Arcade Fire / Everything Now

The band’s fifth album. Limited coloured vinyl variant available.

Arcade Fire return in July with a new album, Everything Now.

The 13-track long-player is being made available in ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ variants on both CD and vinyl. The only difference is the artwork – there are no extra tracks/content. The vinyl ‘Night’ version is only available in independent record stores and to make things more complicated there are black and coloured vinyl versions available.

The ‘Night’ version of the album artwork

On Amazon in the USA you can even buy a cassette version of the new album. The release will be preceded by a two-track orange vinyl 12-inch single of the title track (the b-side is an instrumental). You can watch the video to the song below:

This is a coloured vinyl limited edition of the ‘Night’ version

A limited ‘ice-blue’ coloured vinyl edition of the ‘Night’ version of the Everything Now album can be ordered at JPC.de for worldwide shipping.

Everything Now will be released on 28 July 2017.

Order the coloured vinyl edition from JPC.de


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John Moore

Dear Everyone- be aware that there is a rare Japanese only version been released in vinyl only- destined to be a must have for collectors!


How limited is this night version?

[…] album, Everything Now, is scheduled for release on 28 July […]


Interesting. Only Amazon UK decided to charge extra for the “Night” version.

[…] Arcade Fire / Everything Now […]


This reminds me of when Lemon Jelly’s Lost Horizons had a night and day CD version to choose from.

In Canada, looks like the Night CD is limited edition.

Jim Breeds

I can’t order the Ice blue night version from JPC – it says “Currently not available”.


I had issues with sandbag but found a phone number and in all fairness they sorted my query straight away. Their number is 0118 9505812.


Is the 12″ available on JPC the orange one ?


Any idea if the 12″ on Amazon is the orange vinyl, or is that limited only to the 2,000 to indie stores and a typically more common black vinyl on Amazon? (I’ve ordered a copy & they’re still available as I write)

Amazon don’t often have copies of limited editions but occasionally they surprize us!


Fingers crossed!


Your third entry – “EVERYTHING NOW VINYL – CD DAY VERSION” – is incorrect. Never ceases to amaze how people hunt down and pay over the odds for gimmicky limited edition releases!


Beautiful vinyl packaging. Single sounds like Level 42.


I’ve used sandbag loads and not had an issue…

David Carter

Ooops hope they come through ok then , fortunately I paid by paypal too

Peter Muscutt

Looks like my perseverance with the German JPC site might have been worth the effort then! The ‘Night’ vinyl looks a nice item as well. Any ideas of ‘limitedness’??


I just have placed an order with JPC for both the 12” and the night version of the LP. They are always reliable and forthcoming if something is wrong with an order.

Alan B

I see Sandbag are responsible for selling the album via the band’s store. Won’t be touching them. Their customer service is appalling. I pre-ordered a new album bundle from Kasabian store also operated by Sandbag. My order hasn’t turned up and they will not respond to the 4 emails I have sent to them on the matter despite promising to “reply within 24 hours”. You can only contact them via email which they ignore. Looking online it appears I am not alone in complaining about their awful service.


Wish I hadn’t already ordered before seeing your comments. Paid by PayPal so at least they’re easy to get a refund from if things do go wrong

Alan B

And they charge your credit card when placing your order rather than ajust before release date.

David Carter

Thanks Alan, I have ordered the Coloured Vinyl from the official store


Is it certain that the coloured vinyl will only be available form independent record stores? Any chance Amazon will sell it?

Nick Preece

The 12″ Single Edition On Amazon is Definitely Orange Vinyl – they confirmed with me yesterday

Alan Wilson

Plenty of individual and bundle options in the official Arcade Fire store, including the cassette as well.


The 2 track 12″ single is limited to only 2,000 copies and will be difficult to get hold of. I’ve only seen it for sale at one independent store in the UK so far and their allocation sold out early this morning. A lot of retailers have yet to list it yet.


One of the bundles comes with a Day 12″ heavyweight vinyl with limited edition artwork, featuring the album title in 20 languages.


Are they going to translate and print the title on the cover for every puchase? Or is it referring to the label on the vinyl?