Belinda Carlisle / Runaway Horses 30th anniversary vinyl box

4LP+CD box set • New tracks • Signed sets sold out

Belinda Carlisle / Runaway Horses 30th anniversary SIGNED vinyl box

Belinda Carlisle‘s 1989 album Runaway Horses is to be reissued as a 30th anniversary vinyl box set in August.

Carlisle’s third album was her second for Virgin Records and built on the success of 1987’s Heaven On Earth. It delivered six  singles, with only ‘Vision of You’ failing to break into the UK top 40 (just – it peaked at #41). After the initial success of the first single ‘Leave A Light On’ (which features George Harrison on guitar) it actually took until the sixth single – ‘(We Want) The Same Thing’ – for Belinda to breach the UK top ten again (sack the A&R man!).

This new vinyl box features all white vinyl: the album on the first record, an LP of seven-inch versions and then two further LPs of remixes, dub mixes and acappellas. The anniversary box also includes a CD of the album and three brand new recordings.

The four records and CD come in a 12-inch lift-off lid box set. The signed editions are sold out, but the standard version is available. Additionally, Belinda Gold, a new 3CD or 2LP collection, is also available to pre-order. Read more about the latter, here.

Runaway Horses 30th anniversary edition is released on 6 September 2019.

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Belinda Carlisle

Runaway Horses - 4LP+CD deluxe set


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Belinda Carlisle

Gold - 2LP coloured vinyl


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Belinda Carlisle

Gold 3CD set


LP 1


Side A

1. Leave A Light On
2. Runaway Horses
3. Vision Of You
4. Summer Rain
5. La Luna

Side B

1. (We Want) The Same Thing
2. Deep DeepOcean
3. Valentine
4. Whatever It Takes
5. Shades Of Michaelangelo

LP 2


Side A

1. Leave A Light On [7”]
2. La Luna [7”]
3. Runaway Horses [Single Edit]
4. Vision Of You [7” Edit]

Side B

1. (We Want) The Same Thing [Summer Remix]
2. Valentine [Remix Edit]
3. Summer Rain [Single Remix]
4. Vision Of You [91 Remix]

LP 3


Side A

1.(We Want) The Same Thing [Extended Summer Remix]
2. Leave A Light On [Extended Version]
3. La Luna [Extended Dance Mix]

Side B

1.(We Want) The Same Thing [All The Right Moves Mix]
2. Leave A Light On [KamikazeeMix]
3. Summer Rain [Justin Strauss Remix]

LP 4


Side A

1. La Luna [12” Dub]
2. Summer Rain [Dub Mix]
3. La Luna [Acappella]

Side B


1. If You Could Read My Mind
2. I Need You To Turn To
3. Both Sides Now



1. Leave A Light On
2. Runaway Horses
3. Vision Of You
4. Summer Rain
5. La Luna
6. (We Want) The Same Thing
7. Deep DeepOcean
8. Valentine
9. Whatever It Takes
10. Shades Of Michaelangelo

Bonus New 2019 Recordings: 

11. If You Could Read My Mind
12. I Need You To Turn To
13. Both Sides Now

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Eric Goode

83 Dollars is too much Money, just for Three New Song’s. Everyone all ready has the Original and Remixes. That we’re released on Cd back in 2014.

Anthony Oxley

out of stock now,

[…] signed Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses box sets have now sold out, but if you didn’t want one or perhaps didn’t manage to secure one, […]


Description is above is ridiculous-‘sack the A&R man’ indeed. She got 6-6! off this and should be thrilled they ALL charted and well. By the time the 4th came out, she was lucky and pushing as most had the album, yet still bought them. Mind you the ‘We Want (Same Thing)’ on the album was horrible and always was. Noisy, tuneless mess. The complete remake for the single release so much better. While the title track (much better in its somewhat shorter single version) and ‘La Luna’ were picked to is annoying when the four remaining were much better choices.

