Anna Calvi / Hunter

English singer-songwriter and guitarist Anna Calvi will issue her third album, Hunter, in August.

It has been produced by Nick Launay and features her band (Mally Harpaz and Alex Thomas) with some guest musicians, including Portishead‘s Adrian Utley (guitar) and Martyn Casey from The Bad Seeds (bass). You can preview Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy, below.

A SIGNED red gatefold vinyl edition is available via Calvi’s online shop (along with signed CDs). I’m not sure, as yet, whether red vinyl is standard or exclusive to her shop, but obviously CD and vinyl versions are also available via the usual channels.

Hunter will be released on 31 August 2018

  • 1. As a Man
  • 2. Hunter
  • 3. Don’t Beat The Girl out of My Boy
  • 4. Indies or Paradise
  • 5. Swimming Pool
  • 6. Alpha
  • 7. Chain
  • 8. Wish
  • 9. Away
  • 10. Eden

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really REALLY looking forward to this. Loved the first album, loved that the second one was a departure from the first. She strikes me as someone intent on pushing herself and her talents, finding new sonic landscapes and figuring out how to fill them (If I have one criticism of the Strange Weather EP, it’s that she didn’t give herself enough to do.). As a live performer she’s mesmerising to watch, and boy can she play guitar.

Linus Storey

‘Hi Paul can you tell me if the Madonna album like a virgin is still on White vinyl from Amazon’ thanks

Why ask on this thread,takes 2 seconds to google it yourself


Are you not allowed to make a mistake on this thread somehow Google doesn’t tell you if it’s white vinyl or not oh sire linus


Was hoping you’d feature her, I’ve loved her since 2011. The comeback single is an absolute banger, the pop “moment” that’s been elusive to her so far, if perhaps foregoing some of her previous subtlety. Very curious to hear the rest of the album.


Hi Paul can you tell me if the Madonna album like a virgin is still on White vinyl from Amazon thanks

Steve Miller

Red vinyl is for indie shops – you can get it online at Drift or Rough Trade, for example.


I hope this might finally bring her music to more people’s attention. Not that I think Sheerantastic sales are likely but it’s a real shame that so many people haven’t even heard of her.

I agree with the previous comment too, she’s well worth seeing live.


Although the website states ‘Singed mini-gatefold wallet with printed inner sleeve’.
Hopefully not too badly singed … :-)


Anna Calvi is great especially live.

It’s been ages since her last album so really looking forward to this