Angelo Badalamenti / Twin Peaks soundtrack vinyl LP reissue


Seminal soundtrack remastered and repackaged

Angelo Badalamenti‘s original score to David Lynch’s seminal ’90s TV series Twin Peaks will be reissued on 180g vinyl in October, by US label Death Waltz Recordings.

The music is what Badalamenti calls his “defining work” and this new pressing comes with ‘director approved artwork’. The record is pressed on ‘coffee coloured’ vinyl, packaged in a heavyweight gatefold sleeve, housed inside an outer white die-cut jacket. This outer jacket also boasts white spot varnish and an OBI strip! Nice.


Badalamenti himself contributes sleeve notes and the vinyl remaster is by Tal Miller. David Cheppa at Plush Vinyl has cut new Laquers.

This deluxe vinyl edition of the Twin Peaks original score will be released on 9 September 2016.


Side A
01. Twin Peaks Theme
02. Laura Palmer’s Theme
03. Audrey’s Dance
04. The Nightingale
05. Freshly Squeezed

Side B
06. The Bookhouse Boys
07. Into The Night
08. Night Life In Twin Peaks
09. Dance Of The Dream Man
10. Love Theme From Twin Peaks
11. Falling

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Sent back my first pressing due to noise on Falling. Just received the new second pressing and it seems pretty crackly on most quiet bits. I’ll give it proper clean and see how it goes.
Hope I don’t end up kicking myself about sending back the first press as I wouldn’t be that likely to listen to Falling anyway!!


My vinyl washed up well. No serious crackles left!


I won’t be picking this up, as however hard I try I just can’t get into the music (don’t shoot me). However, more worrying than my taste in music is the fact that I too have seen a decline in the quality of Deathwaltz output in recent times. For a release so long in production from original concept to fruition this really should have been a near enough perfect listening experience, and it’s a shame by the comments of others that it’s not. I’m starting to think the whole industry is going down a worrying path by going for style over substance. There are some record labels out there doing a wonderful job currently (Bewith records springs to mind) recreating original die cut sleeves AND making sure the vinyl sounds absolutely wonderful. I just wish others would do the same.


Well this for me was an instant purchase on amazon even before I finished reading the first paragraph of description.
I was pondering a second purchase, but the negative comments kinda put me off, and deservedly so. I am thankful for those.
I agree that comments à la “Fleetwood Mac are shite” should not be published, but “Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage reissue is shite” (if indeed it is) should be published. I think the existence of this blog is also for people to make an informed decision and if a product is substandard it should be said.
It is sad that what the sounds of it this reissue is substandard, however it looks great and if I’m not disappointed enough I might buy a second one. While the original artwork is classic, this new one is superb, it’s like Twin Peaks OST through the eyes of Fire Walk With Me.
But, typos are UNFORGIVABLE! What is this, Cherry Red? There is no room for typos in 2016 on a professional product. None.
The price is quite above-average so I hope that at least the sleeve is worth it.
Also glad to finally read with my own eyes that it’s not only my comments that need moderation, I thought I had landed on some black list.

Jay Kranz

I am a former deathwaltz subscriber from back when they had that option. it was announced years ago and I had dreams of a awesome subscriber edition. of course it was delayed for years and I think in all the buildup this doesn’t quite live up to that.

I will await final judgment until it is in my hands in a few days. but overall I have seen deathwaltz lower the bar for themselves somewhat in the past few years I went from being a subscriber completists to only getting my most wanted(like this) and then mopping up occasionally on sales for their other releases. they still do good releases but not the amazing releases that the final subscription releases were.


I know the new artwork is “Lynch approved,” but I find this redesign very unattractive and it sank my year-long anticipation for this release. The “coffee”-colored vinyl looks cheap, too. I won’t be buying it after all.


I preordered this for £27 with collection in-store, so no P&P. It is pricey, yes, but as a diehard TP fan I felt unable to resist. I don’t even like instrumental music — but Badalamenti’s score is so evocative that I’ll be happy to own a beautiful pressing.

Except for the fact that I’m a bit concerned now that this isn’t a beautiful pressing. Could it be that some of the surface noise is just static buildup that will pass after a few plays? I hope so, but given the knowledge and experience of the posters here, I fear not.

