Belinda Carlisle / Heaven On Earth: 30th anniversary box set – SIGNED edition

New 4LP+CD box set of the 1987 album

This September, Demon Music will issue a five-disc, 30th anniversary vinyl box set of Belinda Carlisle‘s 1987 album Heaven on Earth, with 500 copies available with a SIGNED PRINT, for those quick off the mark.

Heaven On Earth was Belinda’s second solo album after leaving The Go-Gos and features her transatlantic number one single Heaven Is A Place On Earth and other hits, such as I Get Weak and Circle In The Sand.

This new anniversary edition is a four-LP + CD set and comes packaged in a lift-off lid box. The four records come in individual LP sleeves and inner bags. The first features the original album, the second presents seven-inch versions of the singles, plus five 45s performed live on Belinda’s 1988 tour. LPs three and four feature various 12-inch single remixes.

The CD repeats the original album, but adds three brand new recordings, one of which is an acoustic rendition of Heaven Is A Place On Earth (which will also feature on Belinda’s new album, Wilder Shores). The other news songs are Why (co-written with fellow Go-Go Charlotte Caffey) and a version of Leon Russell’s Superstar (best known from The Carpenters 1971 rendition).

This set includes a booklet with notes, lyrics and photos from Belinda’s own collection. There are two versions up for pre-order on Amazon UK, an exclusive edition with the SIGNED PRINT (limited to just 500 sets), and the standard non-limited edition. There is no premium, if you opt for the signed version!

Heaven On Earth 30th anniversary 4LP+CD box set will be issued on 29 September 2017.
Update: In less than a day, the 500 with a signed print have sold out. The standard edition (without the print) is now the only option available.

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Belinda Carlisle

Heaven On Earth - Standard edition


LP 1



  • 1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • 2. Circle In The Sand
  • 3. I Feel Free
  • 4. Should I Let You In?
  • 5. World Without You


  • 1. I Get Weak
  • 2. We Can Change
  • 3. Fool For Love
  • 4. Nobody Owns Me
  • 5. Love Never Dies

LP 2



  • 1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [promo 7” edit]
  • 2. I Get Weak [7”]
  • 3. Circle In The Sand [7”]
  • 4. World Without You [7” remix]
  • 5. I Feel Free [7”]
  • 6. Love Never Dies [7”]



  • 1. I Feel Free
  • 2. I Get Weak
  • 3. Circle In The Sand
  • 4. World Without You
  • 5. Heaven Is A Place On Earth

LP 3



  • 1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Heavenly Version]
  • 2. I Feel Free [Extended Version]
  • 3. Circle In The Sand [Beach Party Mix]


  • 1. World Without You [Extended Worldwide Mix]
  • 2. I Get Weak [12” Version]
  • 3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Down To Earth Dub]

LP 4


  • 1. Circle In The Sand [Seaside Mood Groove Mix]
  • 2. World Without You [Panavision Mix]
  • 3. Circle In The Sand [Sandblast Multi-Mix]


  • 1. I Get Weak [Romantic Mix]
  • 2. I Feel Free [Dub Version]
  • 3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Acappella]



  • 1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • 2. Circle In The Sand
  • 3. I Feel Free
  • 4. Should I Let You In?
  • 5. World Without You
  • 6. I Get Weak
  • 7. We Can Change
  • 8. Fool For Love
  • 9. Nobody Owns Me
  • 10. Love Never Dies


  • 11. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [acoustic version]
  • 12. Why
  • 13. Superstar

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Chris Squires

Has anyone taken delivery of a signed edition yet and opened it up? Is the signature inside like on the Blancmange set? My set just has dembox14 as a number BUT the packaging has dembox14x as it’s number so I am assuming the sig is inside (signified by the extra “x”)but I just wanted to check I have the right one before delving deeper in case I have to return it…. Ta in advance….


Received my signed edition yesterday also. And yes the signed print is inside my box… although the signature is pretty much unrecognisable!

Chris Squires

Excellent, Thanks Marc. I shall now unwrap and get a listen before the AmDe 3for2 deluge appears.


She also has a new album out in September called Wilder Shores, though it is an album of yoga chants set to a pop background. However…she has a new ‘proper’ pop song called ‘Long Time Sun’ on there along with the 2017 recording of ‘Heaven’.


Getting fed up with multi-format box sets. Just release everything on separate formats (at whatever silly prices!) and let the buyer make their choice.


This is a multi-format box set, combining vinyl and CD.

lee bowler

I can’t wait for this – a vinyl lover’s dream! I wonder what the artwork will be like for the additional LPs? I managed to pre-order the signed edition, but still would have purchased either way. For me, it’s one of those albums that I can play in it’s entirety – every track is a strong pop song, hence probably why it sold bucket-loads. Plus, she was (is) totally stunning and my teenage crush ha ha


I keep coming back to this article to look at that cover. I think it’s a really great packaging choice.

Still trying to decide if I can justify buying this just for the CD and the three new songs. I can’t make the leap into vinyl.


I was kidding – i remember it like yesterday. Well, 10-15 years ago.



This album was ORGINALLY released in 1987 hence 30 years. A classic album from the 1980s (my uncle has the original, I was not born yet!)

