Aretha Franklin / The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970

Two-CD & 2LP vinyl sets

This September, Atlantic and Rhino Records will release The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970, a new Aretha Franklin set that spotlights those three years at Atlantic that produced so many international hit singles.

This collection features 34 singles – arranged chronologically – across two-CDs with the two-LP vinyl version shortened to 25 tracks. These songs originally appeared on six studio albums (I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You (1967), Aretha Arrives (1967), Lady Soul (1968), Aretha Now (1968), Soul ’69 (1969), This Girl’s In Love With You (1970), and Spirits In The Dark (1970)). There is one exception; Franklin’s cover of Elton John‘s Border Song, which although released as a single in 1970 didn’t appear on an album until 1972 (Young, Gifted and Black).

The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970 will be released on 28 September 2018.

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Aretha Franklin

The Atlantic Singles - 2CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Aretha Franklin

The Atlantic Singles - 2LP vinyl


The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970 2CD set

Disc One
1.    “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)”
2.    “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man”
3.    “Respect”
4.    “Dr. Feelgood”
5.    “Baby I Love You”
6.    “Going Down Slow”
7.    “A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like)”
8.    “Baby, Baby, Baby”
9.    “Chain Of Fools”
10.  “Prove It”
11.  “(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone”
12.  “Ain’t No Way”
13.  “Think”
14.  “You Send Me”
15.  “The House That Jack Built”
16.  “I Say A Little Prayer”
17.  “See Saw”
18.  “My Song”

Disc Two
1.    “The Weight”
2.    “Tracks Of My Tears”
3.    “I Can’t See Myself Leaving You”
4.    “Gentle On My Mind”
5.    “Share Your Love With Me”
6.    “Pledging My Love / The Clock”
7.    “Eleanor Rigby”
8.    “It Ain’t Fair”
9.    “Call Me”
10.  “Son Of A Preacher Man”
11.  “Spirit In The Dark” – With The Dixie Flyers
12.  “The Thrill Is Gone” – With The Dixie Flyers
13.  “Don’t Play That Song” – With The Dixie Flyers
14.  “Let It Be” – With The Dixie Flyers
15.  “Border Song (Holy Moses)”
16.  “You And Me” – With The Dixie Flyers

The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970 2LP vinyl

Side One
1.    “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)”
2.    “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man”
3.    “Respect”
4.    “Baby I Love You”
5.    “A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like)”
6.    “Chain Of Fools”

Side Two
1.    “(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone”
2.    “Ain’t No Way”
3.    “Think”
4.    “You Send Me”
5.    “The House That Jack Built”
6.    “I Say A Little Prayer”

Side Three
1.    “See Saw”
2.    “My Song”
3.    “The Weight”
4.    “Tracks Of My Tears”
5.    “I Can’t See Myself Leaving You”
6.    “Gentle On My Mind”
7.    “Share Your Love With Me”

Side Four
1.    “Eleanor Rigby”
2.    “Call Me”
3.    “Son Of A Preacher Man”
4.    “Spirit In The Dark” – With The Dixie Flyers
5.    “Don’t Play That Song” – With The Dixie Flyers
6.    “Border Song (Holy Moses)”

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Personally, I can’t get on board w. people’s fascination w. mono mixes; I always prefer stereo. That aside, while there’s nothing new here that you can’t get elsewhere, it’s still a brilliant collection of The Queen at her best. I’d also enjoy a Vol. 2 (her post-1970 Atlantic singles), but I guess that depends on how well this one sells… I hope you keep us apprised of that :)

Charlie Waffles

What, no USA release? Boo hiss.

Hey, Sony. I am still waiting with cash in hand to purchase Aretha’s Complete on Columbia cd box set you mercilessly took out of print. Some of the studio executives need to be demoted or fired for their decisions on music.

Mike the Fish

I found it surprising a while back that after playing some singles with little bass on and assuming it was to help with playing on less able turntables I played a UK Atlantic of Don’t Play This Song and there was plenty of bass going on there.

Mark Petz

WHY?! Why can’t they just put all the tracks on a third LP so vinyl junkies can get the full dose? Here’s my money, all you have to do is make things simple and take it.




Every track except for “Gentle on My Mind” and “Pledging My Love / The Clock” was on the Rhino 1992 “The Queen of Soul” set (86 tracks) and every track except for “Going Down Slow” and “Gentle on My Mind” was on the 2014 “The Queen of Soul” boxed set (87 tracks).

Steady State

Pedant alert: “The House That Jack Built” never appeared on an original proper Aretha album from this time period. It was only an A-side, originally.

Adam Shaw

Would be nice as a 7” singles vinyl box set with original labels ect ….
If they can do it for The Who n Quo , surely Aretha is worth it .

Wayne Olsen

Every one a gem. Thanks, Paul!


34 singles in four years! Wow, that’s a high rate of productivity.

Mark H.

Really 17 singles, as these represent the A- and B-sides. That’s about four per year, which was a typical release rate during the sixties.

Omitted is “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, which was a UK release only.

Eric M.

Similar to my old (well worn) ‘30 Greatest Hits’ 2-CD set, but a few different tracks selected. Will consider this strongly.

Mark H.

I think the two Rhino “best of” collections had mono single versions.

Steve Woodward

And it looks like these are all the original mono single mixes, not sure if they’ve been out before on CD?


Where did you see mention of mono mixes?

Mono mixes were/are available in the 1992 4 CDs box set “Queen Of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings” (Ted Jensen remastering) as well as 90’s Rhino remasters of “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) and “Aretha Arrives”. “Lady Soul” also has stereo and mono mixes of 3 songs. All Rhino’s remasters from the 90’s are from Bill Inglot and Dan Hersch.

“The Queen Of Soul” box set from 2014 has plenty of mono mixes (different mastering from 1992) as well but slightly different set list that the 1992 one.

There is also a mono version of 1968 “Aretha Now” available in LP only from the UK I believe.

HDTracks also has 24/192 mono and stereo downloads of “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)”.

There are most probably others as well but that’s what I know so far…

I find mono mixes always sound better than stereo mixes in general but specially in Aretha’s case. Case in point, Mobile Fidelity came out with a remaster of 1968 original stereo “Aretha’s Gold” in SACD in 2014 and while it sound quite good, the mono tracks elsewhere always sound better to my ears.


Steve Woodward

Everything tagged mono/remaster on the Amazon tracklisting