Is there at least a download code provided, for uncrackly playback?


Shawn, I think the point is that criticism like what you’ve mentioned is more than welcome. Things like “the quality of the vinyl is terrible” or “given the price, I expected better mastering/print quality/etc.” are what the comments section is here for. But things like “why would anyone pay $30 for a reissue of something that’s available in the bargain bins” or “I’m so tired of vinyl can they please stop” are just useless on a site celebrating physical product. They’re both forms of criticism, but there’s a pretty big difference, and I agree with Paul that the latter type of comments are really a wet blanket on this site. Keep the respectful dissections and reviews of products coming though – they’re helpful to all of us!


Sorry. But if this release isn’t a high quality product we deserve to know. I’m sure people at Death Waltz don’t enjoy the criticism but an open debate / reviews are what make this site useful to those of us that buy physical product.

I’ve looked forward to this release for a long but may stick with CD given the poor quality of the vinyl (a problem with many DW releases) and the change in sleeve art (a mistake imo).

Sometimes these reissues just are not up to the standard we deserve as consumers.

Sorry to disagree.




I have the demo version of “Falling” which is on a green vinyl jukebox single. It is in many ways superior to the ‘finished’ version. It would have been lovely for collectors to have had this as a bonus track, even if on a standalone cd included in the package.

John Hirst

Much as I love a coloured vinyl and much as I loved the music for Twin Peaks, this is simply overpriced for what it is. Thirty quid for a single record just can’t be justified however snazzy the cover (which isn’t all that snazzy) or pretty the vinyl (which isn’t all that pretty).


I think Straker was just carrying on from the previous comment (that had listed some
of the faults with the item) albeit with a pun at the start (which had made me smile)
i.e. it’s a lot to spend for something that has things wrong with it. to me different
to all the comments that used to be always left when you’d mention a vinyl re-release
(i.e. ‘why’d you need that, you can still get original ones for 20p’ etc) they annoy me
a lot. I don’t like being told what to buy (or have to justify why I want a new version)
especially when we all come here cause we love collecting music. to me Straker was just
saying (in a joking way) it’s a lot to pay for something that has “faults” – that was
the way I read it anyway

Dave Parker

It’s also an expensive site! I can’t tell you how many sets I’ve bought because of your lists. And the deal alerts are simply the best!
You can add the Chicago box to that today as well! Keep up the fine work!


This was on the wax list but.. coffee coloured ! Total misfire.. which means a good old fashioned hunt for the original.

Like the agent said “.. black as the midnight on a moonless night”

simon s

Sorry, i gotta have it. But what was the Xiu Xiu RSD release like, that’s coming out soon again on vinyl?


Difficult question… In what respect? The music is an ambient post-rock racket as you would expect from Xiu Xiu (and I mean that in the nicest possible way as I think it’s great). The package is gorgeous in a minimal-ish way, the vinyl is suitably red and blue and, to me, sounds perfectly fine. I’m not an audiophile so won’t speak to the dynamic range or the quality of the mastering.


Looking forward to this. Fire Walk With Me is indeed coming soon and Mark Kermode doing the sleeve notes!


Nice package but way too expensive for a single record. They can use all the buzzwords they want to (“director approved” etc.), but it’s still overpriced.


So Pops, Crackles and Typos – Sounds like a rubbish breakfast cereal and all yours for just 33 earth pounds! Packaging fetishisation at its finest.

Or you could get the CD for 92p (used) with no surface noise.


Sorry Paul, I’m not sure you’re on the right side this time. Feels like you are a bit over-reacting in a dispotic way by saying that “everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not everyone is entitled to express their opinion on SDE”. This is your personal blog, of course, but you clearly meant to create a community around it since the beginning. And when you run a community you must be able to handle criticism, that’s how internet works I guess, no? As long as there are no personal attacks and/or offensive language I believe people should actually be entitled of their opinion, be it the same as yours or the total opposite. Otherwise what exactly qualifies as “high quality and relevant” debate? Maybe the tons of thank yous you get from people, or the usual merry claims of orders in that go along with the compliments? And does really people bother to email you to complain about “negative criticism about their buying habits”? Sounds a bit too sensitive on their part. If that’s the general mood it might as well you disable all comments and stop, there’s no need of discussion at all.


