Back to the 80s: a-ha / Hunting High and Low pressed on clear vinyl LP

Great price for forthcoming clear vinyl pressing

a-ha‘s stunning debut album Hunting High and Low will be reissued on a clear vinyl pressing.

The 1985 album features four UK top ten hits, including the evocative title track, US chart-topper Take On Me (which peaked at number two in Britain) and UK number one The Sun Always Shines On TV.

This new clear vinyl pressing of Hunting High and Low forms part of Rhino’s Back to the 80s series and will be released on 6 July 2018.

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Hunting High and Low [VINYL]


Side One:

  1. Take On Me
  2. Train Of Thought
  3. Hunting High And Low
  4. The Blue Sky
  5. Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale

Side Two:

  1. The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
  2. And You Tell Me
  3. Love Is Reason
  4. I Dream Myself Alive
  5. Here I Stand And Face The Rain

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Paul – do you know if there are plans to release Stay on These Roads, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and Memorial Beach on vinyl?

Chris Miah

8 Track cartridges.
That’s what I’m buying now, nice Quad Mixes out there .
…and they sound great

Sammy Waslow

I saw a-ha in the Cork Marquee earlier this week. Absolutely superb. A full-to-capacity tent, a loud and appreciative audience, and a great setlist. I picked up the newly-reissued Headlines and Deadlines LP yesterday too. It sounds terrific.


And what about the vinyl re-edition of my perso fav’ East of the Sun, West of the Moon?


I’m surprised HMVs vinyl sale last weekend got no mentions, and the exclusive coloured vinyls this Saturday having no mention. Especially with Siouxsie & the Banshees – JuJu getting a release on gold vinyl.

elliott buckingham

on a completely different note hmvs vinyl exclusives start this Saturday


This may be an odd question but as this is an A-ha thread and as there is a new Paul McCartney post, does anyone know what happened to the Beatles soundtrack released by Magne Furuholmen?

I’ve never been able to find it digitally or on CD. Oddly Mags profile picture on Spotify is the Beatles soundtrack artwork – very odd indeed.

Thank you!



So I couldn’t find it because they changed the name! Doh!



Only released in japan on physical formats with different covers. Their was also a 7 inch single released as well i believe

Available on ebay her




Thank you very much Larry!!

All of that very helpful information is exceptional.



Hey Paul, just to shed more light on the great Australian GST / Amazon ripoff-
Hunting High & Low is $31.41 delivered to Australia with Amazon UK, as opposed to $51.98 delivered locally with Amazon Australia.
GST would add 10% to the Amazon Uk price,
So still about $16 cheaper than the Aussie site. Could it be that Amazon are as much to blame in this scenario as the Australian Government?
The Aussie Government has definitely levelled the playing field- everybody’s fleecing us now!

Mathew Lauren

Without a MODERN, surround mix. Not many of these RE campaigns excite me.

…and the vinyl-only stuff. Talk about niche. I’d rather have HIRES, 4K Blu, 24/96 ATMOS releases of music that qualifies, for more than MODERN 5.1

Are you listening Apple Corp? We’re all eager to own the IMMERSIVE (by comparison to the rather LAME 5.1), standalone, “Sgt Pepper’s…” HIRES (4K Blu, 24/96) ATMOS — please?

…and John Lennon’s “Legend” DVD-V could use a “lossless,” 5.1 Blu release as long as someone cleans up some of the mixes and the mastering (sound drop-outs) — as well as 5.1’s of “Imagine” and “Double Fantasy” (at least the Lennon-sung songs).

p.s. just don’t leave out important (bass) guitar tracks, that make or break a song like original mixers Norrell & Litt did (see: “Ignoreland”) on their (lame, I mean: tame) ATMOS attempt – there are some “AFTP,” “ATMOS-moments,” but stick with the Scheiner 5.1 DVD-A, gang!

Mike the Fish

How is 4k Blu Ray with Atmos not niche?

Antony Hudson

5.1 mixes are cool if you have a set up.


Okay, okay. I’m a fan and collector, so I’ll have it, of course. But I’m much more waiting for the MEMS and Lifelines Deluxe Editions…

Claudia Meier

Me too


I LOVE this album. I bought it on cassette when it came out. I was hitting my teens at this time. 14 or 15. And I always thought ‘Love Is Reason’ should have been a huge success as a single. Such an uplifting song. So nice to hear on here that ‘Love Is Reason’ was in fact released as a single somewhere.

Here in America after this album came out I don’t remember any promotion for any follow up albums. Never heard any thing on the radio from any follow up albums. The 80’s had so much music coming out I think it was easy to move on to the next big thing. I had no idea who Casey Kasem was back then. LOL

And even though a-ha weren’t played much on American radio after this first album I continued to buy their following albums.

I was OBSESSED with ‘The Sun Always Shines On T. V. ‘ and the video for it is perfect, interesting and epic.

This entire album is excellent.

I had a crush on Morten. So handsome. And his voice is incredible.

Stephen DC

If anything, this album should be remembered for Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale.

A classic single that never was.


Yes Stephen DC Best song on the Album I was always surprised back in the day that it wasnt released as a single

Mike the Fish

It’s remarkable the Adventure Tale was earmarked as the first single, then ultimately not put out that way at all. I wonder if there was a 12″ mix prepared…


Same thing with the title track on ‘Scoundrel Days’, best song on the album never released as a single. Apparently they were gong to release it as the fourth single after ‘Manhattan Skyline’, but then ‘The Living Daylights’ gig came up and they had to focus on that.

