Bananarama / In Stereo

Having reunited with Siobhan Fahey for the ‘original line-up tour’ of 2017,  Bananarama revert back to the duo of Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward for new album In Stereo.

The ten-track album is their eleventh studio long-player and includes the ballad ‘On Your Own’ and a collaboration with producer Richard X on ‘Love In Stereo’.

Signed items are available via the Bananarama store although if you can live with unsigned standard black vinyl it is almost half the price of the official shop on Amazon UK at just £12.99!

In Stereo will be released on 19 April 2019.

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In Stereo - black vinyl LP


Compare prices and pre-order


In Stereo - CD edition


Love In Stereo
Dance Music
I’m On Fire
Looking For Someone
Stuff Like That
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Got To Get Away
On Your Own

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Rob Puricelli

Worth pointing out that the copy I received from Amazon, ordered at the bargain price of £12.99 (thanks Paul), is actually clear vinyl! Not sure if that was deliberate or accidental, but I’ll take it ;-)

Did anyone receive a black vinyl copy? (Amazon or otherwise?)


10 tracks after waiting 10 years????

Terry sharpe

Don’t be nasty they worked hard on this album

Neil Kelly

Well at that price i can’t say no (signed CD). I would’ve bought the album anyhow


I don’t mind “Dance Music,” though it doesn’t sound remarkable. Still a decent track.

The album cover looks like it should be a more acoustic set, doesn’t it? As compared to the covers of the last several, more electronic albums.

P Grant

As a huge long time Bananarama fan I was initially a little underwhelmed by the teaser track , but it has grown on me
The long previews for the album are really good though. Stuff like that , Looking for someone and I’m on fire really stand out for me . The “cover” of Love in Stereo is great as well.
Iv splashed out on the Cd and Signed clear vinyl
If singles do matter these days , then I do slightly agree , Dance Music isn’t going to catch the non dedicated fans money , unless they have some uplifting remixes planned
I hope they have some good promotion in place as I want it to do well for them


I swear I hear Siobhan in the background of this track. Was there not mention that all 3 were together in the studio for a short time while touring? I also find the synth track in ‘Dance Music’ sound very similar to Siobhan/ Shakespears Sister ‘Bitter Pill.’
I for one love the track. It’s a bit more subdued but rather hypnotic and after a few listens turned up loud, it kind of sticks with you.


Not sure if it’s a mistake but whoever uploaded the Bananarama album preorder on US iTunes has 90 second clips up of every song. I think “Dance Music” is the weakest track actually, so if you were underwhelmed, I think you’re basically gonna be happy with the album. “I’m On Fire” and the title track sound great, with “Tonight” being my favorite…

Anthony M

Thanks for posting this. It truly does not look like that preview is there but when you click on it you can listen to them.

Thanks a million!!!!

Neil Kelly

90 second clips on UK iTunes too. Why would it be a mistake?

Glen Buchanan

I really love the pricing of the unsigned vinyl- just a bit more expensive than the CD. The way vinyl should be priced if it’s not part of a box set or deluxe edition. I don’t need to be taken to the cleaners unless my clothing is dirty.

Robert W Lett

I am so bummed they didn’t extend the tour with Siobhan, and even make more records with her. That tour sold out everywhere pretty much. I had waffled on going to NYC in the dead of winter thinking they would add closer dates maybe. Did manage to snag a signed tour program at least. Oh well.


Don’t missing the reissue of Viva and Drama this week

Jason Fisher

Love In Stereo is the unreleased demo track from MKS (aka Mutya Keisha Siobhan, aka Sugababes 1.0)!


Saw them in New York last year (sold out show) and they were phenomenal. They exceeded my expectations.

Also a lifelong fan here, and “Dance Music” is weaker than expected. Like “Love Comes” (on Viva) it should not be the lead single. Hopefully the remixes will change my mind.

Love all the Nana releases in the last few years. Bout time.


Signed cd but vinyl from amazon. 30£ for the clear vinyl is way too much.
Thanks for the amazon tip


after recent cassette reissues, I’m dissapointed they arent releasing this on cassette : (
Also there mini tour in april will apparently cost £75 a ticket!……….this comes after Bros seem to think it normal to charge people over £100 a ticket……….

Neil Kelly

But Bananarama unlike Bros are playing a tiny venue and you get some good extras (not just a signed poster)

Andy b in the place 2 b

Would the deluxe version be called ‘In Quad?


Looking forward to the new album, but the cover art seems rather “phoned in”. Could it be more basic?


Dance Music is terrible. I hate the way they sing on the track and the music is just dull. I hope the other album tracks are better. I’m sure I’ll get hate from other Nana fans but they can do much better and after ten years between albums we deserve better. I’ll still by the album but I wish they would ditch there current producer and work with someone else.


I listened to Dance Music and its a great electro track – if they returned with some cheesefest like some of their older SAW tracks, folk would be complaining – ITunes have the other album tracks available for preview and the album sounds great, Dance Music fits in perfectly.


It “buy”…not By. I do not think it is weak..I love it

Neil Kelly

Richard, it’s it’s not it!!

andrew R

Any body know why they are back to a duo for this lp
as it was all smiles and kisses ref Siobhan last time
i read anything about the nanas . Did the tour run all the dates ?
if so any reviews must have passed me by. Strange.


Tour was a success and most dates sold out, Siobhan returned only for the reunion tour, not back as a permanent member of the band – plenty of reviews online and blueray was released of the London show

andrew R

Thanks, i am obviously not a true fan or not paying attention.


Yay! New ‘Nana!

I might be putting 2 + 2 and getting 6 but – Richard X recorded a track with Saint Etienne called Tonight on their Words and Music album – is this Tonight possibly a cover of the St Et track?


Just replying to my own comment – checked the track sample on Amazon and sadly – not a Saint Etienne cover. For a moment there I thought two worlds were gonna collide – a Nana cover of a Saint Et tune would of been brilliant – oh well!


I’ve gone with the signed CD from the official store and the unsigned black vinyl from Amazon. Since the postage costs for the clear vinyl from the official store push it over £30 it’s difficult to compete with the £12.99 at Amazon, despite the clear vinyl exclusive and autographs.

Tony O

Great stuff, ordered the clear vinyl signed edition, music glue are the agents who I hate with a passion after the blondie pollinator fiasco and £9.50 for posting 2 single records is nothing short of extortion, especially as the packing is piss poor, lets see if they have upped their game

Martin York

(not that I’m buying one but) signed CD on the official store is only £1 dearer than Amazon today – just in case any Bananarama fans want to pick one up for a more reasonable price than the clear vinyl