Beck / Hyperspace Japanese deluxe CD

18-track Japanese CD exclusively features the ‘Paisley Park Sessions’

Beck / Hyperspace Japan deluxe CD

The 2LP deluxe vinyl edition of Beck‘s Hyperspace album has been made available on CD – with more bonus material – exclusively in Japan.

As mentioned on SDE back in November, the vinyl reissue boasts high-end packaging, new songs and remixes. This was originally scheduled for release in early December but has now fallen back to 8 January.

It was disappointing to note that no CD variant seemed to be available, however the Japanese have come good which what looks like (for now, at least) a totally exclusive deluxe CD which is presented in oversized seven-inch packaging and utilises the same NASA-inspired design elements as the vinyl. Best of all, the CD offers FIVE bonus tracks not available on the vinyl and they are very much worth acquiring.

The extra material includes the CD debut of St. Vincent‘s brilliant remix of ‘Uneventful Days’ (issued as an RSD seven-inch in October), a slacker ‘Freestyle’ version of ‘Saw Lightning’, and perhaps best of all the first physical release of Beck’s Paisley Park Sessions, which were an Amazon Music exclusive back in November 2019 to help promote the release of the Hyperspace album. These are live-in-the-studio renditions of three tracks: 1996 single ‘Where It’s At’, ‘Up All Night’ (from Colors) and ‘The Paisley Park Experience’, which is a medley of Prince classics (‘Raspberry Beret’, ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘Kiss’ and ‘1999’, to be exact). The amazing band includes Beck regular Roger Manning on keyboards (read the SDE interview with him regarding The Lickerish Quartet), but also Jason Falkner on guitar, meaning that two thirds of the ‘mark 1’ version of Jellyfish are present and correct! The SDE video below shows an ‘unboxing’ of this Japanese deluxe CD of Hyperspace.

The bad news is that desirable though this release is, it’s not cheap to get hold of. Expect to pay around £40 ‘all in’ from Amazon Japan. Until recently, picking this up from Amazon in the UK wasn’t a bad option at around the £40 mark also, but it’s now gone up to a wallet-busting £60. It’s out already in Japan, so any orders will be shipped an on their way immediately, whereas in the UK the CD has been given a release date of 8 January to match its vinyl counterpart.

Update: This CD is available via JPC in Germany for €38.

You could wait in the hope of a UK/European/US release of the deluxe CD but it’s not looking like it’s going to happen, and even if it did the packaging isn’t going to be as impressive the Japanese version.

Compare prices and pre-order


Hyperspace - Japanese Deluxe CD


Compare prices and pre-order


Hyperspace - 2LP deluxe


Beck / Hyperspace Japan deluxe CD

Hyperspace Japanese deluxe CD

  1. Hyperlife
  2. Uneventful Days
  3. Saw Lightning
  4. Die Waiting (2020)*
  5. Chemical
  6. See Through (2020)*
  7. Hyperspace (2020)*
  8. Stratosphere
  9. Dark Places
  10. Star (2020)*
  11. Everlasting Nothing
  12. Dark Places (Soundscape)*
  13. I Am The Cosmos (42420)*
  14. Uneventful Days (St. Vincent Remix)**
  15. Saw Lightning (Freestyle)**
  16. Where It’s At (Paisley Park)**
  17. Up All Night (Paisley Park)**
  18. The Paisley Experience**

*new audio
**exclusive to the deluxe CD

Beck / Hyperspace Japan deluxe CD

Hyperspace 2LP vinyl deluxe

LP 1

  1. Hyperlife
  2. Uneventful Days
  3. Saw Lightning
  4. Die Waiting (2020 mix)*
  5. Chemical
  6. See Through (2020 mix)*

LP 2

  1. Hyperspace (2020 mix)*
  2. Stratosphere
  3. Dark Places
  4. Star (2020 mix)*
  5. Everlasting Nothing
  6. Dark Places (Soundscape)*
  7. I Am The Cosmos (42420)*

*new audio

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Mine arrived from JPC Germany today, a mere month after it was posted. It’s worth it though as it’s excellent!! Thank you Paul for making me spend £40 on 1 CD, probably a record for me but as a one off it’s fantastic. Album is great, the Paisley Park stuff is the highlight & the artwork is fantastic


This was the best new album released in 2019 – it would have been amazing, if it had been released with a high-resolution surround mix, such as Yello have just done with Point. Beck’s Sea Changes has been one of the best surround mixes ever released and was released in DVD-Audio, Blu-ray audio and SACD. It was a one-off though.


Do Not Order this from Amazon Japan unless you want it to arrive damaged Like Mine!

Considering I paid nearly £19.00 on Shipping and Import Charges – It was sent in a wafer thin Envelope and Zero Protection – Needless to say arrived mangled up and creased!

Tim Barton

Got it and pleased to have it. With bonus material and packaging-a 7″ sleeve which Universal Japan seems to do well (several Who CD singles and the Stones’ Satisfaction replicating the original are in my collection, as is the Japanese Stones Mono Box)-it’s a nice collectible.

Mark A.

Just when I thought my personal musical expenditures were complete for 2020, I HAD to go & watch that video. Aye carumba! $40 U.S. from deepdiscounts.com on its way. WHEN WILL I LEARN??? ; )


It does look fantastic, but v expensive so I decided not to bother. However, after all this bad news today & a few beers I’ve decided to bite & I paid just over 30 quid. Not bad for something so stunning & a nice little Christmas present, from me, to me!

