Beck / Hyperspace deluxe vinyl

2LP deluxe set offers new songs, remixes and NASA-themed visuals

Beck‘s Hyperspace album, released in November last year, will be reissued in December as a deluxe vinyl edition which boasts high-end packaging, new songs and remixes.

Beck is partnering up with NASA for visual space missions tied to tracks from the album (as you do) and so that is informing this new deluxe vinyl which comes in a holographic jacket, includes a 24-page booklet with AI images and NASA data for each track.

Two unreleased tracks are appended to the album: ‘Dark Places (Soundscape)’ and ‘I Am The Cosmo (42420)’. Also, ‘Star’, ‘Hyperspace’, ‘See Through’ and ‘Die Waiting’ are replaced by brand new 2020 remixes.

It’s now a 2LP vinyl set (black, 140g) and will be released on 8 January 2021 (was 4 December 2020). No confirmation on whether this comes with a download (it probably will) and there’s no UK availability as yet, and no CD version, either.

Incidentally, if you just fancy picking up the original standard black vinyl edition of Hyperspace, Rough Trade in the UK currently have it for just £9.99

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LP 1

  1. Hyperlife
  2. Uneventful Days
  3. Saw Lightning
  4. Die Waiting (2020 mix)*
  5. Chemical
  6. See Through (2020 mix)*

LP 2

  1. Hyperspace (2020 mix)*
  2. Stratosphere
  3. Dark Places
  4. Star (2020 mix)*
  5. Everlasting Nothing
  6. Dark Places (Soundscape)*
  7. I Am The Cosmos (42420)*

*new audio

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[…] available on CD – with more bonus material – exclusively in Japan. As mentioned on SDE back in November, the vinyl reissue boasts high-end packaging, new songs and remixes. This was originally scheduled […]


Any sign of Midnite Vultures being reissued. Probably my favorite Beck album – but will set you back at least £200 on vinyl

CJ Feeney

Aren’t the original tracks from Feb 2020 also “2020 mixes”

Forgive my pettiness. A deluxe of a six month old album always strikes me as a cash grab.


All that and they still hold back two remixes for record store day. Of course, you can just stream it. The best song from this era is with Cage The Elephant… nowhere to be seen here. Beck seems to do a good every other album. I enjoyed Colors, this one, not so much.

Derek Langsford

Bought the original CD of this album, my first album of his, in early January after the recommendation in Paul’s top picks for 2019 (wasn’t it released in November 2019 not February 2020?). Really liked it and want to explore more of his back catalogue.

Surprised there’s no CD version of this but maybe that will come later if Beck does further collaborative work with NASA.


Was really disappointed with the original version of this release. Pimping it up isn’t going to make me want to buy this


couldn’t they have done “visual space missions” with Midnite Vultures instead?
it would be nice to have that on vinyl as it’s actually a brilliant album, rather than hyperspace, which is an alright album. a vinyl release of The Information would be nice too, which is not brilliant, but still better than Hyperspace … and Mellow Gold too whilst you’re at it.


I agree. I found this album a tad dull really – and the previous one ‘Colours‘. His move into overproduced , auto-tuned poppiness proved a bit disappointing. Luckily, I didn’t invest in the vinyl first time around and won’t this time unless it becomes available in the UK more cheaply, as I do like the packaging, design and concept. The super deluxe treatment on his 90s classics would be most welcome – especially ‘Mutations’, which I absolutely love.


It’s crazy that Vultures and Information have not been issued/reissued on LP yet. Even if the masters are gone it can still be pressed using another source. There’s a lot of stuff reissued these days that is not sourced from the masters. It’s nice when the record labels are forthcoming about which source they are using.


The CD was £2.99 in HMV a couple of weeks ago.

Richard Fisher

Still is.


Paul, in your experience with packaging, does the cost of making a holographic jacket track with the $50 price tag? Just seems pricey for a 2LP.


I would actually buy a cd with this art. I like the redesign. But I am not a total Beck fan so 50 dollars for vinyl is out of the question.


And it is far from being one of his better records.
I class it as a rash and silly purchase of mine this year.

Joseph Bartram

Will wait for this to come available in UK and on cd


Vinyl can be ordered also n Beck‘s website at $50. HHV in Germany has it for €63. According to Beck‘s Website (Shop) album comes out Dec, 4th 2020. There will also be a picture disc available on 29th of Jan 2021 (also as pre-Order on Beck‘s Website).

CJ Feeney

Is anyone else checking the date reading this?

It’s definitely not April 1st, is it.


NASA and Scientology hand in hand, who’d have thought it!?

In terms of the album itself I didn’t like it first time around, the newer Beck material isn’t for me I think.