Bad Company / The Swan Song Years 1974-1982 / 6CD clamshell box set

Bad Company are to celebrate their 45th anniversary with, The Swan Song Years 1974-1982, a new 6CD box set of their albums.

The six-disc Bad Company: The Swan Song Years 1974-1982 collects together their output for Swan Song. These are all fairly recent remasters (from the original tapes), with Desolation Angels and Rough Diamonds brand new 2019 remastered versions. The other albums included are: Bad Company (1974), Straight Shooter (1975), Run with the Pack (1976), and Burnin’ Sky (1977).

Bad Company formed when members of Free (Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke), King Crimson (Boz Burrell) and Mott The Hoople (Mick Ralphs) decided to pool their talents back in 1973. They became the first band to sign to Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label later that year.

The band’s 1974 debut Bad Company went to number one in America and was a massive seller thanks to songs like ‘Can’t Get Enough,’ ‘Rock Steady,’ and ‘Movin’ On’. The multi-platinum streak continued a year later with Straight Shooter which delivered standouts like ‘Good Lovin’ Gone Bad,’ ‘Shooting Star’ and the Grammy-nominated smash, ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love.’

The band carried on with double-platinum releases for the next few albums, before ceasing operation in 1982 after the measly gold of Rough Diamonds, becoming the last studio album the original quartet released.

Bad Company: The Swan Song Years 1974-1982 is released 2 August 2019.

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Bad Company

Bad Company - The Swan Song Years 1974-1982 - 6CD box


CD1: Bad Company (2015 Remaster)

  1. Can’t Get Enough
  2. Rock Steady
  3. Ready For Love
  4. Don’t Let Me Down
  5. Bad Company
  6. The Way I Choose
  7. Movin’ On
  8. Seagull

CD2: Straight Shooter (2015 Remaster)

  1. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad
  2. Feel Like Makin’ Love
  3. Weep No More
  4. Shooting Star
  5. Wild Fire Woman
  6. Anna
  7. Call On Me

CD3: Run with the Pack (2017 Remaster)

  1. Live For The Music
  2. Simple Man
  3. Honey Child
  4. Love Me Somebody
  5. Run With The Pack
  6. Silver, Blue & Gold
  7. Young Blood
  8. Do Right By Your Woman
  9. Sweet Lil’ Sister
  10. Fade Away

CD4: Burnin’ Sky (2017 Remaster)

  1. Burnin’ Sky
  2. Morning Sun
  3. Leaving You
  4. Like Water
  5. Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer)
  6. Everything I Need
  7. Heartbeat
  8. Peace Of Mind
  9. Passing Time
  10. Too Bad
  11. Man Needs Woman
  12. Master Of Ceremony

CD5: Desolation Angels (2019 Remaster)

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy
  2. Crazy Circles
  3. Gone, Gone, Gone
  4. Evil Wind
  5. Early In The Morning
  6. Lonely For Your Love
  7. Oh, Atlanta
  8. Take The Time
  9. Rhythm Machine
  10. She Brings Me Love

CD6: Rough Diamonds (2019 Remaster)

  1. Electricland
  2. Untie The Knot
  3. Nuthin’ On The TV
  4. Painted Face
  5. Kickdown
  6. Ballad Of The Band
  7. Cross Country Boy
  8. Old Mexico
  9. Downhill Ryder

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[…] ‘n’ Fantasy’ and the new deluxe edition features the 2019 remaster (used for The Swan Song Years box set) and a bonus disc of previously unreleased versions of album tracks and […]


Wow, so much hate for Rough Diamonds. Maybe not as good overall, but as far as I am concerned, Electricland is Bad Company’s single best song they have ever recorded. To each his own I guess, but I will always have a fondness for Rough Diamonds solely on the basis of that one song.

Allison Williams

“Rough Diamonds” is Bad Company’s worst album with the classic lineup, but I vehemently disagree with some of the comments regarding “Desolation Angels.” First of all, it was released in March 1979, so Led Zeppelin hadn’t broken up yet. It is also the third highest selling album in the band’s catalog after their first two. I personally feel that “Run With The Pack” is a better record (their 3rd), but that “Desolation Angels” is a way better record than “Burnin’ Sky” which is filled with filler and has no hit song anywhere near as good as “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy” which fueled the sales of “Desolation Angels.” Just because of this release, I don’t necessarily feel we will not see a deluxe edition version of “Desolation Angels,” which the band regards highly. I doubt it will happen with “Rough Diamonds.” That’s a crap album that was done just to finish out their record deal. The band was getting on so badly that even Paul Rodgers does some of the guitar solos on it. Record labels love putting out these box sets because they can put out the whole catalog with cheap cardboard packaging at a discount price.

Graham Thomas

Is anybody else disturbed to know that Bad Co is 45 years old?

Paul Johnson

Do you think Atlantic will do a similar box set for all the Bad Co albums they recorded for the label from ‘Fame & Fortune’ onwards?

Paul Rodgers

I hope not, there is only one BC line up.


Thank You Paul for all the classic rock and roll bands. Bad Company Rules. Free set
the blueprint. Backstreet Crawler showed the promise, but Bad Company Delivers
every time. So thanks Mr. Rodgers. A job well done.

