Belinda Carlisle / Gold

The signed Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses box sets have now sold out, but if you didn’t want one or perhaps didn’t manage to secure one, the consolation prize is Gold, a new two-LP or 3CD Belinda best of also being issued by Demon.

The double vinyl offers 20 tracks and is pressed… wait for it… on gold coloured vinyl. The CD option is both cheaper (only £5.99) and more generous, offering three discs of hits and a massive 56 tracks, including one of the new tracks from the Runaway Horses box set – ‘Both Sides Now’. What, as they say, is not to like.

Gold will be issued on 6 September 2019.

Belinda Carlisle Gold 2LP vinyl

LP 1
1. Heaven is a Place on Earth
2. I Get Weak
3. Leave A Light On
4. Mad About You
5. Circle In The Sand
6. Runaway Horses
7. Summer Rain
8. I Feel Free
9. World Without You
10. Vision Of You

LP 2
1. We want the same thing
2. Do You Feel Like I Feel
3. Big Scary Animal
4. Lay Down Your Arms
5. Half The World
6. Live Your Life Be Free
7. Little Black Book
8. Love Never Dies
9. In Too Deep
10. La Luna

Belinda Carlisle Gold 3CD edition

Disc: 1
1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
2. Leave A Light On
3. Mad About You
4. World Without You
5. Shades of Michelangelo
6. I Feel Free
7. Summer Rain
8. Shot In The Dark
9. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne]
10. Deep Deep Ocean
11. Love Never Dies
12. Since You’ve Gone
13. La Luna
14. You’re Nothing Without Me
15. Fool For Love
16. I Get Weak
17. Valentine
18. I Feel The Magic
19. Circle In the Sand

Disc: 2
1. (We Want) The Same Thing
2. Runaway Horses
3. Little Black Book
4. Vision of You
5. Love In The Key of C
6. Whatever It Takes
7. Light Of My Soul
8. A Prayer For Everyone
9. We Can Change
10. Should I Let You In?
11. World Of Love
12. Lay Down Your Arms
13. Love Revolution
14. I Still Love Him
15. Always Breaking My Heart
16. Adi Shakti
17. Nobody Owns Me
18. Do You Feel Like I Feel?

Disc: 3
1. Live Your Life Be Free
2. Half The World
3. In Too Deep
4. Where Love Hides
5. Goodbye Day
6. You Came Out Of Nowhere
7. Bonnie Et Clyde
8. Remember September
9. Too Much Water
10. Humee Hum Brahm Hum
11. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
12. Goodbye, Just Go
13. California
14. I Plead Insanity
15. Big Scary Animal
16. La Vie En Rose
17. All God’s Children
18. Sun
19. Both Sides Now

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Wonder if the tracks are remastered?



You do a great job with SDE. Thanks for keeping up to date with all these releases. If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t know about it.

Gary Anderko

Hey Paul, any word on updates/remastered Berlin (Terri Nunn) releases? Not the bootleg ones that almost came out last year…


Being American, I’ve often wondered why Belinda is featured on SDE so often. Then I checked her chart history. Her albums have charted so much higher in the UK while across the Atlantic many people place her in a “where is she now” box. Interesting. Now I understand!


56 tracks and my favourite isn’t included, Wrap My Arms. What’s the chances!! Just shows how many great tracks Belinda has recorded over the years.


Wrap My Arms is my fave track from the Real album.


Only marginally related to this particular release, but I always find “gold coloured” vinyl pretty ugly. I have one or two in my collection and have seen others in shops and none of them looks really like gold. It’s either some weird shade of yellow or, even worse, some hideous type of brown.

Another observation: It’s interesting to see how many people (mostly male, I guess) feel the need to comment on Belinda Carlisle’s looks whenever there’s a release of hers mentioned on this website. I haven’t seen this with any other female artist (and no male artist ever)!


I picked up the Shalamar Gold set on CD and it’s great. Some rarities, nice sound (one play through and no brick walling or vinyl rips found), thorough linear notes that include credits plus chart positions and catalogue numbers. And bargain price. Hoping for many more releases in this series if the standard is maintained!


