the last set of gigs, cannot fault her voice whatever she sings!


This is a guaranteed buy for me but with my system: original albums on CD, live albums downloaded.

As far as I’m concerned, Alison’s voice (and outlook) can do no wrong!

Still looking forward to hearing your opinion on the Other album, Paul..


The concert I attended was terribly good – Alison was in extremely fine voice, and the songs were rendered beautifully. The light show was also rather impressive – you won’t get that from the soundtrack alone, but it added I think to the atmosphere and the effectiveness of the performance.


Brilliant! No doubt this will sound great! The live gigs were wonderful! :)