It was not released 10 years ago in 2007 or 2002. Are you thinking Kylie here, 2002 was around Fever and 2007 was X.


Surely it’s only 10-15 years since this came out? No idea where they’ve got this 30th anniversary palava from.


Right? I swear this site makes me feel so freaking old with al these headlines with numbers and stuff in them. Why can’t it just be sa “special edition”? Why must I be reminded that it was 30 years ago that I was glued to the TV waiting for Belinda’s videos to come on so I could make a crappy audio recording of the song by pushing my cassette player against the speaker?

elliott buckingham

this is how tango in the night should have been done and not the cheap looking effort we got. hoping born in the usa gets a deluxe treatment with all the 12″ mixes included


What was cheap-looking about the Tango SDE? I wouldn’t clam it’s perfect – those damn pockets! – but in what way does it compare poorly to a Belinda set we haven’t even seen yet?


It seems that Why is a demo from way back 1999 or so:


I hope they put more work in it


Did the signed version reach the 500 pre-order threshold already? I do not see this as available anymore.

Alan Wilson


Yes, they have all sold out

Maybe in the future they’ll be a small re-sale of a few they have left over, similar to the Brett Anderson sale etc, keep it in your watch list just in case.


Think that was Leave A Light On on Runaway Horses. 59.99 for Superstar imho as i probably have more copies of this than any other album. Sadly doubt she will top Karen Carpenter, but definitely interested to hear.


Didn’t George Harrison play guitar on this album?


Thanks Paul just ordered. Great Album, Great Times, & Great Memories.

O(+> Peter B

Just wondering if the promised Purple Rain review is still coming?


UGH–I don’t collect vinyl, don’t even have a turntable, but I really, really, really want the new tracks….


Thanks Paul, ordered the signed one, good memories of the album and looking forward to seeing Belinda live in the autumn.


I have the 2cd/dvd issue of this album. No need to buy this mostly vinyl box for vinyl I never play, or the 3 extra songs which are probably so scraped from the bottom of the barrel that they couldn’t possible be much to write home about. I’m fine with Edsel milking this till the cow’s udder falls off but I wish they would spend their resources on something new and much more worthwhile.

Mark Franklin

Thank you! Signed edition ordered.


Thank God I have no interest whatsoever in vinyl! I have the two previous editions of HOE, don’t need another.

Joe Mac Pherson

I have the 12″ UK single of Love Never Dies, signed by Ms. Carlisle, using the marker I gave her. I met her in Century City, in Los Angeles, when she was promoting her autobiography. It’s not much of a signature, but’s it’s large! And more beautiful, professionally framed!
BUT: Love Never Dies, 12″ single mix, isn’t among the included vinyl here. Why? I still think this is one of the finest recordings Belinda Carlisle recorded!


You will have to buy the CD Singles Box Set for the Full Length Version on cd.


there was never a 12″ single mix of Love Never Dies – it only got a edited (by an early fade) Version. The 12″ had the Album Version to my knowledge


Yikes. The days of remixes all over the place. Still no Heaven Is A Place On Earth [DJ Tiesto Super Deluxe Dub Extended Edition Remix]. :-)


Ordered! Thanks! Love Belinda and this album, something tells me she’s using this opportunity to promote her new album, and if it’s the yoga album I’ve been hearing about I’ll keep away like I kept away from Voila.

Auntie Sabrina

Looks like Demon will have another quick seller as was case with the limited Blancmange boxset…


A nice set, but Belinda has possibly the worst ‘signature’! It’s nothing more than a squiggle (at best). But if you want it, you know have a chance to get it…

Robert Lett

I agree. I’ve collected hundreds of autographs and she is definitely one of the worst and most illegible. Runs the pen across, that’s about it.

Scott T.

Agreed on her autograph. I have the 30th anniversary pink vinyl/original cover of the Go-Go’s “Beauty & the Beat” and met the entire band for a second time (first was in 1984 in NYC when I caught Gina Schock’s name-embossed drum stick during the final encore) and they agreed to sign the front cover. Everyone sort of chose to sign at least close to their actual photo, and then there’s Belinda’s… a squiggle that sprawls across the others’ autographs and doesn’t resemble a single letter in the U.S. alphabet.


Ordered, thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to the 30th anniversary tour this autumn.

Alan Lastufka

What a weird configuration, I want all those mixes, edits, and live tracks on CD! Hopefully the entire box will hit 7digital/HDTracks.


All tracks have been on CD before – scattered on the Edsel deluxe of “Heaven On Earth” and the Singles CD collection


The guys at demon records know how to milk a cow dry – and yet i will have to buy it for the new Songs.
Funny how that early fade promo edit of “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” Pops up everywhere now, when it fact it was on no promo i know off in 1988. I own the US MCA promo and the CD single and all have the regular Album Version.
Though LP 4 will be the Vinyl debut of the Romantic Mix of “I Get Weak”


thanks – well it was first on that Edsel Deluxe Edition of “ehaven is A Place On Earth” so that makes it it’s second appearance


This album always reminded me of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 show that they showed in the UK on Saturday lunch time (If I recall correctly at least in the HTV area). This show introduced me to Belinda Carlisle and always enjoyed this album.


Now, that’s a way to create a vinyl SDE!
With B-sides, short and long mixes, live tracks…