Belinda Carlisle / “Access All Areas”


Early next year, Demon Music will release a CD+DVD package that shines a spotlight on an early nineties Belinda Carlisle concert that was originally recorded for broadcast on ITV.

This release forms part of a new Access All Areas series (other titles to be confirmed) and it will be the first time this particular Belinda Carlisle concert has been made available to fans on either DVD or CD. The set-list features live performances of transatlantic solo chart-topper Heaven Is A Place On Earth along with familiar hits such as I Get Weak and Circle In The Sand. The singer performs with a seven-piece band, including two backing vocalists and cellist.

The DVD and CD boast digitally remastered versions of the original high quality recordings, and this set come complete with extended notes and interviews.

Belinda Carlisle: Access All Areas will be released on 12 January 2014.

Track listing

  1. Runaway horses
  2. Summer rain
  3. (We Want) The Same Thing
  4. Whatever it takes
  5. Mad about you
  6. Circle in the sand
  7. Nobody owns me
  8. I Get Weak
  9. Valentine
  10. La Luna
  11. Vision of you
  12. Leave a light on
  13. Heaven is a place on earth
  14. Our lips are sealed
  15. We got the beat
  16. Introducing the musicians
  17. 17 world without you

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Daniel Brush

in 16:9 or 4:3 ??


So, any news as to the sound on this one……

Pad Jervis

love to know more details on the remastering – the sound mix on the original DVD release was not very good at all – if a remix has been done then I would definitely buy it….

Bernd Dargusch

Advertising old stuff as something new, unreleased it not quite fair. Accordings to the track listing and the cover shots, it must the the “Runaway Live” concert released in 1990 on VHS, later on DVD.

Matthew Legg

If it’s ITV live concerts, please release Cutting Crew & It Bites live from Town & Country Club 1989


Well the concert in general is not available on DVD widely – so it’s a good thing. But to advertise it as unreleased on CD or DVD before is a bit misleading.
The concert in general itself is quite good. But its a bit lame that they use black and white screenshots for the cover and not replicate the original VHS art in some sorts. Also there are many tracks that haven’t been released on the re-issues or “The Anthology” – i am not pointing fingers anywhere, because it most surely has something to do with licensing. But they missed the opportunity to include the 7″ versions of “I Feel The Magic” and “Dancing In The City” on the recent “Belinda” remaster – also the recently surfaced full version of “In My Wildest Dreams” (look for it on youtube) could have been includet. “A Woman & A Man” missed the single versions of “In Too Deep” and “Always Breaking My Heat” (those are even advertised on the backside text as “this reissue includes single versions, live tracks and remixes….) and also they missed “I Wouldn’t Be Here If I Didn’t Love You” and the alternative version of “(I Won’t Say) I’m In Love” – those vertainly would have been nice additions to the discs.

As for vaulted material i sure would have loved to hear Belinda’s take on “Falling Into You” but getting unreleased stuff sometimes is even harder than to get unreleased stuff.


Why can’t we get a Belinda CD of her unreleased vaulted songs (there are many) instead of rehashed old concerts?


The Uk link states: November 24, 2014. Jpc, too :)

Glenn Odin

Yeah this was originally down for Nov 17 release and now its 24th…saw a tracklisting on Play.com that had Shades Of Michaelangelo included so I’d say this is Runaway Live which has been on dvd before a few times – some looking like bootlegs (check Ebay!) This will hopefully be the definitive version and no pesky errors like the Voila and AWAAM packages!!


looks like the “Runaway Live” Concert – that already had been issued on DVD before and also on VHS – seems like the even missed the last track that was performed – Shades of Michaelangelo….


Indeed a let down, seems to be the same gig Sanctuary released.