Beck / new album Hyperspace

Beck / Hyperspace

Beck follows up 2017’s brilliant Colors with a new album Hyperspace, due in November.

Hyperspace is Beck’s 14th album (he still hasn’t issued any kind of ‘best of’) and he has co-produced much of the record with Pharrell Williams (who has also co-written some tracks). Chris Martin and Sky Ferreira contribute backing vocals on a track apiece (‘Star’ and ‘Die Waiting’ respectively) and Greg Kurstin gets a writing credit on See Through, suggesting it dates from the Colors sessions.

Longtime Beck bandmates Jason Falkner, Smokey Hormel and Roger Manning Jr. (Jason and Roger being half of the original Jellyfish line-up) feature on much of the album as well.

You can preview Uneventful Days above to get a feeling for the new sound of Hyperspace. Good to see some excellent cover art – for a change – on a new album!

Hyperspace will be released on 22 November 2019. As well as the red vinyl listed in the widget below, Rough Trade uk also have a special metallic silver vinyl edition (there’s no red vinyl in the USA).

2 Uneventful Days
3 Saw Lightning
4 Die Waiting
5 Chemical
6  See Through
7 Hyperspace
8 Stratosphere
9 Dark Places
10 Star
11 Everlasting Nothing

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Barnes and Noble in the USA offering the red vinyl as one of their exclusives


RECORD STORE DAY has announced exclusive RSD3 edition >>3″ Release of Beck – Uneventful Days
Uneventful days will appear on the forthcoming new Beck album Hyperspace, out on Nov 22. This 3″ single contains a outersleeve, innersleeve and poster<<

Paul Mathers

Looking forward to this, never a dud album from Beck IMHO. Mutations is one of my all time favourites, the guy can turn his hand to anything!


Midnite Vultures is top of of Reissue-This-Now list.

Supergrass fill out #2 and #3 but I assume those are on their way.


the single is very weak. I doubt this one will be as good as colors. I hate the cover.it’s ugly


the single is very strong. Subtle but insistent. Beck has not made a bad album ever.The cover is amazing. Colors’ cover was terrible.


There is also a „Clear Gold vinyl edition on Bravado.de in Germany available, Paul


It’s showing a silver lp on the site


I managed to grab one of the spotify-fans gold ones which sold out pretty quickly. its also available on cassette on Becks store as well! Ive been a fan since mellow gold and seen him live about 4 times. cannot wait!!!!


I agree, ‘Colors’ was brilliant. Such a fun album!

I’ve been a fan of his since his first album ‘Mellow Gold’ came out.

My favorite album of his is ‘Midnight Vultures’.

One of ny favorite tracks of his is ‘Wow’ from his last album.

He’s amazing. I will admit this new track isn’t gtabbing me. But it’s not horrible.

I love the album cover fir this new album.


Love the artwork…not so crazy about the track. Wasn’t so crazy about Colors either…but Dear Life was an excellent track.

As for the lack of a best of there are so few and people just make their own anyway, so they’re usually cash grabs. I think I’d hate a Best of Beck made by a record company. But I sure do love my playlist of my picks of his favorites!


I dont care for him at all but the cover artwork is stunning!


Cover reminds me of Late For The Sky

O(+> Peter B

SDE readers with young kids or grandkids may be familiar with Beck’s track Super Cool on The LEGO Movie 2 soundtrack – actually a pretty cool tune!


The Lonely Island raps, especially in the extended film version, are brilliant.


there’s no pre-order button when trying to purchase the red vinyl….


Beck channeling his inner Gene Hunt here…”Fire up the Quattro!”


Have to say that s a very bland track!


yes – rather “uneventful” one would say. Bring back the Dust Brothers . . .


Totally agree with both Ben and Mark on this song don’t know what all the fuss is about

Ben Twyce.

Think I’d rather listen to log splitting after hearing those unimaginative lyrics.

DJ Salinger

Smokey Hormel is one of my favourite musician names. He should have a fine cheese named after him. Best served with a garnish of Shivaree’s Ambrosia Parsley, perhaps?

Paul E.

Just noticed the Target CD Edition offers an exclusive/extra track “Saw Lightning (Freestyle Mix)

Steven Cacciaroni

My favorite Beck album is Midnite Vultures.
There was an announcement that it was one of the ones up next for the re-issue campaign.
I love the Prince tribute in “Debra”.
I know the sad album is supposed to be the one I like, but I prefer “Midnite Vultures” and I’d prefer it on vinyl prior to any “best of”


Totally agree, hence my comment to bring back the Dust Brothers on production duties. Production on that album was/still is amazing. Such a fun/innovative/creative peak. Vinyl/deluxe long overdue.


Midnight Vultures is my favorite from him as well. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. It feels like the album that he was most engaged with the music on, as opposed to the ironic detachment that seems to be a huge part of so many of his albums.

Chris Lee

I became a fan because of the sad album but ended up liking Midnite Vultures better. Definitely my favorite as well.

Paul E.

I’m really looking forward to this but will await the inevitable “Hyperspace” Japan CD/DVD pressing. Currently, the Japan “Hyperspace” CD release mentions no bonus tracks only a sticker. I’m hoping for something along the lines of “Colors” or “Modern Guilt” with bonus tracks, DVD, and the usual Japan only perks.


The Japanese edition will also have the Freestyle mix of “Saw Lightning” as noted about the Target edition above. I agree that I usually wait to see which bonus tracks might be on the Japanese release, but did any other Beck albums besides “Colors” have a DVD included?


Cool cover and car


The few SDE readers who don’t know the language will not be surprised to learn that the text ハイパースペース on the is Hyperspace in Japanese. The car a (Japanese) 80s Toyota Celica.


Me love long time for your comment , you answered the question i was looking for .


Chris Martin, please no.


nor Pharrell, come on


Love the track posted, love the cover, love the red…Beck is a genius. PW yes, CM no thanks.

Alan Mitchell

Coldplay? I’d rather shove boiled carrots in my ears. Football anthems for girls. Proof that there are two kinds of music… good and bad ;)


Can’t imagine “Midnight” being sung as a football anthem by girls :) If I had to choose between Chris Martin and Pharrell Williams, I’d take Chris every day. Yeah, Coldplay have released some bad tracks, but they are one of the few mainstream acts that can still write good melodies and know a bit about production. The little guitar solo in “Up&Up” is almost as good as a Roland Orzabal guitar solo!


Love the artwork as well. Look forward to this album.

Good point regarding a lack of a ‘Best of’ compilation. I remember a while back you had a post about artists in need of greatest hits compilations. Was fun to read all the replies. Some examples that quickly come to mind are AC/DC, Coldplay, Metallica, The Sundays, Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk and Weezer.

O(+> Peter B

Sheila E aid another one.


Just a quick note – the “Beck Hyperspace Exclusive Clear 180g Vinyl” version is available by ordering directly from Beck’s website in the USA.

Ben Williams

That artwork is absolutely fantastic!