Belinda Carlisle coloured vinyl

Belinda Carlisle’s four Virgin Records-era albums – Heaven On Earth (1987)Runaway Horses (1989)Live Your Life Be Free (1991) and Real (1993) – will be available individually as coloured vinyl pressings, next month.

These were previously available together in the ‘Amazon Exclusive’ edition of the Vinyl Collection 1987-1993  box set, although where before the colours were (respectively) blue, silver, red and white, this time we get translucent blue, translucent green, translucent red and clear vinyl pressings.

The coloured vinyl box did actually sell out very quickly, so at least here is an opportunity for the vinyl Belinda Carlisle fan to cherry-pick some titles with the bonus of the coloured pressings.

These are released on 21 September 2018.

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Belinda Carlisle

Heaven on Earth [VINYL]


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Belinda Carlisle

Runaway Horses [VINYL]


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Belinda Carlisle

Real (Coloured Vinyl) [VINYL]


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Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle - Live Your Life Be Free - Coloured Vinyl [VINYL]


HEAVEN ON EARTH  (blue vinyl)

Side A

  • A1: Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • A2: Circle In The Sand
  • A3: Feel Free
  • A4: Should I Let You In?
  • A5: World Without You

Side B

  • B1: I Get Weak
  • B2: We Can Change
  • B3: Fool For Love
  • B4: Nobody Owns Me
  • B5: Love Never Dies…

RUNAWAY HORSES  (green vinyl)

Side A

  • A1: Leave A Light On
  • A2: Runaway Horses
  • A3: Vision Of You
  • A4: Summer Rain
  • A5: La Luna

Side B

  • B1: (We Want) The Same Thing
  • B2: Deep Deep Ocean
  • B3: Valentine
  • B4: Whatever It Takes
  • B5: Shades Of Michelangelo


Side A

  • A1: Live Your Life Be Free
  • A2: Do You Feel Like I Feel?
  • A3: Half The World
  • A4: You Came Out Of Nowhere
  • A5: You’re Nothing Without Me

Side B

  • B1: I Plead Insanity
  • B2: Emotional Highway
  • B3: Little Black Book
  • B4: Love Revolution
  • B5: World Of Love
  • B6: Loneliness Game

REAL  (clear vinyl)

Side A

  • A1: Goodbye Day
  • A2: Big Scary Animal
  • A3: Too Much Water
  • A4: Lay Down Your Arms
  • A5: Where Love Hides

Side B

  • B1: One With You
  • B2: Wrap My Arms
  • B3: Tell Me
  • B4: Windows Of The World
  • B5: Here Comes My Baby

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Phillip Fogel

I love her, Runaway Horses is a pop masterpiece in my opinion. I have most of theses albums in the Deluxe 2CD/DVD versions from a few years ago and they are fab! I could be persuaded to get a few on Vinyl.

Larry Davis

Funny, just saw BC live, again, 2nd time this summer, this time free gig in Westbury, Long Island’s Eisenhower Park…day after her 60th (!!) bday…she is a day younger than Madonna!! 75 minute show, just brilliant…sounded great, looked great, and did everything you would have wanted, and then some. All the big solo and Go-Go’s tunes & more (she opened with her cover Cream’s “I Feel Free”, which I had no idea she did and it worked great), and in the encore, she did 3 fan faves I hadn’t heard before…”Runaway Horses”, “Big Scary Animal” & “Live Your Life Be Free”, which are brilliant pop songs!! After that show, I made a commitment to buy the Edsel CD reissues/boxsets & Go-Go’s reissues, which have come down in price. After those, I may get these new coloured vinyls…but the CDs come first…and I really want to check out her work with Per Gessle on “A Woman & A Man”, like the so-good “Always Breaking My Heart”, one of the best powerpop songs ever written & recorded (at least the Gessle version is)…

Top Cat

Just saw here out here in California (USA) on the Retro-Futura tour (with ABC, Modern English, Tony Lewis and Limahl) and agree with your sentiments: she looked and sound great! I just wish older front-person/singers wouldn’t go out in all black – as if they were Johnny Cash. Please, some color! You’re in front – not the backing band!!! It feels like a funeral when they all come out like that. look around the web, and they all do it. I think they’ve been told it’s slimming, but in fact, it’s boring.

Larry Davis

BC did not wear black at that show…and I also saw her on Retro Futura as well…

John Dean-Morton

This is amazing news, after purchasing the Heaven On Earth deluxe vinyl set, I didn’t feel like double dipping. I’m also patiently waiting for her other albums to be re-released on vinyl….. taps foot impatiently…..


I’ve got the coloured box set, I feel a bit cheated by this. Inbox me A Woman And A Man finally gets a vinyl pressing.


Like Dan, and as coloured box set owner, I can’t help but feel a little miffed by this but there is clearly demand there as the box set sold out so readily. Admittedly the colours offer a new variant, but feel this sort of marketing ploy, if deployed regularly, will damage the appeal of limited editions for all but the completists.


Always good to see when the contents of exclusive box sets (albeit re-pressed) eventually get put on sale individually. Guardians of other expensive box sets (I’m thinking especially of the Rolling Stones) please take note!

Jeff S.

This is awesome news! Thanks for the heads up Paul. I am glad to see that they are pressing them on different colors/variations as well. I agree though that it would be nice to see colored vinyl pressings for her first album, “A Woman And A Man”, and “Voila”. I would even like to see all of them pressed on picture discs similar to the “Heaven On Earth” one a few years ago.


It would have been nicer if they’d reissue her first album on colored vinyl or the never issued on LP “A Woman & A Man”.


How many times can she release the same stuff. This back catalogue has been milked dry…


She (her name is Belinda Carlisle) is not releasing them, the record company is. Do you think there is a vinyl pressing machine in her home? LOL


“She” is also a perfectly acceptable pronoun to use, particularly when the name of the person referred to has already been established.

Craig Hedges

I really like the runaway horses album, leave a light on is my favourite BC track (and not because George Harrison is on it) it’s a great song, could have easily fit on Madonna’s like a prayer album from the same year. Was disappointed I didn’t get the box set so I’m happy these have been re-pressed

Paul Taylor

So have they found more ‘very limited pressings’ that were exclusive to the box set?
I really think that labels should be legally bound to publish limited edition numbers on release, and whether or not they plan to press more in the future. The recent HMV exclusives were a case in point. The green vinyl Sunshine On Leith was ‘strictly limited to 500 copies ‘. Consequently it sold out completely very quickly on the Saturday, yet I’ve been able to pick up two copies within the subsequent two months. I am not complaining about that per se, but some people have coughed up £60/£70 on eBay in the belief that this was the only way they were ever going to source a copy

Paul Taylor

I noticed that when I re-read the article.
I should heed my teachers’ advice from my schooldays – “Read everything carefully before you write anything down!”

Alan B

There is definitely something fishy about the Proclaimers green vinyl. It was advertised as a limited edition of 500 which meant each store would only get a small number and it seemed to sell out very quickly. When they made them available online later they had no copies for sale as it was “sold out”.I’ve just checked online. You can buy a copy now.
Shame’s debut album was issued as a Rough Trade exclusive 700 copy pink vinyl. You couldn’t get a sniff of one for months but now all of a sudden it is available on the Rough Trade website and has been for weeks. Re-pressings on the sly anyone?

Gareth Jones

With my poor eye sight, at first glance it looked like the sticker on the record says “Pi**ed on 180g translucent green vinyl”. But as none of them are on yellow vinyl, I guess that isn’t the case!!


Lol. :)