Belinda Carlisle deluxe vinyl reissues

2LP and 3LP sets • Bonus tracks • coloured vinyl limited editions

Demon Records will reissue three Belinda Carlisle albums in 2021, including a 2LP 35th anniversary edition of her debut album, Belinda, and 3LP anniversary vinyl box sets of A Woman and A Man and Live Your Life Be Free. All three are available on limited coloured vinyl.

Belinda was issued on I.R.S. in 1986 and features the US hit single ‘Mad About You’ (she hadn’t cracked the UK market at this point). The new 2LP reissue is a gatefold package and features ten bonus tracks including remixes and live cuts. The limited 180g 2LP pink vinyl version is exclusive to Amazon.

Belinda 2LP set on limited pink vinyl (click image to enlarge)

Belinda is being issued in May and A Woman and A Man will follow in August. This album features the hit singles ‘In Too Deep’ and ‘Always Breaking My Heart’. It will be a 25th anniversary 3LP box set that comes in a lift-of lid box set. The records come with individual inner and outer sleeves and the box includes a 12″ booklet. 17 bonus tracks include B-sides, remixes and live performances. The 3LP 180g purple vinyl is exclusive to Amazon.

Finally, Live Your Life Be Free is reissued as a 30th anniversary 3LP vinyl box in October this year. This is another box set with booklet and the 14 bonus tracks include B-sides, remixes and live tracks. The 3LP green vinyl version is also exclusive to Amazon (everywhere else gets black vinyl).

Belinda is released on 28 May 2021, A Woman and A Man comes out on 27 August 2021 and Live Your Life Be Free is issued on 8 October 2021. Worth pointing out that you can’t order these Amazon UK exclusives from the USA (you will see ‘unavailable’).

Belinda Carlisle will also undertake 16-date live tour of the UK and Ireland – Decades – which is scheduled to kick off on 8 October in Nottingham.

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Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle - Amazon exclusive 2LP pink vinyl

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Amazon uk   26.99

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Belinda Carlisle

A Woman and A Man - Amazon excusive 3LP purple vinyl

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Amazon uk   59.99

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Belinda Carlisle

Live Your Live Be Free - Amazon exclusive 3LP green vinyl

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Amazon uk   59.99


Belinda Carlisle Belinda Carlisle / 25th anniversary 2LP vinyl

    • Side One
      1. Mad About You
      2. I Need A Disguise
      3. Since You’ve Gone
      4. I Feel The Magic
      5. I Never Wanted A Rich Man
    • Side Two
      1. Band of Gold
      2. Gotta Get To You
      3. From The Heart
      4. Shot In The Dark
      5. Stuff And Nonsense


A Woman and A Man Belinda Carlisle / 3LP vinyl

    • Side One
      1. In Too Deep
      2. California
      3. A Woman And A Man
      4. Remember September
      5. Listen To Love
    • Side Two
      1. Always Breaking My Heart
      2. Love Doesn’t Live Here
      3. He Goes On
      4. Kneel At Your Feet
      5. Love In The Key Of C
      6. My Heart Goes Out To You


Live Your Life Be Free Belinda Carlisle / 3LP vinyl box

    • Side One
      1. Live Your Life Be Free
      2. Do You Feel Like I Feel?
      3. Half The World
        You Came Out of Nowhere
      4. You’re Nothing Without Me
    • Side Two
      1. I Plead Insanity
      2. Emotional Highway
      3. Little Black Book
      4. Love Revolution
        World Of Love
      5. Loneliness Game

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Antonio José García Rajo

Belinda – 35th Anniversary Edition (180g Black Vinyl)
Now available for pre-order from amazon.co.uk with delivery to Spain (And I guess the rest of EU countries) The pink vinyl version still unavailable or maybe out of stock already.


Never have trouble ordering from any amazon site, UK, DE, JP and getting delivery to Canada. Maybe Prime membership helps?
Very glad these are back on amazon for pre-order

Thanks SDE!

Phil Fogel

I just contacted my local record shop, they have access to the black vinyl version for “Belinda”, is there any info for it? Is it the same tracklist, and price? Or is the black vinyl usually less expensive?


