Bananarama / The Greatest Hits Collection / newly expanded

‘Complete Singles’ 1981-1988 • Extra tracks •  Bonus disc of remixes

An expanded two-CD edition of Bananarama‘s 1988 compilation, The Greatest Hits Collection, will be released at the end of this month.

The band say this has been reissued “in celebration of our original line up tour” and the track listing is based on the first CD edition (so no Help! with Lananeeneenoonoo), although disc one does feature three bonus tracks: Hot Line To Heaven (from 1984’s Bananarama), The Wild Life (non-album 1984 single – not issued in the UK – written for the film of the same name) and Cheers Then (from 1983’s Deep Sea Skiving).

This new edition comes with a bonus disc that features 11 remixes of singles, including Really Saying Something (with Fun Boy Three), Robert De Niro’s Waiting and Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye). This also comes with an updated booklet with new photos, handwritten note and some track-by-track comments from the band.

This two CD version of The Greatest Hits Collection is released via London Music Stream on 24 November 2017.

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The Greatest Hits Collection - 2CD edition


Disc: 1
1. Venus
2. I Heard a Rumour
3. Love in the First Degree
4. I Can’t Help It
5. I Want You Back (Single Version)
6. Love, Truth & Honesty
7. Nathan Jones (Single Version)
8. Really Sayin’ Something (with Fun Boy Three)
9. Shy Boy
10. Robert De Niro’s Waiting… (7″ Version)
11. Cruel Summer
12. It Ain’t What You Do It’s the Way That You Do It (with Bananarama) – Fun Boy Three
13. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
14. Rough Justice (7″ Version)
15. A Trick Of The Night (7″ Version)
16. Aie A Mwana (7″ Version)
17. More Than Physical (DJ Edit)
18. Do Not Disturb
19. Hot Line To Heaven (7″ Mix)
20. The Wild Life (7″ Version)
21. Cheers Then

Disc: 2
1. Really Saying Something (with Fun Boy Three) [US Extended Version]
2. Shy Boy (US Extended Version)
3. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Extended Version]
4. Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Extended Version)
5. Venus (12” Hellfire Mix)
6. More Than Physical (Garage Mix)
7. I Heard A Rumour (Miami Remix)
8. Love In The First Degree (Eurobeat Style)
9. I Can’t Help It (The ”Hammond” Version Excursion)
10. Nathan Jones (Psycho Mix)
11. Cruel Summer (’89 Swing Beat Dub)

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Scotty B

Oh…and another re-re-re-re-re-release of this one, of which I already have two.
And each time they never seem to get it all covered.
We’re final treated to MORE THAN PHYSICAL, which has always been the “reject” track, yet strangely one of their all-time best.
And don’t be misled by the bonus/second disc containing “all” their 12″ remixes. LOVE, TRUTH AND HONESTY has somehow been conveniently omitted. And the weaker Eurobeat Style version of LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE surfaces again, as compared to the superior Jailer’s Mix.

Saar Freedman

Having received this I must point out that while they did update the images and got some new comments from the band for songs not featured on the original release, they did not update the old notes so, the tracks with Jaquie still feature the quite bogus notes of how she was their best friend since 18 and even Siobhan agreed she is the perfect replacement… when they later admitted it was all drivel and nothing but a record company decision forced on them and quite far from the truth.
somewhat cringe-worthy :)


Release date changed back to the original release date….

What a shambles lol

From Amazon: “The items listed below will actually be dispatched sooner than we had originally expected based on the new release date:

Bananarama “The Greatest Hits Collection [2017 Collectors Edition]”
Previous estimated arrival date: December 01 2017
New estimated arrival date: November 24 2017″


Had an email from Amazon saying the release date has been put back to December 1st by “the supplier”.


I already have several versions of this but I’m still getting this release. Would have been nice though if they had offered signed copies to make it a little special for the fans, since there is nothing on the CD not easily available on other discs.

I am really looking forward to seeing them live in London later this month – it feels like they should have released the CD a few weeks earlier to coincide with the UK shows.



Life is so much happier and brighter with the Bananas back in it!

Great idea to re-release and expand – I’ve already ordered mine – don’t care two hoots if I’m not getting anything new track-wise, it’s just nice to be able to buy a current release from the best girl group EVER!!!


The Eurotrash suggestion above is spot on, would’ve made this re-release essential as it didn’t appear on any of the (excellent) book bound reissues from 2013. They could’ve made this book bound too so it would’ve fit right in the set, and, as someone commented, it seems a shame vinyl apparently wasn’t considered as they could’ve Super Deluxed up the whole package.

This Greatest Hits always felt current at the time as the track listing was subtly changed incrementally during the late 1980s, to reflect new singles and edits etc. Was one of the best selling Greatest Hits of that time, if I remember rightly.

There seems to be a lot of love for these women reforming right now which is nice to see as they span the last 35 years from punk, via their famous Stock Aitken Waterman ‘Venus’ days, through to the present.

Michael Khalsa

Eck. Having bought all 6 Bananarama cd’s on reissue plus Megarama (waste of money) and the Singles Box I will skip this one & make a 2 CD compilation myself. The cover art is great what would have been a better idea is a 2 CD compliation up to Now Or Never. That I would have shelled out for.


Lost my original copy years ago and have all the remasters and In A Bunch box but since this has new notes and some track commentary, I am buying it. Tracks 17-21 on Disc One were not on the original GH compilation, btw. So that might be a draw for casual fans.

