Anton Corbijn’s Depeche Mode book now available as non-limited variant

Fans can now pre-order a cheaper edition

Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn standard edition - 3836586703

Taschen’s Depeche Mode book by Anton Corbijn was published last year as a limited numbered/signed edition and came in a clamshell box. That £750 tome sold out very quickly, but the good news for fans is that a standard edition is coming next month for a considerably reduced sum.

The new edition of Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn – to give it it’s full title – isn’t signed and won’t come in the box, but it does contain the same number of pages (512) and we think it’s likely to be the same size as well (not confirmed).

The book includes formal and informal portraits from places such as Madrid, Hamburg, the California desert, Prague, and Marrakech (many taken during the making of iconic videos such as ‘Enjoy the Silence’ and ‘Personal Jesus’); many off-the-cuff, candid images; and stunning live shots from all their tours since 1988.

At £100, the standard edition is still a significant investment, but far, far cheaper than its limited edition cousin. Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn will be issued on 28 March 2021.

Compare prices and pre-order

Golden, Reuel

Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn - standard edition


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Richard S

Noticed that the price on this has dropped to £74 on amazon uk. A bit more palatable :)

mark adams

Hi Paul
do you know Is this new edition of a Limited Numbered run or just general all over
Yes I will be buying at way better Price
I am a die hard nut
£750 was heavy but I have paid some crazy Dollar for previous
I collect so much all of others
Keep up brilliant


$ 920 less for a cheaper edition with 10 cm difference in size, well, one is born every minute they usually say


Yeah, good luck getting autographs from Depeche Mode by yourself. Please show them to us when you get them.


If the price of the “cheaper” version is a bit rich for people’s tastes Taschen holds a generous sale twice a year, January and August.


Yup and it will be a year or so before its in that sale. I don’t think this will get too much smaller. but it should be around for a bit. Count yourself lucky you’re not a rolling stones fan, that was $6k. Still have my signed Bowie…


Not available on the Taschen site yet strangely. I think this is a “Must buy” item but I thought it would be priced around the fifty pounds mark, not twice that!!


Glad I’m not fussed on books.


I Remember the book release of Corbijn’s Strangers of DM, the price was aroud 15 euros that time in Holland and when the sales went down the copies from the Dutch FreeRecordShop sold them in a sale around 2 euros a piece, here in the local store they had around 100 stacked up in the shop, still blaming myself I didn’t buy them all as a investment, that time you didn’t think in that way about DM, it was a bad printed item by the way, my copy fell into pieces few years later, it was not printed by Taschen as this one is, so I expect more of it now ofcourse ;)


Thanks Paul,
Will definitely order this! I have some other Anton Corbijn photo books, love his style!


Confirmed to be SMALLER in size:

The original XXL sized ltd edition version is 31,5 x 44 cm, but this reissue will be 24,3 x 34 cm.

So not a huge difference, but still noticeably smaller. Which is perfectly fine with me.


Well, DM and their handlers have proven countless times now that they just don’t give any shits whatsoever when it comes to explaining their release decisions, let alone actually ever acknowledge questions from the fanbase. We are order totals to them – nothing more. There are still DOZENS of people waiting for answers about what ever happened to their pre-orders AND normal orders of the MODE boxset… the Violator 12″ Singles boxset… and of course the SOFAD 12″ boxset – not one single peep from ANYONE official telling those people they’re sorry… or that more copies might/will be released – just as usual stark dismissive silence.

So with all that in mind, obviously no one was ever gonna be told an official answer about what was and is happening with THIS book, its re-release, the details surrounding it etc. It will just be MORE complete silence, the reissue of the book will come out, people will buy it, a lot will get screwed with their orders AGAIN, it will disappear, and they’ll just do it all over again with literally every release still coming out this & next year.

DM are one of the greatest bands of all time, but I have never seen anyone care less about the fans that keep them wealthy than they do or the labels & people that represent them.


@Alex, what do you mean? I remember the MODE box getting delayed. But didn’t hear about any issues. Nor with the Violator and SOFAD. They were limited and sold out quickly, but easy to get via Mute and various amazon sites. What was your experience? Also this book is Taschen and Anton. Not a DM/Sony release. And we were always expecting a cheaper XL book after the XXL one.


