Average White Band / Anthology

Average White Band / Anthology 5CD deluxe set

Five CD deluxe package to be released in June

Edsel will issue Anthology in June, a five-CD Average White Band deluxe set that follows their career from the beginning in the early 1970s to their final album for Arista in 1982.

This collection has been curated by AWB, with each disc themed, with the first concentrating on classics, working through Jazz/Funk/Soul/Blues genres and ending up with rarities at the end, such as seven-inch and 12-inch versions and live recordings.

In total, Anthology delivers 73 tracks across the five CDs and comes in ‘mediabook’ packaging with notes from Alan Gorrie and Hamish Stuart.

This deluxe set will be released on 3 July 2020 (was 12).

CD 1: The Classics
1. Pick Up The Pieces
2. Cut The Cake
3. Show Your Hand
4. Work To Do
5. Queen Of My Soul
6. A Star In The Ghetto – with Ben E. King
7. Atlantic Avenue
8. Keepin’ It To Myself
9. Twilight Zone
10. Whatcha’ Gonna Do For Me
11. Walk On By
12. Feel No Fret
13. School Boy Crush
14. Put It Where You Want It
15. Let’s Go ‘Round Again

CD 2: Sampled [Jazz, Blues & Funk]
1. The Jugglers
2. Got The Love
3. Groovin’ The Night Away
4. Sweet & Sour
5. I’m The One
6. Reach Out
7. Your Love Is A Miracle
8. Person To Person 3
9. Daddy’s All Gone
10. When Will You Be Mine
11. Big City Lights
12. T.L.C
13. Back In ’67
14. Stop The Rain

CD 3: Sampled [ Soul & Funk] 
1. Overture
2. If I Ever Lose This Heaven
3. Get It Up For Love
4. I Just Can’t Give You Up
5. How Sweet Can You Get
6. Nothing You Can Do
7. A Love Of Your Own
8. Love Your Life
9. Would You Stay
10. For You, For Love
11. Isn’t It Strange
12. Love Gives, Love Takes Away
13. Digging Deeper (Finale)

CD 4: 7″, 12″ & Early Versions
1. How Can You Go Home
2. Work To Do [7″ Edit]
3. Cut The Cake [7″” Edit]
4. Queen Of My Soul [7″” Edit]
5. Get It Up For Love [7″” Edit] – with Ben E. King
6. A Star In The Ghetto [7″” Edit] – with Ben E. King
7. Your Love Is A Miracle [7″” Edit]
8. Feel No Fret [7″” Edit]
9. For You, For Love [7″” Edit]
10. Shine
11. Walk On By [12″” Version]
12. Let’s Go Round Again [12″” Version]
13. The Jugglers [First Version]
14. How Sweet Can You Get [First Version]
15. Back In ’67 [First Version]
16. Reach Out [First Version]
17. Pick Up The Pieces [Early Version]

CD 5: Rarities & Live Recordings
1. This World Has Music
2. McEwan’s Export
3. In The Beginning
4. White Water Dreams
5. It Didn’t Take Me A Minute
6. Wasn’t I Your Friend
7. Miss Sun
8. Kiss Me
9. Love Won’t Get In The Way
10. Growing Pains
11. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me [Live]
12. Pick Up The Pieces [Live]
13. I Heard It Through The Grapevine [Live]

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I’m in the USA….where can I order this? It doesn’t appear to be on AmazonUS or importcds.

David Binder

What really sucks is it is not yet available in Canada or the USA, but amazon uk won’t allow me to order there. Must be the pandemic, as I often ordered from amazon uk. But it’s a drag. I’ve nothing by AWB, so this looks like it’ll for the bill…if it’s made available in North America!!

Jamie Crampton

For a band with such little chart success Demon sure are milking their back catalogue. Even excluding All The Pieces there must have been a dozen compilations of varying quality, not to mention the many coloured vinyl reissues of their various albums. Kind of wish I’d picked another band to be a collector of now! I love their music and was gutted when they cancelled their gigs last year, hopefully they’ll be rescheduling whenever…

Wayne Klein

I got Edsel’s Complete Album box so I will pass. Nice set for more casual fans though.


Probably should have released this before the Gold CD for a fiver.


“The greatest all-time soul and funk band” – good as Average White Band is surely Earth, Wind & Fire, amongst others would have a stronger claim to that soubriquet.


I’m tempted, but I have a single MUSIC CLUB cd which covers about enough for me.

Friso Pas

I have All The Pieces, the 19CD boxset, so I’m complete enough. Nice set though.


Love AWB!
Cut The Cake…one of the best intros to a 7″ ever!
This set is a bargain.

Ian Burgess

Not a huge fan, only really know the hits, but this looks very nice. I’m sure a copy will end up on my shelf.


My thoughts exactly, will give them a listen tomorrow and make up my mind, but sure looks like a nice package.

John Rea

Sounds great! I go back as far as the very first ‘Brown Album!’

The rescheduled dates for Autumn next year seems realistic. Having been out of the game through illness for a long time, I had a pile of spring/summer gigs put back to Autumn…I fear they too will be rescheduled…

Thanks ,Paul..Some signed copies would be brilliant!

James Pigg

Great price. Shame the original quad mixes of some of their albums still haven’t been released in the modern era.

Nigel Jones

Thanks,Paul! Just pre ordered from Amazon. One of my fave bands since I bought the famous white album on cassette from WHSmiths in Llandudno back in 1975.Have got all their releases and have seen them on numerous occasions.Gutted that their forthcoming tour has been cancelled again but really looking forward to the rearranged gig at Birmingham Town Hall in November 2020!Hope it won’t be too long until we can all get “Person to Person” again.

Nigel Jones

Should be November 2021.Sorry!