Nathan Thomas

Has dropped today to £45 on Amazon uk


Hi Paul,
Buyer beware!
The Amazon JP price quoted-£26.49-looked too good an opportunity to miss.
However when I went through the process of ordering I found out that the grand total came to an eye watering £71.31!!
So I gave it a miss.
The breakdown is as follows..
Order Summary
Item(s) Subtotal:
GBP 48.64
Shipping & Handling:
GBP 10.78
GBP 71.31
Import Fees Deposit
GBP 11.89
Grand Total:
GBP 71.31
I’m just going for a walk to clear my head!!!!!


Careful of JPC, though. At times recently, their packaging for mail and general customer service has taken a sharp downturn recently…


I agree with Paul – have always found JPC to be top notch. Items to Canada have been packaged well.

Don Henson

Me too! Just received two mini sleeves and they were pristine!!


Me too. They were really quick to ship to the US with no issues, was super impressed.

Dave M.

I’m pleased to have watched the unboxing, nice one Paul, it prompted me to order!

Also, good news from Paul E. as I too have ordered from CDJapan for around £35.

Miguel Rocha

Looks stunning, sounds stunning! Order placed.
Thanks Paul!

Paul E.

Nice video Paul and perfect timing as my package ordered from CDJapan arrived about an hour after watching your unboxing! This edition is really something to see in person- just incredibly well done all around.

If anyone’s interested in the track times – I have them noted below. There is a small volume gain applied to the songs as compared to the standard CD pressing (for those songs appearing on both)- nothing bad, but thought I’d mention it. I paid $43.91 from CDJapan including shipping to get this mailed to me in the U.S.

Hyperlife 1:37
Uneventful Days 3:14
Saw Lightning 4:01
Die Waiting (2020) 4:05
Chemical 4:19
See Through (2020) 3:39
Hyperspace (2020) 2:45
Stratosphere 3:58
Dark Places 3:49
Star (2020) 2:51
Everlasting Nothing 5:00
Dark Places (Soundscape) 1:30
I Am the Cosmos (42420) 1:33
Uneventful Days (St. Vincent Remix) 3:00
Saw Lightning (Freestyle) 2:18
Where It’s At (Paisley Park Sessions) 4:21
Up All Night (Paisley Park Sessions) 3:04
The Paisley Experience (Paisley Park Sessions) 5:25


Thank you – very helpful!!


That is an object of beauty & those Prince covers are excellent. Didn’t realize Beck was such a funky f**ker!


Listen to his album Midnite Vultures and you’ll see he’s been funky since the late 90s!

Derek Langsford

I bought the original CD of this as one of four albums recommended by Paul in his 2019 year roundup (along with Lana Del Rey, Bat for Lashes, and Alphaville – all for £5.09 postage to the USA by Amazon UK – days seem long gone now – the Lana Del Rey alone is now £10.69 postage). The Back and the Lana Del Rey have been the best of the four that I have repeatedly played. The Beck is very good and makes me want to explore more, but not pay a lot more for a few new tracks added to an album I already have.

The Lana Del Rey was also surprisingly good. Captures the California vibe very well.

Hoping Paul reviews 2020 and I can pick up on a few more artists I haven’t had time to explore so far.


Well, not often it’s cheaper to buy the vinyl than the CD …


International deliveries of online orders of cd’s and vinyl are generally becoming more difficult and certainly more expensive. Amazon international shipping costs have rocketed over the last few months, that is if they will ship at all (outside Europe). I’m hoping this is mainly due to the constraints of Covid but I have real doubts that shipping costs will fall when the pandemic ends.


You should never cover “When Doves Cry”…….


All cd’s should be in 7” packiging making it more atractive. Totally agree.


Yes, emails from Amazon.it .de and .fr today warning of VAT collection and Import fees. Amazon.es keeping schtum. It will be a great shame if the European deals become no-deals. But apparently it’s what the people wanted.
Oh, and that Beck disc looks good… but a bit much to stump up for those extra tracks.


Got same from Amazon Spain.

Will just make buying from the European Amazons same as US.
So change from today they will deduct the local VAT included in the price on the product page and add at checkout the UK’s 20% VAT but call it an import fees deposit.

So no change in what you pay just a different breakdown on the invoice.


Wasn’t there supposed to be a trading deal with Japan? Or does that not cover CDs, just fish?

Paul Wren

The UK has just struck a new trade deal with Japan as part of its post Brexit trading round the world.


See below – irrelevant to buying CDs.


Yes there’s a trade deal but it basically replicates what we have now. I think you may be mixing it up with the EU free market.
In any case you would be highly unlikely to get one that let you off import duty… Except for people within the EU free market of course.


Oh my, this might be worth the price just for that medley of Prince songs. (Is it just me, or does Beck look a bit like if Bob Dylan and Tom Petty had had a child in that video?) I have to consider whether I should buy this or not, because I’ve spent quite a bit lately on SDEs plus Arrow video and Criterion just had huge sales recently, but I’m really leaning toward getting this after hearing the clips posted here. Beck isn’t someone who I normally feel the need to track down every version of an album for, but this was a good album to begin with, and the bonus tracks I’ve heard so far are knocks outs.

Joseph Bartram

Will wait for this to come down again.


Shame there’s no 5.1 mix on Blu-ray. His two surround releases were very well done.

andrew r

Off topic but don’t know where to put it
Has anybody else received multiple emails from Amazon
In Europe warning of import duties after 31 dec . I know it’s coming but I felt the freedom to buy anywhere in Europe as a closing door . Small but upsetting.


Yes I have received it… But from Amazon UK telling me things may change by January when ordering from France


Yes from a couple of Amazon countries


But will it be that different? Presumably like US buyers using amazon.co.uk, UK buyers purchasing from amazon.de, .fr etc the local VAT will be removed? They’re not going to be taking VAT twice are they!