Barry White / The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-79)

9CD and 9LP vinyl box sets

The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979) is a new box set brings together all the albums issued by Barry White via the 20th Century Records label.

There were nine long-players in all, namely I’ve Got So Much to Give (1973), Stone Gon’ (1973), Can’t Get Enough (1974), Just Another Way to Say I Love You (1975), Let the Music Play (1976), Is This Whatcha Wont? (1976), Barry White Sings for Someone You Love (1977), The Man (1978) and I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing (1979)

Two box sets are available, a nine-CD package or a 9LP vinyl collection. The audio for both has been remastered from the original analogue tapes and the vinyl (cut at Abbey Road) is pressed on 180g vinyl and replicates original sleeve and label art.

The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979)  is released on 26 October 2018 via Universal Music. Very good price in the UK for the CD box.

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Barry White

20th Century Albums - 9CD box

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Barry White

20th Century Albums - 9LP vinyl box


I’ve Got So Much To Give (20th Century T-407; 1973)


1. Standing In The Shadows Of Love

2. Bring Back My Yesterday


1.  I’ve Found Someone

2. I’ve Got So Much To Give

3. I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby

Stone Gon’ (20th Century T-423; 1973)


1. Girl It’s True, Yes I’ll Always Love You

2. Honey Please, Can’t Ya See

3. You’re My Baby


1. Hard To Believe That I Found You

2. Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up

Can’t Get Enough (20th Century T-444; 1974)


1. Mellow Mood (Pt. I)

2. You’re The First, The Last, My Everything

3. I Can’t Believe You Love Me


1. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe

2. Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It

3. I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl)

4. Mellow Mood (Pt. II)

Just Another Way To Say I Love You (20th Century T-466; 1975)


1. Heavenly, That’s What You Are To Me

2. I’ll Do For You Anything You Want Me To

3. All Because Of You

4. Love Serenade (Part I)


1. What Am I Gonna Do With You

2. Let Me Live My Life Lovin’ You Babe

3. Love Serenade (Part II)

Let The Music Play (20th Century T-502; 1976)


1. I Don’t Know Where Love Has Gone

2. If You Know, Won’t You Tell Me

3. I’m So Blue And You Are Too


1. Baby, We Better Try To Get It Together

2. You See The Trouble With Me

3. Let The Music Play

Is This Whatcha Wont? (20th Century T-516; 1976)


1. Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long

2. Your Love – So Good I Can Taste It


1. I’m Qualified To Satisfy You

2. I Wanna Lay Down With You Baby

3. Now I’m Gonna Make Love To You

Barry White Sings For Someone You Love (20th Century T-543; 1977)


1. Playing Your Game, Baby

2. It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me

3. You’re So Good, You’re Bad


1. I Never Thought I’d Fall In Love With You

2. You Turned My Whole World Around

3. Oh, What A Night For Dancing

4. Of All The Guys In The World

The Man (20th Century T-571; 1978)


1. Look At Her

2. Your Sweetness Is My Weakness

3. Sha La La Means I Love You


1. September When I First Met You

2. It’s Only Love Doing Its Thing

3. Just The Way You Are

4. Early Years

I Love To Sing the Songs I Sing (20th Century T-590; 1979)


1. I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing

2. Girl, What’s Your Name

3. Once Upon A Time (You Were A Friend Of Mine)

4. Oh Me, Oh My (I’m Such A Lucky Guy)


1. I Can’t Leave You Alone

2. Call Me, Baby

3. How Did You Know It Was Me?

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Javed Kureishi

All I want is the Music Maestro Please album by LUO

Anthony Loman

Just wondering how the cds are going to be packaged, I’m hoping it is something a little more lavish/substantial than in just a thin cardboard sleeve. I’ve got most of these individually on Japanese pressed CDs which sound great so am hoping the new remastering and packaging warrants further investment.


Given the price, I suspect they will be packaged in cardboard replica sleeves inside a small cardboard box. I hope so anyaway. I much prefer them to space hogging big box sets.


I’d like to know this too. I have all BW releases, so I am wondering what would make me purchase this? Now, if the packaging and liner notes are great, and if there are some unreleased tracks, then maybe. However, for those who do not have these albums, get this package. BW was a genius!

Adrian Jones

I imagine for the cheap pricing that they will all be just in the cardboard packaging mate . Unless anyone else can enlighten us before we buy …. Please anyone ?


The CD box set is the cheapest on Amazon Australia. Paul, why no Amazon.com.au in the widget?


1)Under The Influence is pretty much in the recent compilation for LU?
2)Instant cd preorder but not surprised as there are very few tracks on each album!

Robbert van Deursen

Ntja sello: that is on the Stone Gon’ cd/lp.


And what of LOVE UNLIMITED’s “UNDER THE INFLUENCE”? For once I’d love to hear a cd sampler of the Maestro, Love Unlimited and Love Unlimited Orchestra to evaluate purported value, than attempt to re-replicate the polygram cds from the 90s, yet again.


All of this…when all I really want is LUO’s “Rhapsody In White ” on CD.


LUO’s “Rhapsody In White ” on CD is readily available on Amazon or Discogs.

Anthony Loman

Already available my friend and it sounds great, it was remastered not that long ago

Ntja sello

I have the rest except any album that has a song called:Yes it’s true,I’ll always love you” I I’ll do anything to get my hands on it
Please help


@Ntja sello:

That’s on an album called “Stone Gon’ “, released on cd more than 20 years ago but obviously still in print and e.g. available on Amazon.co.uk for GBP 6.


Also available on Discogs.com by several sellers from different continents and also on vinyl.


Girl It’s True, Yes I’ll Always Love You is on the Stone Gon’ Album.

bob love

stone goin


Hoping that like the singles the full Love Unlimited Orchestra albums will be nest. As you say that CD price is great.


Good news. Will there be bonuses or extended versions? Thanks.


Think I’ll have to go for this on CD at that price. It’ll replace the Just For You box set that someone nicked years ago

Kev Barber

Think I’ll have to go for this on CD at that price. It’ll replace the Just For You box set that was nicked years ago!


…and after hearing that excellent intro during the season 2 premier of ”The Deuce”, this right on time!

Anthony Grice

The difference in price between the cd and lp editions is crazy. Just shows how much vinyl lovers are being ripped off.

Trevor Smith

Any idea how the cd boxset will be packaged anyone? Card sleeves in claim-she’ll box perhaps?

Andrew McMeekin

At this price, I’m guessing the cd will be in a copy of the cover, no ‘inner bag’ like some of the pricier Japanese sorta re-issues ?
With them all inside an outer box, the Cheapest Option…maybe a booklet too ?
As other have said it seems the money is on the vinyl versions flying out the door.


Great news. I hope some HD versions with it