Ash / 94-04: The 7″ Singles Box Set

BMG will issue an 94-04: The 7″ Singles Box Set, an Ash vinyl collection compiling seven-inch singles issued between 1994 and 2004.

The box contains ten double A-side seven-inch singles, featuring all the hits, and has been compiled and curated by Ash. Vinyl has been mastered and cut by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, London.

This represents the first time Clones has been available on vinyl, since it was a download exclusive back in 2004. These boxes are limited and numbered (although it’s not clear what the quantities are).

94-04: The 7″ Singles Box Set will be released on 31 May 2019.

1. Girl From Mars / Angel Interceptor
2. Goldfinger / Oh Yeah
3. A Life Less Ordinary / Jesus Says
4. Wild Surf / Numbskull
5. Jack Names The Planets / Petrol
6. Uncle Pat / Kung Fu
7. Shining Light / Burn Baby Burn
8. Sometimes / Candy
9. There’s A Star / Envy
10. Clones / Orpheus

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Noel Murphy

God I can’t wait for this! Absolutely Brilliant! Sod the begrudgers!!


Does anyone know what label this is being released on? Is Infectious handling their vinyl releases as well?


ECHO Label


Anyone remember Shoot That Tiger that used to bash out the artwork for Castle Communications back in the very early days of CD reissues – I have some really astonishingly awful CD sleeves the did for the Kinks. No disprect to STT or the folks who did this, but I could probably better. It looks very dull.

I remember back in my record company days being courted by some fabulous designers, Microdot, Stylorouge, Designers Republic, Blue Source and MeCo to name a few. If you examine the great sleeves from UK labels in the late 80s-1990s you’ll probably find this lot all over them. Great design does not come on the cheap though, it never has, and I also think the artist should try to get involved at least a bit. It is no fluke that the like’s of Björk’s album artwork looked (and still looks) as good as it does.


Still hoping for deluxe CD editions of the albums from Nu-Clear Sounds to Twilight of the Innocents, plenty of b-sides between them and probably some rarities that could be put out.


+1 to this…the Trailer/1977 Deluxe was awesome…

Larry Davis

Huge fan of these guys but this does not interest me at all…it’s not the original A’s and B’s…it’s 20 hits on 10 7″ records with shoddy artwork and too high a price…I would tell Tim, who I sorta know, Tim, you’re my brother, but I will unfortunately pass on the box…I have all those songs in a better form…

Gareth Jones

Considering how some artists charge £10+ for one 7-inch on Record Store Day, I’d say a fiver per disc is actually not bad value. What I DO think is bad, however, is the fact they’re not reproductions of the original 7-inches. 20 singles with the original B-sides would’ve been far better. However, nobody would want to pay £100 for that I guess.


Clearly there’s a real lack of graphic design talent in the record industry at the minute. It would have good if the singles featured the b sides as well. Their cover of ‘Warmer Than Fire’ is exceptional.

Chris Squires

This first came up a few years ago, I think it’s mainly down to covers and artwork not being an industry in itself any more. When physical media, particularly Vinyl was God there would be whole departments in places like EMI dedicated to artwork, text, advertising image etc. Not only that but the people in those jobs would have been veterans or certainly higly skilled and well paid to do what was perceived to be an important job. How many books are there about album covers from the 1960s through to the 80s? The advance of the CD took something away from the need for clever, eye-catching artwork and non-physical digital media destroyed it totally. So now when Big-Art is needed for a new cover to fill 12 x 12 there is no-one left doing it any more. We lost that generation. About a dozen covers in the last year or two have been so horrendous that they got special mention here and that’s only those that featured on SDE. Sting and Van Morrison spring immediately to mind. Then you have more and more debacles like “The Kick Insde” where basics are not covered because they don’t have the skilled staff to do the job, although what skill is needed to work out how to spell “Inside” is beyond me. Probably an intern or someone on basic wage whereas in the Golden Age they would have been highly valued and highly paid.
I would guess a working knowledge of Photoshop and an art GCSE is what we are working with here not Storm Thorgerson, sadly.

I am trying to think of one really good cover of the last couple of years and I am struggling. Bobbie Gentry I quite like and also Nick Cave and Lovely Creatures. But none of them will be remembered in the way something like Tubular Bells will be.

mick tormey

Chris Squires is a legend..just love reading the replies lad


I think if Ash had ask fans to submit DIY designs they could of come up with something much better because, like Tim-Meh says, it really does look like a knock-off bootleg. The worst I’ve seen over the past few years is Bob Dylan’s ‘Trouble No More’. Granted it’s for a “Bootleg” release, but it’s an official release and I’m sure there would have been no budget restrictions. Likewise the font on ‘More Blood, More Tracks’ is appalling. Maybe the did it in purpose but most of the other releases in the series have had decent, if unspectacular, covers. I think the best album cover of the past 20 years is for ‘The Soft Bulletin’. A triumph of design.



I totally agree with all of the above. I think you’ll also find the budgets put aside for design and artwork these days are also a major factor. They want to spend as little as possible. And they do. Can you imagine a record company getting an invoice from Hipgnosis today? No, neither can I.


Absolutely. Every bit of cover art nowadays looks like a 6th former’s mood board or a kindergarten potato print.

Darren Leach

I hope there will be a part 2 and 3 to this. Great to see bands doing this :)


What a weird hodge-podge of a release…the cover screams bootleg shoddiness, why is it not A & B-Sides in some attempt at approximating the original releases rather than sticking 2 A’s on each vinyl & why aren’t the Jack Names The Planets & Uncle Pat 7″s number 1 & 2 as per their original chronological release? Weird…

Michael John

Holy crap! $100 USD with shipping is tough to justify. I did the A-Z 7” box way back when. That was 26 singles. Granted, they shipped separately each month if I recall. You got the box first. Anyway, I don’t think that was much more than $100 all in.


Nice, but would prefer vinyl reissues of ‘Trailer’, ‘1977’, ‘Nu Clear Sounds’ and ‘Free All Angels’.

Alan B

I see people complaining about the postage. It’s Townsend Records and their postal charges are high but they do pack them well with good packaging. I just pre-ordered the new Richard Hawley album from them. £6.50 for a LP and CD. Recordstore will charge £3.95. Both sent by Royal Mail first class post.

Craig Hedges

Could there be a better coupling than ‘Shining Light’ and ‘Burn Baby Burn’ What an awesome 7” single.


Hmm much as I like Ash this isn’t floating my boat. 10 black vinyl 7”ers in a box for a fiver each? Pass, thanks.


The cover is hideous and the price is too high (especially considering the ridiculous shipping costs). Really a pity, as I love Ash and have quite a lot of stuff from them.

David Cornyn

Why not issue it on coloured vinyl? Looks a bit lazy to me and I’m a fan. Think I’ll pass on this one.

Brian Smith

what’s with this new trend of 7″ box sets?




to Germany 28,50€ shipping costs, Sorry


£50 for 10 songs? Can’t blame ’em for trying!


I think you’ll find it’s £25 for 10 songs. Plus another £25 for the other 10.

Karl Watson

Coincidence you’ve posted this on Ash Wednesday?


ash have their own wednesday? weird… i didn’t;t think they were that big of a band.


Was ordering straight away, until i saw how shipping costs are ridiculously high (33.50€ to Italy).


Good value at £50, some top tracks in there as well.