Well… My pre-order of the Violator box got cancelled, unfortunately after all of the other supply chains dried up, but that’s how it goes…. I heard other people having similar issues, as well as warping issues with the US pressing of the Violator box. I’m not really sure what happened there, beyond they did not allocate enough defective free copies to supply the demand. I am curious if anyone actually was able to order a copy that was in-stock of this Taschen book from these links. If so, it would be interesting to see if these were unsigned first editions as it looks like the new edition is not coming out until May.
As far as books go, it would be really cool if they put out a book that included some of the rejected DM artwork for albums and singles, like the Smiths/Morrissey book Peepholeism.


Another edition already?
That was quick.
It should make a few readers happy.


Yeah, Taschen typically have what they call the trade version ready not long after a limited edition is released. I’ve a bunch of their signed editions so it’s nice to have the same thing in a cheaper format to reference more regularly.


Just as a comparison, Taschen released The Rolling Stones book costing £5000 and if you wanted an Anton Corbijn print with it… a mere £15,000
So DM doesn’t seem so bad at £750 and £3000 (with print) :D
£100 is a bargain!!


While on the topic of discounted books, The Book Outlet is offering Iggy Pop’s “Til Wrong Feels Right” at a phenomenal discount! Here is the link… and if you play your cards right, the price could get even lower as there are periodic additional percentage discounts that are announced: https://bookoutlet.ca/Store/Details/9780593135976B/til-wrong-feels-right-lyrics-and-more


Problem with signed editions is buyers often buy it as a work of art that could be worth double that price a couple of years later.

That said, I like a lot music and movie art books like this. I have many of them but I usually buy them for cheap on sale online, in stores, art galleries, flea markets or record fairs like Utrecht. There’s a pretty nice art and book shop in Portobello road market in London. I often bought books and art prints there. I have lots of Bowie, Dylan, David Sylvian, etc. splendid books I bought for £5, £10 or £20. I rarely spent more than £20 on books and wether it’s Taschen or another publisher, if you shop wisely you can get very nice art books for cheap.


I’ve been buying photographer/ artist books for years, they are always priced between £50 and £250 and that’s for photographers many would never have heard of. They are always limited print runs and mostly they go up in value because of that. That’s just the art book market. Taschen have cornered the market in the big glossy celebrity books, so none of this is a surprise, nor are the prices.
And yeah, the cover’s a bit crap, but that’s no surprise either as most of Anton’s DM album covers have been crap of late. Inside on the other hand…
Ordered, thanks Paul.


At £100 this is, as you say, an investment, but no longer an impossibility as the £750 edition was.

On the subject of limited editions, if I buy a limited edition I don’t expect there to be no “normal” edition with an album, so why would I for a book. You are paying for the exclusivity, such as the signatures. If you would only pay if everyone else is being denied access to the basic content, then you should be thinking about what sort of person that makes you.

Paul Wren

Many judgmental comments here about people who buy expensive books. Possibly made by people who can’t afford to buy them. I have a few top dollar Taschen/Genesis books and they are very nice to own and hold their value if chosen carefully.


Thank you for a wisdom only money can buy…….

thomas solimine

Everything DM releases wreaks of cash grab.


GOOD NEWS! Thanks for posting. I might be able to afford this version.

Eric Attal

where is Alan Wilder ???

Gareth Pugh

I guess if – as seems to be the case – the author has decided to take the approach to the cover to reflect DM as they are today [and fair enough], you can’t really expect Alan Wilder to be put on the front cover any more than you would expect Vince Clarke. I dare say he’ll be across loads of pages inside, however.


Sorry, I find those cut-out black and white photos on a brown surface and those big bold boring letters very ugly.


Not a great believer in that whole never-judge-a-book-by-its-cover lark, then?


Why bother then?


Great. Now can they put out more copies of the Violator singles box?


The original XL editions of Taschen’s Stan Lee/Marvel/DC books had special metallic ink finishes on the interior and a Stan Lee signature and perspex case on the SL book. These special features did not get replicated on the SL re-release but for a saving of @£900 I found I could live without them! The Marvel and DC reissues were smaller in size but for the Stan Lee book Taschen kept the same MASSIVE page size for the cheap edition so it may be the case for the DM book too.