Edward Quek

I so agree! That was the only song that went in deep for me. Was so hoping for a single and alternative version of sorts. It remains as my favourite song on the album after all these decades :-)

Daniel ( from Berlin )

what is with a “Super Deluxe Edition” of “Stay On These Roads” ?
not interesting enough ?


But there have been ‘Deluxe’ editions of all of them (the first five albums I think – I’m not with my CD collection at the moment so I could be wrong). Indeed I think only the first album has rated a ‘super-deluxe’ edition. Maybe it’s their best-seller?

christopher hopkins

Well there’s certainly not the volume of material for SD that HHAL had but even still, with a fresh 5.1 mix, a 4 disc set could be achieved fairly easily.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

thats right Paul. i forgot.
i’m a little bit confused about so many “deluxe edition” in the last years ;))


Aha had number one hits in 27 countries with more than 15 different songs. Not Taken On Me but Summer Moved On is on top of that list. They sold more than 50 million records.


Does anyone know if it’s remastered or a straight up repress?

And where’s a reissue of Janet Jackson’s Control for the 80s series after all these years?


Onto trivial matters but what IS the movement on the cover photo? There’s someone’s hand bottom right but it isn’t one of theirs. Was someone trying to hit Morten?! Or is it an “effect” done to the photo afterwards?

joel ivins

it always reminded me of someone falling…lol

christopher hopkins

It’s a girl moving backwards and forwards very quickly


This album was reissued on vinyl few years ago!! When “Minor Earth Major Sky” and ” Lifelines” for first time on vinyl???


Would love Minor Earth Major Sky on vinyl. Probably the strongest comeback album that I own…

David Carter

Yes it was Jennifer Rush, scandalous really.
I saw A-ha in Yeovil on Saturday and they were fantastic, Mortens voice still sounds great and they have a huge back catalogue of songs that went down really well.


Anyone know what’s happening with the headlines and deadlines comp. Ordered from Amazon ages ago but didn’t materialise and out of stock last time I looked


Not sure if it helps but I Pre ordered on amazon Canada and it arrived last week


Take On Me in its 1985 remixed version was a great first single for them, but I liked the two follow ups even better, though nothing comes even close to the majestic beauty of the title track IMHO.

A-Ha proved time and time again that they were anything but a singles band. So many great tracks scattered throughout the albums.

I remember thinking back then in the late 80s that they had great thoughtful lyrics, especially from the perspective of a band coming from Norway (English not being their native language).


other than take on me and the sun always shines on tv
most people cant recall any other hits, the sun always shines on tv was their last top 40 hit


thats your opinion, maybe they did better in the UK, but im not in the UK, i was only commenting on their minor success in America
you just were talking like they were a huge worldwide success, and outside the UK they werent, honestly till this unplugged album came out, i didnt even know they were still together, they are hardly ever mentioned anywhere online other than on this site, none of their albums or news bout them seems to make any music sites ever.
so once again its your opinion.


Not forgetting of course that they recorded a Bond movie theme. At that point in the Bond franchise it seemed to be only major artists (by which I mean big-sellers) that got to sing Bond-themes…

Admittedly not one of the better Bond movies but a great theme-song nonetheless


a-ha is made up of three very headstrong individuals, and they refused to do the endless promotional tour of US cities that would have eaten up almost 2 years of their time, instead they wanted to concentrate on recording their second album. As a result their US management pretty much abandoned them, hence a-ha disappearing from America after their second single. I’ve always thought their music was a bit too intelligent for America anyway, I kind of like the fact that they concentrated on the European market. They’re also the only non-British, non-American act to record a James Bond title song, another feather in their cap to be proud of.

Mike the Fish

It was actually re-recorded rather than remixed and – as unlikely as it may seem on paper at the time – nailed by Cliff Richard’s producer of the time.

christopher hopkins

I don’t think Tarney had much pull at that point, Mike. He was in the studio but all the evidence suggests a-ha were de-facto producing themselves by then.

Mike the Fish

Hi Christopher. I’m no expert on this, but the sleevenotes on the 2CD and the super don’t seem to suggest that. (Not trying to be lairy.)

Paul Taylor

Been ‘hunting’ this on vinyl for a wee while. Clear vinyl is the icing on the cake. Thanks again Paul


I massively love A-ha but I’m not sure I need another vinyl pressing of this – but as a collector I’ll very likely buy this.

Other than the UK hits, I’m sure all the fans out there will know Love Is Reason was also a single in Norway on a very nice 7 inch only picture sleeve!

Meanwhile, it’s great to have A-ha in the UK for a couple of weeks while on their Summer Electric tour!

Martin Power

Absolute no brainer at this price – Thanks for the heads up Paul


The album has four UK top 10 hits Paul, don’t forget ‘Train of Thought’!


Funny I thought it stopped at around 11 too as was very disappointed at the time!!


Personally I’m surprised that Take on Me only (‘only’!) got to No.2 here in the UK. I could have sworn it got to No.1. Whatever kept it from the top slot must have been pretty strong (then again maybe not – remembering Ultravox vs. Joe Dolce)…

Paul H

Don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure it was Jennifer Rush with the dirgical Power of Love.

Phil Morris

Is no-one watching the current run of 1985 TOTPs on BBC4?


A-Ha’s reached the top in the NME singles charts at the time – between two stints by Jenifer Rush.
Of course Take On Me *did* get to No.1 … 15 years later … but let’s not go there!