Amazon Germany honour “Tommy” misprice as Who fans snag bargain


Quick-off-the-mark Who fans spotted that the Super Deluxe Edition box set version of the forthcoming Tommy reissue was listed on Amazon Germany for only €19 when it was first listed for pre-order back in late August.

This error was quickly corrected and the price was adjusted to over €80. However, the original orders were not cancelled as many may have expected, and against the odds over two months later Amazon.de have honoured the mis-price and has been sending out shipping notifications to delighted fans in the last 24 hours.

Prices can often take a while to ‘settle down’ in the earlier days of music box sets being listed on all various amazon sites, so it is always worth putting in a ‘speculative’ order at the first opportunity to snag a bargain – you can always cancel it later, after all.

The Who’s Tommy reissue is out on Monday 11th November. Full details and track listings can be found here.

Tommy Super Deluxe Edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set

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[…] Enkele Who-fans hebben de Super Deluxe Edition van “Tommy” voor een lagere prijs gekregen na een fout van de Duitse Amazon. Dat meldt SuperDeluxeEdition. […]


I got the Eric Clapton deluxe box of Slowhand for $28 on Amazon canada a while back.


I’m a lucky one too and thanks to superdeluxeedition.com! Great site, I love it!


Got myself There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1966-71 (Bonus DVD) [Box set, CD+DVD, Colour, Deluxe Edition] voor £ 103 and yes thats still expensive ! But NOW its priced £163.00 So thanx guys for attending me :-)


Just listening (fiddle about)…
It really worked. Thanks!!!
btw: this is the original mix remastered not the remixed (1996?) version, am I right?


I ordered at that price thanks to THIS great website.


thanks to this blog and the heads up a few months ago I was able to snatch one of the copies as well…. thanks!


Yes, Paul… Obviously, I was well pleased!


Missed this, but snagged the ‘McCartney II’ super-deluxe (3CD + DVD) for £1.97 earlier in the year!


I think we should say a big thanks to you and your great website for keeping us up to date on these releases and prices. I know i would have missed it, if i hadn’t read it here first, so thanks! Amazon in the EU does seem to honour it’s prices, i heard about the big Ozzy 3oth Blizzard of Ozz box going for just £40 initially and that was honoured at the time. Sainsbury’s Entertainment has crept in too, with Bowie Extra box at just £13.99! So keep those eyes peeled for new releases. Good luck everyone! :-)


Am one of the lucky ones as well. Great!


I got this at the reduced price and intend reading the book and copying all the extra bits such as the demos and live tracks onto my PC, then selling it on and getting either the earlier SACD 5.1 release or the new standalone Blu-Ray. Will then have everything music-wise with cash to spare. Happy days.


Yeah, deal of the year for me this time. However, still, there is very little material I am interested in and 100 bucks for 25 demos you’ll listen to maybe 2 times a year and one live disc is too much for me, since I remind everyone there is a 2.0 and 5.1 SACD out there still available. I would say 30 bucks would be the fair price for this set if you downgrade the packaging considerably, but music-wise that should’ve been the price in the first place.


Congratulations to everyone who secured the goofy price. The Amazon pricing game is quite an adventure for pre orders, I began with a shipped price for Tommy of 60 pounds from amazon uk and ended up with $93 from my chums in the USA.
It requires continual monitoring and can lead to reasonable, if not super attractive pricing.