Look forward to this. Just bought the other Demon set of Kiki Dee’s and that also is superb.

Stephen D C

I wonder what long term affect this has on her (and others) music. As a consumer £6 is a great price (especially the Shalamar one) but doesn’t it devalue music even more?

Would I buy future Cd’s for anything more given they can do 56 tracks for £6?


Yeah, it’s true: £6 for three CDs usually means a release is heavily discounted or that it’s rubbish. Even if this seems to be a nice compilation, you wonder if the record company is not doing itself (and the artists) a disservice.


I would buy it for the cover picture alone…such a beauty!


Paul, I am surprised that you’ve chosen to publish Marco’s comment. Your website is supposed to be devoted to music and not to rating the beauty of singers

Uncle Ruru

@Paul, I think it was a joke.

G Steven Cleere

No Joke, I’m with Marco — and ‘cover art’ is very cognizant to this site!!


The one time someone has something nice to say about an album cover, where admittedly some compilation and new album covers have been a bit on the dull side, be thankful for such a happy image beaming back at you that makes you feel good.


It was a harmless comment. This isn’t The Guardian website!

george glazener

Let’s face it, this album cover IS nicer to gaze upon than a photo of four brooding, scraggly and bearded musicians strolling on a crosswalk somewhere in North London on a hot August day. Just sayin’…

(hint, hint….when’s the BIG announcement coming Paul?)

Alan Mitchell

So is commenting on the beauty of a song or packaging okay? Beauty can be seen in everything and if it so happens to be a face why should this be frowned upon? Some people have beautiful faces. I wouldn’t want an ugly painting on my wall anymore than i would like to listen to an ugly song.

I’m heterosexual and I’m not embarrassed and nor do i like to be shamed by the fact that i find attractive women appealing. But i sure know that it goes further than that. After all Debbie Harry is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen but if her music was akin to the Spice Girls I’d have dismissed her immediately.

I’m a little drunk and it’s a little late. Belinda’s pleasing on the eye but for me her music is a little bit simple. I wouldn’t buy the album if she was in her undies tbh.


How about some ABC releases? Long overdue vinyl pressings, deluxe boxsets, 1/2 speed Abby Road remaster of Lexicon (5.1?) . . . why don’t you contract Martin and do a Paul Young on him Paul?


ABSOLUTELY. ABC are long overdue some REAL love. Not vinyl…. for me…. but all those long lost copies, or really decent remasters of Zillionaire era and Alphabet City and there are albums that aren’t available on streaming. Why not? Needs a good sort through!

Saar Freedman

They did throw in her cover of “Have you ever seen the rain” from the’sounds of the 80s’ compilation, I think it’s the first time this pops up on a Belinda compilation. Other odd tracks included on previous compilations (submission _ bless the beasts, feels like I’ve known you forever etc) were left out, as well as “in my wildest dreams” which remains exclusive to the singles box set and would have been nice to include for people who missed out on that ( even if admittedly the quality of this was sub par)

Also personally.. why not go with an image that is not 30 years old? She is still a beautiful woman even today.

Still hoping they will find/aquire the early demos from 1987 .these heaven era demos were widely bootlegged at the time and included Belinda demoing tracks made famous by other singers later such as “waiting for a start to fall” eventually recorded by its songwriters (as”boy meets girl”) and a certain Diane Warren song that would wait another 20 odd years to become the title track of Carrie Underwood’s debut album’ “some hearts:… these 2 alone should have made any re release worth it..

Perhaps for the Heaven on earth 40th anniversary,)


I’ve always wondered why they don’t do more of that. A lot of ’80s recording artists, particularly those who recorded other writers’ songs, often recorded 50-100% more songs than ultimately appeared on their albums. Laura Branigan was one of those artists who I’d really love to hear more of those lost tracks (Branigan worked with Carlisle’s team on “Spirit Of Love,” I wonder if there were any songs one of them turned down which the other picked up, if for example Carlisle might have demoed that one as well and then decided against it or if that was written especially for Branigan). I find it fascinating to hear the songs that got left off and hear what styles and ideas they were exploring, the direction the album and its singles might have gone, the period remixes they commissioned but then declined to release at the time, the early versions… I remember getting the 12″ of that “Waiting For A Star To Fall” and I’d be interested to hear Belinda’s version.