Mathew Lauren

Would love to have these in 5.1+

I was always under the impression that these were released as part of Zep’s SWAN SONG venture, so in that vein of thought, I guess it’s no surprise (to me) that NONE of these were remixed to surround given that Jimmy hasn’t moved on ANY surround-sound studio-album plans (once openly discussed) for the mighty Zep catalogue.

Appreciate the enlightenment re: different labels and contracts across the globe for this band’s studio album releases.

Still, no matter who holds the rights (NOW), no surround-sound is forthcoming.



I would love to see the Desolation Angels 2 cd deluxe come to the market. The tour for this LP started on 2/28/1979 in Newcastle UK and ended on 09/22/79 in Norfolk VA. There are ample recordings live & otherwise to make this happen. Bonham passed in September 1980 and Swan Song promptly fell to pieces.
For Rough Diamonds, the band recorded in Surrey as they had for Angels. Peter Grant had disappeared by this point, Paul Rodgers showed up to sing & then quickly exited once something was recorded and the band did not get along all that well. Very little material was completed and there was no tour to support the LP. Hence demos for the sessions are scarce and no live material was recorded. There are a few demos with Co as a 3 piece with Mick singing guide vocals but very little else of decent quality in the vault
But I can still wish


Any idea if there is going to be vinyl box set?

Big Nige

My initial thought was “pfft”, after buying, and loving, the previous 4 deluxe doubles and expecting at least Desolation Angels to be given the same treatment. But at a shade over 20 quid for one of my favourite bands…. OK it’s ordered! It may even go down! Say them twice in 79, superb! As for the Swan Song thing, I’m sure DA was the first to released actually on that label….. and the Pretty Things sign up “first”. Can’t remember now….


I suppose there will be no deluxe edition of Desolation Angels and Rough Diamonds since these albums aren’t strong enough and Peter Grand (after John Boham’s death) did not care about the band. I think this box is to complete the remaster serie. Anyway I hope I’m wrong !


If that’s the case they’d better issue standalone versions of those two albums since this set uses the Deluxe Edition masters for the first 4 albums and a lot of us have those already.


Absolutely right.

wayne klein

I would disagree that the album “Desolation Angels” isn’t as strong as the previous ones. There’s only one dud track on it (“Rhythm Machine”) and the rest are really strong material. There are some demos that exist in the vaults as well as a couple of live shows that they recorded that could easily expand this set. It’s unfortunate if they don’t expand “Desolation” as it certainly deserves it.

“Rough Diamonds” clearly found the band running on fumes but there’s enough decent material to make it worthwhile for fans. It’s similar to the last Free album with Andy Fraser–a couple of good songs with plenty of filler.


Wish they’d included Paul Rodgers’ first solo cd. Wasn’t that on Swan SONG?


‘Cut Loose’? – No, it was on Atlantic


Yeah I agree, can’t see them putting Desolation Angels & Rough Diamonds out as the 2 CD Deluxe versions now. So hey I pre-ordered the Box set 6 CD’s in a Box just over £21, you can’t go wrong a steal.


I see Amazon have managed to use the wrong cover photos, (the white one from a 2015 best of)!

David Bly

“They became the first band to sign to Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label later that year.”

Uh, not to be picky, but because of existing contracts, the first four of these albums (easily the best ones) were originally released on Island Records in the UK, Europe, South America, and South Africa.
They were on Swan Song in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan..

As an American who has all of those albums on Island, they are Island albums to me, and many others (although not is the US so much).


Actually, Island in Australia as well – and i feel the same way about them – ‘appropriated’ by SwanSong, lol

David Bly

and NZ too. I somehow misread the list of releases.
Thanks for that!

Also, I see I wrote “on Swan Song in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.”
OOPS! That should’ve been the US in that list. D’oh!

So now the ‘official’ tally is “The first four of albums were only on Swan Song in the US, Canada, and Japan.”

Bob Preston

Grabbed and nabbed at that price. Got the first 2 deluxe but not so bothered about the others. Thanks Paul.


Would much prefer they finish the 2CD deluxe versions before this

Charles K.

I agree, been getting those and had a sneaking feeling they would end it before finishing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t the plan all along. Definitely not getting this since I already have Desolation and Diamonds remastered, these are probably the same versions anyways.

Jim Galvin

I Agree, this annoys me to have the 4 Double sets and having to purchase this just to get the last two. I hope someone is smart enough to do the Brian Howe fronted albums as well because there were some really good songs on those.

Wayne Klein

I have to wonder how much additional material they have for the Rough Diamonds album seeing as the band was running on fumes at that point. I like the album but it always felt like a contractual obligation album to me.

If they have any shows from that time and demos or alternate take that would justify me repurchasing both. 8 don’t know how the 2 Cd sets sold though so it is entirely possible that we might not see deluxe for these depending on h9w they did.

David B

Many thanks .. ordered .. great set and, as you say. at a great price. Cheers


I hope they will still complete the 2CD Deluxe Edition series with Desolation Angels and Rough Diamonds.

Mic Smith

Yes same here.

Jess R Hernandez

Me three…