Honestly this is really annoying. Of all the possible excuses that amazon.co.uk has and is using for stopping pre-orders to any country other than the UK, why are they now shipping these to the US (all the way across the ocean mind you) but not other countries in Europe? What the actual bleep?


It’s a pity that this doesn’t ship to other European countries, I hope that when these finally get released that Amazon offers that option..

Mike Williams

I’m in the US and I’m able to pre-order them. Also, colored vinyl is generally pure vinyl (not recycled), and sounds the same as standard pure black vinyl (which is usually very dark brown if it’s pure vinyl & held to a bright light). I think that the poorer quality sound on Picture Discs has tainted the image of non-black vinyl. I have hundreds of colored/coloured vinyl & they all sound great except 1 (glow-in-the-dark) LP. Thanks for letting me vent.

Jeff S.


I just want to say thanks for keeping us up to date on all of these. I just received the email from SDE saying that these could now be shipped to the US, so I jumped on immediately and successfully ordered them! If it wasn’t for this website and your update emails, I would have missed out on many great releases over the years. So thanks again for all you do and for this wonderful website and resource to the collecting community.



Can’t wait, the last few box sets have been lovely. A Woman and A Man is the a particular favourite of mine.


I was able to order the Belinda double pink LP and have it sent to Canada just a few minutes ago.


Oh wow yea I just was able to order all 3 titles to the United States too. Huzzah!


Hi Paul,

a technical question: I notice the tags NS, NS2 and NS3 beneath the headline of this post. What do they mean?


Back online again, that’s a relief!!
I was getting serious withdrawal symptoms with no SDE……

Larry Davis

Before I invest in these…if I do…I want the deluxe CD/DVD reissues first…all I have is the basic 7CD box from Edsel/Demon…and the 3CD Gold & the CD/DVD Collection…the deluxe CD/DVDs are pricey!!!


Very odd listings for A Woman and a Man. Just 3 remixes for Remember September, what about the singles? “In Too Deep”
Released: July 1, 1996
“Always Breaking My Heart”
Released: September 9, 1996
“Love in the Key of C”
Released: November 18, 1996
Released: February 17, 1997

Surely there are remixes of those people would want instead of the live versions of previous hits?


Unfortunately they never did remixes for any of those tracks.


Can’t wait to get these to add to my BC collection. Not sure about Belinda ‘live’ tracks to be honest, but lot’s of remixes & single edits to keep me happy.
Love coloured vinyl (agree – picture discs are sooo poor!)…

BTW has ‘In My Wildest Dreams’ from Mannequin been on vinyl yet? Though that’d be an ideal bonus track for the first album?


I remember the last 2 anniversary box sets (Heaven & Runaway Horses), they had the vinyl, CD with extra tracks that were not on the 3cd deluxe set, and Belinda signed a print, for the same price

James A Gates

At least there’s no new studio tracks tacked on like there was on Runaway Horses and Heaven On Earth so us who already bought the extensive CD versions don’t need to double dip (again)!


I really wish they would stop releasing coloured vinyl LPs. It’s just a marketing ploy and they are very noisy, compared to good old black vinyl.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Black vinyl is a coloured vinyl.

I read somewhere on the interweb (so it must be true) that white is the “worst” colour variant………….. so maybe the closer to black, the better, audio quality-wise.

Can of worms: open.

John MC cann

Old chestnut! ,,Black records are coloured,,,if you accept that black is actually a colour

Nathan Thomas

All vinyl is coloured vinyl – vinyl is not naturally jet black. ‘Good old black vinyl’ is just as much ‘coloured vinyl’ as pink vinyl with coloured swirls !


Will this Belinda Carlisle 35th Anniversary pink coloured vinyl be available in North America?

Mark Lawton

I don’t know who did that cover but I’d pay them good money to Photoshop my legs.


Yay more Belinda reissues ‍♂️ How about someone doing a few Gloria Estefan reissues.

Diarmuid P Dineen

Am I the only one that thinks they are incredibly overpriced?


