Bananarama / Coloured vinyl reissues

Limited edition coloured vinyl • Includes expanded CDs

Next month, London Records will reissue all six of Bananarama‘s original era studio albums as special limited edition coloured vinyl pressings

Deep Sea Skiving, Bananarama, True Confessions, Wow!, Pop Life and Please Yourself are the albums in question and this is the first time they have been available on vinyl since the originals were released. Each of the brightly coloured vinyl editions are limited and all come with a CD of the album with bonus tracks (largely extended remixes of the singles).

The official Bananarama store is offering bundles with coloured cassette tapes

The coloured vinyl should be widely available (for a while) but the official Bananarama store is offering special bundles with coloured cassette tapes!

These are all released on 30 November 2018.

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Deep Sea Skiving - blue vinyl + CD with bonus tracks


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Bananarama purple vinyl + CD with bonus tracks


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True Confessions - green vinyl + CD with bonus tracks


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Wow red vinyl + CD with bonus tracks


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Pop Life pink vinyl + CD with bonus tracks


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Please Yourself white vinyl + CD with bonus tracks


Deep Sea Skiving

Vinyl LP+CD

Side 1
Shy Boy
Doctor Love
What A Shambles
Really Saying Something (He Was Really Sayin’ Somethin’)
Cheers Then

Side 2
Young At Heart
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Hey Young London
Boy Trouble
Wish You Were Here

CD (included)

1. Shy Boy (Don’t It Make You Feel Good)
2. Doctor Love
3. What a Shambles
4. Really Saying Something (Feat. Fun Boy Three)
5. Cheers Then
6. Aie a Mwana
7. Young at Heart
8. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
9. Hey Young London
10. Boy Trouble
11. Wish You Were Here
12. He’s Got Tact
13. Girl About Town
14. Tell Tale Signs
15. No Feelings
16. Aie a Mwana (Extended Version)
17. Really Saying Something (Extended Version)
18. Shy Boy (12″ Mix)
19. Cheers Then (Extended Version)
20. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) (12″ Version)

True Confessions 

Vinyl LP+CD

Side 1
True Confessions
Ready Or Not
Trick Of The Night
Dance With A Stranger
In A Perfect World

Side 2
Do Not Disturb
A Cut Above The Rest
Promised Land
More Than Physical
Hooked On Love

CD (included)

1. True Confessions
2. Ready Or Not
3. A Trick of the Night
4. Dance With a Stranger
5. In a Perfect World
6. Venus
7. Do Not Disturb
8. A Cut Above the Rest
9. Promised Land
10. More Than Physical
11. Hooked On Love
12. Ghost
13. White Train
14. Scarlett
15. Riskin’ a Romance
16. Venus (Extended Version)
17. A Trick of the Night (The Number One Mix)


Vinyl LP+CD

Side 1
Cruel Summer
Rough Justice
King Of The Jungle
Dream Baby

Side 2
Hot Line To Heaven
State I’m In
Robert DeNiro’s Waiting
Through A Child’s Eyes

CD (included)

1. Cruel Summer
2. Rough Justice
3. King of the Jungle
4. Dream Baby
5. Link
6. Hot Line to Heaven
7. State I’m In
8. Robert De Niro’s Waiting
9. Through a Child’s Eyes
10. The Wild Life
11. Cairo
12. Push!
13. Live Now
14. Cruel Summer (Extended Version)
15. Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Extended Version)
16. Rough Justice (Extended Version)
17. King of the Jungle (Extended Version)
18. The Wild Life (Extended Version)


Vinyl LP+CD

Side 1
1. I Can’t Help It
2. I Heard a Rumour
3. Some Girls
4. Love in the First Degree
5. Once in a Lifetime

Side 2
1. Strike It Rich
2. Bad for Me
3. Come Back
4. Nathan Jones
5. I Want You Back

CD (included)
1. I Can’t Help It
2. I Heard a Rumour
3. Some Girls
4. Love in the First Degree
5. Once in a Lifetime
6. Strike It Rich
7. Bad for Me
8. Come Back
9. Nathan Jones
10. I Want You Back
11. Mr Sleaze
12. I Heard a Rumour (Horoscope Mix)
13. Love in the First Degree (Jailers Mix)
14. I Can’t Help It (Extended Club Mix)
15. I Want You Back (Extended European Mix)
16. Nathan Jones (Extended Version)

Pop Life Vinyl LP+CD

Side 1
1. Preacher Man
2. Long Train Running
3. Only Your Love
4. What Colour R The Skies Where U Live
5. Is Your Love Strong Enough

Side 2
1. Tripping on Your Love
2. Aint No Cure
3. Outta Sight
4. Megalomaniac
5. I Can’t Let You Go

CD (included)
1. Preacher Man
2. Long Train Running
3. Only Your Love
4. What Colour R The Skies Where U Live
5. Is Your Love Strong Enough
6. Tripping on Your Love
7. Aint No Cure
8. Outta Sight
9. Megalomaniac
10. I Can’t Let You Go
11. Heartless
12. Only Your Love (Milky Bar Mix)
13. Preacher Man (Shep’s Club Mix)
14. Long Train Running (Alma De Noche Mix)
15. Tripping on Your Love (Euro Trance Mix)

Please Yourself vinyl LP+CD

Side 1
1. Movin’ On
2. Last Thing on My Mind
3. Let Me Love You One More Time
4. More, More, More
5. Is She Good to You

Side 2
1. Only Time Will Tell
2. Give It All Up for Love
3. You’ll Never Know What It Means
4. You’re Never Satisfied
5. I Could Be Persuaded

CD (included)
1. Movin’ On
2. Last Thing on My Mind
3. Let Me Love You One More Time
4. More, More, More
5. Is She Good to You
6. Only Time Will Tell
7. Give It All Up for Love
8. You’ll Never Know What It Means
9. You’re Never Satisfied
10. I Could Be Persuaded
11. Another Lover
12. Treat Me Right
13. Movin’ On (Bumpin’ Mix)
14. Last Thing on My Mind (Hi-NRG Mix)
15. More, More, More (12″ Mix)
16. Is She Good to You? (12″ Club Mix)

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Phillip Fogel

Why are the last 3 albums almost double the price? The last 2 were not available on vinyl back in the day. These are cool, but the 3 CD Edsel releases a few years ago were fabulous.