Hope it sells well (again!) and then maybe the girls will think seriously about releasing some new music.

If anyone wants an even better option than this one, the 30 Years of Bananarama CD and DVD (with 35 videos!) combo is fantastic. I got mine from Amazon UK brand new a few months back for under a fiver. They usually go for silly money when they are available through marketplace only. Just checked before posting this and it’s back to marketplace again for that compilation. 26 quid being the cheapest, and an outrageous 118 being the most expensive. They do crop up cheap very occasionally on eBay.

Sorry for the overly long post!


You can get it from amazon.de for 14 €.

Phillip Fogel

I think it’s a fab idea, this compilation isn’t aimed at the mega fan like me who owns the 33 disc box set, it’s to celebrate the original line up and tour, it’s for the fan that doesn’t own all their stuff but wants a Singles collection. I’m not gonna quibble about the 3 Jacqui singles included, since 2 if them were originally recorded with Siobhan, it would have been very petty to exclude Jacqui’s version for Siobhan’s.

Neil Kelly

Totally agree! I’m sure Siobhan was totally fine with it too. They are the single versions after all !!


This is so cool!
a reissue and expanded edition of a classic compilation from their golden years. I’m in!
I feel Curt & Roland missed a trick here. They could have expanded Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92) into 2CDs to include every singles & the 2 new tracks, instead of another new compilation that no one needs. (Poor choice of cover as well.) Such a shame, what a waste…

Neil Kelly

Spot on. Not even included Laid so low (Tears roll down) ffs

Daniel ( from Berlin )

are they no unreleased remixes in the vaults ?
often the dave ford mixes were done but not choosed for official remix releases.
i have all remixes inside the “bunch” 33 disc box set.
the problem after releasing such box sets like “in a bunch” is
you must come then with more and unreleased stuff…
no demos ? ( “love generation” and much more are unreleased )
so, thanks but not interested.


There is a wealth of demos and unreleased tracks and other mixes not on the Deluxe editions or been released.

Steve curtis

Waterloo from “a song for eurotrash” would’ve been the perfect inclusion here as it’s missing from every other bananarama only release and includes the current (original) line up

Neil Kelly

Great point!! Of course they brushed over the fact that they have reformed since 1988 already…

Saar Freedman

Well they were supposed to have been recording a new single so I half expected to find it here as a lure..no such luck.:)


Wow this Bananarama Greatest Hits album has had practically more issues than a phonebook. Great release and great value. I got the Bananarama CD Singles Box Set so no need for me to get this. No new remixes on here but great value for the casual fan. I didn’t realize they are touring, let alone they were back to the original line up. Great news. That’s what the fans want to see. May get tickets to see them in NYC on Feb 24. Should be fun.


These would’ve been my choices for the 12″ versions:

1. Really Saying Something (US 12″)
2. Shy Boy (US 12″)
3. Cruel Summer (12″)
4. Robert De Niro’s Waiting (12″)
5. Rough Justice (Ext.)
6. Do Not Disturb (Alternate 12″)
7. Venus (Extended)
8. A Trick Of The Night (Tricky Mix)
9. I Heard A Rumour (Horoscope Mix)
10. Love In The First Degree (Eurobeat Style)
11. I Can’t Help It (The Hammond Excursion Version)


agreed, a better selection indeed


Maybe this is a big clue to the tour set list?


Personally, I’d have liked a 3 disc edition with a DVD of all the videos added.


Good release. Not aimed at fans like us, bur at the general public. Good price, great tracks. Us fans have it all but again this is not for us.


Worth it just for disc 2.


Might as well buy the Deluxe Editions of their albums, the Singles Box Set and the 3Disc Remixes Collection than waste money on this.


Have the reissues and box. What is unique about the three cd remix set then?


The track “Strike It Dub” is exclusive to the three CD set “Megarama”. It is not featured on any of the 2xCD album reissues, nor on the 33xCD singles box sets.


Why, oh why, oh why? This is just milking it.


I’ll be having some of that. Brings back memories of selling hundreds of copies of this in my days of record shop selling.


As always we will not have a complete greatest hits but only a SAW’s era CD. Ok it’s the original line up but there’s nothing unreleased on it….

Chris Squires

Interesting that they have gone down the CD only route, this would have been perfect for a decent 21 track double LP. Just in time for Christmas, they would have sold buckets to Mums and Dads of a certain age, me included, particularly if they kept it to a break point of £20. Plenty of profit still to be had there.


“sold buckets to Mums and Dads of a certain age”

Doubt it. I reckon you’re in a tiny minority. Classic rock and deluxe box sets are where the money lies in vinyl reissues.


Weren’t the single versions of “I Want You Back” and “Nathan Jones” re-recorded with Jacqui?


These should be the originals versions as it’s the anniversary edition for the original line up….


Yes. Love Truth & Honesty had Jacquie as well.


Love that they are doing this. Looking forward to seeing them in NYC.

Larry Davis

Cool, in NYC, I.will.be.there (2/24/18!!)…the original was one of the first-ever CDs I ever owned, it was THE one that got me to switch over to buying CDs in 1989…why?? Bonus tracks not on the vinyl. A few years later, I moved on because this thing wasn’t complete…now it sorta is…I still need to get the album reissues (I had the original ones, now I need the book ones on Edsel) and singles boxset and “30” collection…but this thing is good to have still…

Auntie Sabrina

It’s a good selection for the price.