Seems standard to me

Alex Jacobs

Over priced. I AGREE. Last SE releases on vinyl were the same price as these and included 4 vinyls 1cd a booklet. And at least two new songs. They must’ve thought her fans bought them let’s milk the f##k out of these releases with minimum effort. No extra songs. No signed print. No new song but we’ll get £60 a pop for them. I just pity those fans that rush out to buy all these sets. It’s gonna cost them about £150 for these ones. I love special edition but don’t like getting the taken for a fool.


Well s**t. Looks like I missed all 3. Not that they delivered to the US anyway. I can’t imagine Amazon US won’t be getting these?

Nathan Thomas

Nope, they’re still for sale, Amazon is just geo-blocking them. As you say yourself , you’re In the US & Amazon UK doesn’t offer US shipping them.

Tony O

Pricing seem erratic and do we know if they will be a box set or just a triple vinyl lp with gatefold sleeve? £26.99 for a double and £59.99 for a triple seems strange.

Tony O

yes i did read the posts but there are any number of triple vinyl lps released in the last few years that are called box sets and there is not a box to be seen. will be interesting to see.


Heaven On Earth and Runaway Horses box sets were around the £50-£60 mark, so not much of a difference really.


Will I Won’t Say I’m In Love be the correct version? ;-)
I am assuming these sets offer nothing new, just selections from the CD/DVD combos released years ago?

James D. Boys

Knowing what a fan you are of Duran Duran Paul, its worth mentioning the guitar solo on Mad About You is by a certain Andy Taylor…


Incidentally the criminally underrated God Bless The Go-Gos is getting a re-release in May. And if you’ve not seen the documentary (on Sky Arts in the UK), that’s really good too.

Derek Burgess

I’m assuming we have to wait till 2023 for the special edition of the Real album?


Sorry Paul…add Canada to that list of countries that cannot order these Belinda Carlisle exclusives from Amazon UK.

Antonio José García Rajo

Paul can also add Spain to the list of countries from where one can’t order neither the coloured or back versions from amazon, not even using a VPN from UK. Amazon sais that the items can’t be delivered to my address in Spain and I guess any other address in the EU except maybe Ireland? Shame on amazon.co.uk!! There are plenty of Belinda fans outside the UK. We should get the chance to get at least the black vinyl version of these releases too.


Thank Brexit, ive had issues trying to order from Amazon.de and .it, so sadly the situation cuts both ways


Amazon Canada will ship bugger all to the UK these days.

What a silly world we live in.

matthieu georges

Could someone help a french fan to get hands on these exclusives??
Thx a lot

Santos Fermin

Amazon won’t deliver these to Northern Ireland :(


They just took my order.

Nathan Thomas

Seems to be a new thing for Amazon to be getting more & more into exclusive coloured vinyls/signed editions etc, I guess they’ve woken up to the sales potential.


I am trying to get to the bottom of this NI problem with amazon at the moment. I will let you know how I get on.


I am happy with the previous expanded deluxe edition CDs, with all the same tracks, and they were some much cheaper than the outrageous prices for these LPs just because they are coloured vinyl, which is lower sounding quality than black. I do not bother with new vinyl releases these days, unless in a boxset with CDs, which is my preferred format, and has been since 1987, but even if I did buy new vinyl, I would certainly not pay such high prices.

Sascha H.

Love her. Such a beautiful and good singing girl. My teenage crush.


I’ve just ordered all the coloured variations, very pleased to finally be able to own A Woman & A Man on vinyl at long last, also getting I Won’t Say I’m In Love is a huge bonus too.
Also, Paul the track lists for Live Your Life Be Free and A Woman & A Man are the wrong way a round.

Jeff S.

Awesome news Paul! I have been waiting for these forever. Thanks so much for the information about this. However, it looks like Amazon UK is no longer delivering to the US. Any ideas on how I might get these, or if they will be available elsewhere?


Thanks! You’ve mixed up the tracklisting for LYLBF and AWAAM.

Frank Thorstensson

Why do they not deliver these outside the Uk.


Brexit, but apparently if its the situation with blu rays, you should be able to order once released outside UK, of course that doesnt help if they get sold out