Jim H

Amazon US took the Oct 12 release date off of these today, it now says “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” Hopefully in November to coincide with the Nov 30th date listed here. The Amazon US description doesn’t mention anything about CD’s being included either. Hopefully they are, would appreciate the bonus tracks in a digital format.


I seriously can’t believe none of these are on yellow vinyl :).


I already have all these on vinyl (and several CD versions) except for Please Yourself but I will buy these – they look great and they all want to come live with the rest of my Bananarama collection!


I don’t need these, however I want them so pre-ordered!!! They look fabulous , and the CD is a welcome bonus.


I wish there was a bundle option that included the vinyl (with cd) and cassette on their website.
Someone make it happen please


These are really lovely vinyl re-issues. Sadly no room on the vinyl shelves for them; what little room there is is being reserved for the forthcoming beast of an album from the mighty Prodigy.
Still I do have all six of the three disc Edsel reissues, remix set, the singles collection (which I snapped up at a real bargain price) plus the recent excellent live album and DVD which is so utterly enjoyable it should made available on the NHS!


Amazon U.S. has the first three albums listed as coming out Oct. 12. I wonder if that is an error or not.


Hooray for more Bananas!!!

The first three albums are absolute must-haves for any serious pop fan, especially ‘True Confessions’ which was a very misunderstood (in the UK) maturity of the Bananas’ breadth of talent (the US market got it and made the album a massive seller!).

‘Wow’ is a gallant and pretty good foray into SAW waters and a move to Europop, ‘Pop Life’ a very cool diversion from that formula towards a more dance/ garage sound, and ‘Please Yourself’ was a return to SAW for BananaAbba – which was mostly successful.

Can’t wait to hear the new album which is on the way apparently, even if it is such a crying shame that Fahey didn’t maintain the reunion long enough tot take part. That girl has such a bad habit of walking away at the wrong time!!!!!!!!


I have spent enough buying all, and I meal ALL, reissues so ill only buy Pop Life. Tge cassettes are cute but simply gadgets to milk fans who cant exist unless they own every version issued. To each their own I say.

By the way the plural of Cassette is Cassettes, not Cassette’s. Maybe if you didn’t diss then you’d know?


Not a big fan of Bananarama but I found the deluxe edition (2 CD + DVD) of Deep Sea Skiving on sale at £4 a few months ago and I agree with the previous comments. This is how you do a Deluxe Edition. The packaging, the content and the retail price (and of course the sale price) was perfect.


I look forward to getting Pop Life on vinyl. And it looks great! Nice copies of the first 4 albums have been easy to come by in the used shops here, but not Pop Life. However, I also like the idea of getting a purple s/t album.

Chris Squires

As we used to do with A-levels back in the day.

Compare and contrast the latest multi coloured vinyl bundle offerings from Bananarama and Sir Paul McCartney.

a) £18.33 vs. £26 per record
b) CD of album PLUS remixes included in one set nothing extra in the other.
c) buying a bundle at least gives some discount (£10) with one set whilst the other gave nothing.

Yes, McCartney has the greater overall stature but Bananarama sold an absolute shedload of records too.

It’s a convincing victory for the Nanas I’m afraid.

For giving greater value for money, not if you don’t like music of course, but as a casual fan of each there is no contest in the better package.

David M

Pretty meaningless comparison, they are aimed at two completely different markets. Paul compared the upcoming Lennon box set with the McCartney archive collection. This makes more sense.

Chris Squires

I disagree. The comparison Paul did was for a multi CD boxset vs. a multi CD boxset.
The comparison I was making is for a bunch of single, coloured vinyl LPs that can be bought in a bundle or separately.

If I was comparing this coloured vinyl bundle to the Flowers in the Dirt CD boxset then I would agree with you. I wasn’t so I don’t.

andrew B

cassette’s????? WHY


Apparently enough people still want them. I know OMD offered their last album on cassette on Pledgemusic, and they apparently sold out of the pressing.

Chris Squires

Again…why not?

They sell and they make money. How does it hurt anyone when something is made that they have no interest in?
I thought pointless “Why?” posts were going to be excluded. Then we wouldn’t need pointless post like this one of mine.

Eric M.

You know, I have to say I think Bananarama really wants to give their fans what they want. The Edsel reissues were nothing to sneeze at, not to mention the remix collection they released and the huge singles box. Now to offer a free CD alongside the new vinyl reissues is really pretty impressive. This will be a great way for new fans who got “into” them as partners of the recent trio revival to fill our their collections.


I agree Eric. This is how you do reissues. Reasonable price and an additional CD with bonus mixes. OK, they’re probably starting to scrape the barrel given they had already released CD/DVD deluxe versions of each of those albums as well as the CD single box set, In A Bunch. But you’re not being forced to fork out for these new reissues and to include the bonus CD is I think a nice gesture. Well done Edsel and Bananarama!


I still regret waiting on the In A Bunch set. I was about to spring for the box actually, at a decent price, the day they announced their trio reunion. Then they all sold out and the prices flew way up. Poor timing on my part. But how could I have known?

Eric M.

I missed out on the official box too. Devastating. Now that we know all the masters are sorted out and it’s been proven that there’s a market for it, London really has no excuse for not doing a similar package eventually.