Already ordered a few days ago.
looking forward to it.

between this, and monument,
it’s pretty much all you need.



Yeah. And never let us down again. Now finally affordable to buy.
Can’t wait to hold the epic book in my hands.
I have ordered already yesterday :)


Imagine you spent £750 on this book and it’s now available without the signatures and outside box for £88!!!! What a total rip off. Taschen’s future £750 books should be approached with lots of caution.



With all due respect: There were more than a few comments beneath Paul’s original post about the deluxe-edition who pointed out that it would be VERY likely (based on the release politics of Taschen Publishing during the last 40 years) that this would be re-released in (possibly several) smaller scale issues.
So i don’t quite understand your comment.
Have you ignored all these comments or did you just not believe them?


To be fair at least with DM it’s quite difficult to get their signatures these days. But I agree regardless of how “deluxe” Taschen books are they aren’t worth £88 let alone £750.

David J

Plenty sold and still selling on ebay for £1500 to £2500!!

But agree, a fool and his money are easily parted…


I’m sure for a band that’s been going for over 40 years, Depeche Mode have their fair share of wealthy fans who can afford paying £1500 to £2500 without making a dent in their savings. If I won the lottery I’m sure I would do the same for the signed version.

However, since I didn’t have the £750 to pay for the deluxe book, it was an easy decision not to buy it!


I have purchased a number of the Taschen books through the years and can tell you it is very likely that the non-limited variant will be just slightly smaller in overall size, a different front lining of the hardbook cover, but the same content.
In fact, there is such small difference that only a die-hard fan with money to spend should consider the Ltd variant, as I personally believe it does not justify the inflated price, but then again, as long as both versions are offered, there should be no cause for complaint.


The cheaper version was offered after the original so if I had bought the expensive one I would feel “had”. I know the argument is that you get the better version for longer/no one forces you to buy etc. It still doesn’t get rid of the taste of exploitation..


Ah ok, I didn’t (not being a DM head) but if that’s the case fair enough I guess

Chris Squires

I would imagine not one single person who bought the full fat version is disappointed or they shouldn’t be. If you have £750 to spend on a book, you know exactly what you are doing, it is unlikely to be your first expensive purchase. I spent a small fortune when my Kate Bush 2nd wave obsession hit peak stupid in 2014 and I bought yard wide books, literally, and other special editions that had nothing more than a number and a signature (never Kate’s) for three times the cost, although some had replica polaroids or a couple more pages. These things are art, anybody who spends that amount and doesn’t quite get the fact that usually, smaller or slightly different versions will come out later should spend a little more time on research.



+1 (as there is still no way to show agreement (or disagreement) in the comments section…)


It won‘t have the same size. TASCHEN XXL editions, when rereleased later without the cardboard box/print/etc. are being issued in XL format the second time around (and later in L, S, etc.). There‘ll be lots of versions to follow in the future, so no need to worry. As an example, I own the same book (Complete works of Hieronymous Bosch) in three editions (200€, 69€, 15€), three editions of ‚The Making of 2001 A Space Odyssey‘ (1500€, 750€, 69€) and more…


@Paul Sinclair

The 1st edition was classic TASCHEN XXL size at 31.5 x 44 cm, 11.91 kg. The 2nd (XL) edition, coming on May 25th will be 24.3 x 34 cm, 3.31 kg. And it won‘t be the last. TASCHEN maintains and always introduces quite a few (anniversary, etc.) series in which earlier books will see reprints in various different sizes and price ranges – down to 20€ (for the full content, in this particular example 512 pages)

Val Kaludov

It’s already out of stock!


Do you think it is likely that the Mode CD box set will see a re-issue, even if it’s in a scaled back form?

I was too slow from the blocks originally and would love to pick this up…without stretching to the current eBay prices


The Mode box is very unlikely to get a rerelease. It was part of a promo campaign around the RnR Hall of Fame. Definitely not worth the eBay prices except to a collector. The SACD deluxe were much better.


Yeah, it’s a nice curio for the DM collector (I looked at mine once with white gloves then put it back in the shipping box) but contained no real extras. Like Steve said, the SACDs that came out back in the day are the way to go.


Thanks for the heads up Paul. Was hoping a more affordable book for the masses would be made available. Taschen books are works of art.