I’m with Paolo on this Paul. A five paragraph response to my post is wildly excessive. I’ve never bought an MP3 in my life (and I still have a working turntable, not that it gets as much hammer as my CD players) so I’m the exact audience for the type of stuff your blog promotes but when other posters point out that the LP copies of this they’ve already received are bedevilled by surface noise and the like it’s not out of order for others to follow-up with comments on that which is all I did.

I post on other forums, one in particular, that has like/dislike buttons and all they’re used for is people to carry on petty vendettas by relentlessly negging people they don’t like personally. They add absolutely NOTHING to the debate and would just create further problems.

Commenting critically on boxsets that are overpriced or apparently sub-standard (as this seems to be) is one of the things that’s most helpful about this site as what first appears to be “must-have” is soon revealed to be “must-avoid”.

This all smacks a little of over-moderation to me. Keep the out-and-out abuse off the site by all means but starting to dictate what opinions people can have is a dangerous stance to take and just stymies debate leading to an echo-chamber of groupthink. Who wants that?

Jakob Rehlinger

Love the die cut sleeve so much. Luke warm on the coffee vinyl.


Ordered this on the first day from Mondo. Received it last week. Quite a beautiful design (the die-cut lines on the front representing the floor of the Black Lodge) with a classy gatefold insert. The coffee-colored vinyl is impressive. This was my first vinyl purchase on over 15 years, and as a Twin Peaks fan, it was a must-have.

Kevin Pascual

Likewise…wonderfully done. I like the presentation Death Waltz went for.


I have the original CD, great soundtrack! A pity they’ve messed with the artwork though.

Kevin Pascual

I’ll see you in 25 years…

Le Baron

Nice one but I’d much prefer a vinyl reissue of ´Twin Peaks-Fire Walk with me’ OST.

Michael Bird

Word is that it is indeed coming later this fall.

Michael Bird

I got my order in for the first run at Mondo’s website and tracking indicates mine should be arriving in the post today.


I’m sure the Amazon price will change but Norman Records in Leeds has this as a pre-order at £26.99


As it was talked already on the few music-forums, this is being pressed by Rainbo, which unfornately is one of the worst pressing-plants ever. I will pass on buying this one and instead going to start seriously looking for original pressing on vinyl or cd. Atleast it will sound better and have the correct artwork on cover.


Interesting point you make about the pressing. I’ve ordered and returned 3 copies of this record from different sellers as they all have torn labels on the vinyl centre sticker. I’d be interested if anyone has ordered an immaculate copy from a UK seller? Amazon and The Sound Of Vinyl stock appears to show imperfections in the pressing.

Rik Skyline

Damn fine.

Craig Hedges

The cover looks a lot like PSB’s Electric cover


yes. also reminds me of the Glasvegas Later…When the TV Turns to Static LP
if this was the original cover I might buy – but as it is I’ll stick with the cd.
Fire Walk With Me on vinyl would be great.

Tom of FIN

Spot on Craig, graphic re-designer copy pasted again…

Liam Bastick

Brilliant album, great series (interesting ending given it wasn’t meant to be the ending) – why couldn’t it stick with the defining cover? Copyright issues?


Don’t like the new cover. Dont understand why they didnt use the original or a close derivative of it.

Jorje Chica

My understanding is Mondo/Death Waltz never use the original artwork for their reissues, and always commission new artwork.

I pre-ordered my copy on the first day available and already got it. I agree with some of the complaints I’ve read on other blogs about the pressing quality. Far too much noise for a new album out of the shrink wrap. If I want to hear pops and crackles, I’ll play my copy of the original German release. I do like the artwork for the most part, especially the back and front of the gatefold. My other complaint is that the liner notes have typos. Doesn’t Mondo/Death Waltz employ copyeditors?

Tom of FIN

However this is just remarketing and repackaging premium way to sell the original product without any value added in content, but form (updated esthetics it is).

No bonuses, no mixes, not even unlistenable demos for die hard fans and not any better marketed hifi sound either. LOL.

Everybody knows that profit margins in vinyl as one item are better than in any digital format.

Steven Mclaren

Looks brilliant sounds expensive!