Back to the 80s: The Time / Ice Cream Castle / ‘Neapolitan’ coloured vinyl

The Time‘s third album Ice Cream Castle will be reissued on ‘Neapolitan’ coloured vinyl in July.

The 1984 album was largely written, produced and arranged by Prince and the two best known songs Jungle Love and The Bird both featured in the Purple Rain film.

This new vinyl edition is part of Rhino’s ‘Back to the 80s‘ series and is pressed on a mix of pink, white and brown vinyl – hence ‘Neapolitan’ – and will be released on 27 July 2018

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Ice Cream Castle [VINYL]


Side One:

  1. Ice Cream Castles
  2. My Drawers
  3. Chili Sauce

Side Two:

  1. Jungle Love
  2. If The Kid Can’t Make You Come
  3. The Bird

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it seems a pointless release, as did the green vinyl for RSD. of all the things to release and they double dip the same album when the first 2 albums where miles better. now superdeluxe editions with demos would be good, especially with princes lead vocals

Graham Turner

I like that they are at least paying attention the ‘associated artists’ of the Prince world but I am also hoping for much expanded versions of these albums at some point, along the exact lines you describe.

elliott buckingham

I don’t understand “the 1st 2 albums were better” to my knowledge they only made 4 album 2 released on green and this new 1 album 3 leaving only the debut and pandemonium to be released


What? They aren’t “double dipping”, the second album is what got the green vinyl release on RSD 2017.

Paul Aiden

Double dip? The green vinyl was their 2nd album “what time is it?. This is their 3rd album. Next surely will be the first self titled. I thought the green RSD last year sounded brilliant so I’ve got high hopes for this although my original sounds excellent.


This was one of my favourite album in 1984/1985. Glad to see it back on vinyl and in coloured vinyl.
Even I was a big fan & collector of Prince & relates artists back in the 80’s.
Time to re-start my 80’s Prince ( & more ) vinyl collection again!

Top Cat

This is essentially ‘Purple Rain’ – further expanded (if you count the existing super deluxe edition of Purple Rain). Add the ‘Appolonia 6’ record, and you have the the Prince-verse of this year.

Graham Turner

Here’s a picture (mockup?) of the neopolitan effect since there is currently no image on the Amazon UK listing.
comment image

Graham Turner

It’s featured on the Bull Moose site so I presume it’s an official pic?

Darren H

I was a big collector of Prince and related artists in the 80’s & 90’s and seem to remember it was easy to get The Time albums on vinyl but CD’s were rare.

elliott buckingham

ordered this will go nicely with the rsd green vinyl of the times 2nd album


A great album. Not sure this will have such wide appeal.

I suppose the selling point is that this has music from the Purple Rain era.

I do think that now that Prince has sadly passed the Time band members should be allowed once more to use their original band name, rather than The Original 7ven, but maybe the Estate still wants to wield control.



They are back to using Morris Day and The Time. Not sure the details of when / how of going back to the The Time.


I would love to see some expanded CD releases of the Time’s catalog. I wonder how hard it will be to get anything put together with it entangled in the Prince estate?

Charles Cotham

I think that would be a great idea – but with 18 tracks total on their original 3 albums, some kind of ‘definitive collection’ might be in order for that era. Along with a reissue of their rather great 1990 album Pandemonium of course, which has almost more tracks on that one album than their entire earlier catalogue!

O(+> Peter B

I’d also love to see CD reissues of the Vanity 6, Apollonia 6 and Sheila E albums. A Sheila E best of from Warners is long overdue, the only digital version of A Love Bizarre is the 12-minute album version. I’ll stick with my existing LP of Ice Cream Castles, but I love the idea of the neopolitan coloured vinyl. My Drawers is a great track.

Michael Khalsa

I’d love a Shelia E best of too. Would also appreciate edited version of ‘A Love Bizarre’ which was 12 minutes on the album as well. This Time record is OK. The song ‘Ice Cream Castles’ is great. Morris Day likes that as well in particular.

I have Apollonia 6 on CD. It’s okay not great. ‘The Family’ cd would be a nice reissue. I heard an interview with Tyka Nelson she said most things are going to be released from the vaults. I am not sure what they are going to do with the other artists though.

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