I realize these tracks can often be just first takes, unembellished, and not something that would stand on their own as an album unto themselves, but at this point, I think the public has been exposed enough to the idea of hearing demos as bonus tracks on SDEs and we don’t expect them to be fully polished with all the majestic background vocals and flashy guitar solos. Though, frankly, getting as many of the original contributors back together as possible to bring it the rest of the way would be great to hear, too.


These Gold series are very good value. I bought the Shalamar Gold release, loaded with 12″ versions, some of which hard to find on CD (I was going to say “never before on CD” but someone will probably prove me wrong here, haha!). Now they are all in one place. The price is ridicuously cheap so I preordered which I almost never do. Here is the link in case you want it:

I bought all the Belinda Carlisle 2cd/dvd from Edsel, loaded with remixes etc so no point for me to buy this Gold release. Great value though for starters in the Belinda Carlisle catalogue.

Robert Laversuch

Hi Ta for that – ordered it. Awesome value. Also have all the Edsel releases plus singles box but for the uninitiated good way to start. Also got the Hank Marvin Gold CD – packaging is minimal but you get three 80 minute CDs so what more could you want.


Re Shalamar Gold. Is the version of Dead Giveaway the proper 12″ one without the guitar solo?

Also that M+M mix of Night to Remember is deeply inferior compared to the UK 12″ version that features on the Friends reissue. As are most US remixes, now I think about it…

Johnny Spasm

With the Boy George/Culture Club, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Iggy Pop/Stooges & such collections on the market, I figure I’ll just wait a year for the Belinda Carlisle/Go-Go’s collection.


I’m still in shock that Shades of Michelangelo is track 5, disc 1, thatll stop most people playing the remainder! I think its the fourth Demon compilation since they bought the back catalogue.

Gary Hunter

Excellent compilation for the price :)

Scarlet Jupiter

Belinda must now be along Kylie the two female popstars with the most best-of, greatest-hits, definitive, gold etc. collections. Belinda’s “Gold” LP will not include a download for all tracks, stingy! Lovely looking item, though, and that cover photo is to die for.


Just what is missing from the cd set? 56 tracks sounds like all of her album tracks! Us it know what packaging it will come in? Triple digipak?


As i have the gatefold-triple-digifiles (or however these are called) of the “Gold”-releases from T.Rex/ Marc Bolan and Kiki Dee i suppose this will be the same packaging.


If the new track Both Sides Now and the great Sun were on the vinyl I’d probably go for this. Otherwise, there’s not a major point to this when Collection just came out four months ago. Why?


In Too Deep on vinyl is the only appeal for me.


I bought the T.Rex 3CD from the same series. Godawful sound, ear-splitting remaster. Never finished disc 1. Avoid. Not even worth the £6.


I have that T.Rex compilation, along with all of their others. I think the sound is very good.


I really wish we would get a release that included the bonus tracks from the anniversary edition of Heaven on Earth plus the bonus tracks from Runaway Horses. At this point, those tracks plus the two new recordings she did for the anthology would just about equal a full-length pop album.

Steven Roberts

Another week, another BC compilation…how many is that from Demon so far?


I know it’s a rhetorical question, but still, only the seventh so far if i exclude promo and digital-only releases, the ninth including the “Live From Metropolis Studios” and “Access All Areas”-compilations, which are live recordings but kind of Greatest Hits-releases too.

[…] The four records and CD come in a 12-inch lift-off lid box set. The signed editions are sold out, but the standard version is available. Additionally, Belinda Gold, a new 3CD or 2LP collection, is also available to pre-order. Read more about the latter, here. […]