But even better female singers with great unsung material (Kim Wilde, Sandra) have albums full of potential singles (B-sides too in Kim’s case, something hardly anyone can do) yet she barely gets any push, and barely 3 off every album. Her label execs and A&R men don’t need sacking, they don’t hanging, drawing, quartering and boiling in acid. At least Belinda got a decent job of remasters. They’ve only done the 80s Kim albums, took ages doing that, and most of the songs have been tacked on without any due care, so they’ve all got seconds missing from their original LP/cassette versions, and we’re STILL awaiting the 90s ones, and anything following. There’s never anything allowed out of the archives-even worse, the locked away completed 1998 album will stay in the scummy Universal vault forever. True Kim Wilde fans always get treated the worse.

“Heaven On Earth” marked Bel’s entrance, yet it was never nowhere near as good as all that followed, and had the worst choices for singles. ‘Heaven’ and ‘Circle In The Sand’ were perfect, the two typically Diane Warren compositions far less so, and ‘Love Never Dies’ was awful-her worst song ever-verses not bad but the chorus just killed. Even worse, it was one of her longest songs. Wish there had been a 1987 outtake of a new song from back then to cover the horrible thing up. The US were luckier-they got ‘I Feel Free’ as a single, but we got that appalling ballad instead. It was lucky it charted, but tellingly fell way short of where all the others got, so is mercifully absent from her 1992 first singles collection! Not missed at all. This album is where the A&R man needs firing-both ‘Should I Let You In’ and ‘Fool For Love’ SCREAM single and should have gone off instead of that ballad and ‘World Without You’!

“Runaway Horses” has long been Bel’s own fave album so it slots neatly with what so many of her fans agree with, and so do I. Just wish Kim would get this treatment, but then UK acts of real class are always ignored for shoddy attention-seeking US ones (NOT Belinda I hasten to add) and bad UK ones. Life’s just never fair.


Your opinion. “Love Never Dies” is a favorite of mine.


This will forever be my favorite solo Belinda album so, yes, you get my money (again).


I wish Demon would do a BSOG Runaway Horses deluxe CD box set. And a Heaven one too. I know CD’s aren’t hip n all, but it just seems lame that vinyl box sets get all the glory, when really, Belinda fans were prime CD fans too!


Vinyl hasn’t been hip forever. Trust people to bring it back, never bring anything back worthwhile. Anyone saw you buy vinyl after 1991 they’d look at you funny. “CDs is the future” they’d say, and despite the best people hardly ever getting decent CD sound and complete length tune updates for each song when compared to the lesser lot the critics all love. Belinda got big just as CDs were rendering vinyl obsolete and is still is if you ask me and plenty others. Loads of people were glad to see the back of it, and all they’ve done is bring old albums everyone has got in the first place, or new rubbish that ain’t worth even a crackling old radio.


Getting sick of the hoops Aussie fans have to jump through to get any of these releases, currently both the signed and standard version of this boxset are only available on AmazonUK, who ceased shipping to Australia 12 months ago. The Gold vinyl greatest hits is only available from there also at this stage. In 2019 it shouldn’t be too hard to have them available in multiple regions! I mean they supposedly put man on the moon 50 years ago!! so it can’t be that hard. UK residents could make a nice little side income listing them on ebay!

Dan Krist

I was on the fence about ordering this. I love the album (it is my favorite solo album by Belinda along with her solo debut, however the 3 new tracks and colored vinyl sealed it for me. Ordered! Thanks for the post Paul!


Ordered. Thanks Paul.


Are the “new” tracks all cover versions or new songs?
If You Could Read My Mind – Gordon Lightfoot, 1970
I Need You To Turn To – Elton John, 1970
Both Sides, Now – Joni Mitchell, 1969


They are covers of the tunes you named. I have listened to the samples on Amazon UK.


Talk about flogging a runaway horse! No demos, no alternate takes, no lost songs, just different edits of the same old songs which we’ve all bought a dozen times, plus a completely misplaced quartet of ‘new’ songs. Having bought the green vinyl version last year it’s hard to justify shelling out for this new box set. But I probably will.

David B

Interestingly one of the three new tracks (“both sides now”) appears on the forthcoming 3cd “Gold” set – currently on Amazon for £5.99 .. maybe a better option ???


The Amazon “Gold” description confirms that “Both Sides Now” is indeed a cover of the Joni Mitchell song. I wonder if I’m right on the other two new songs being covers?


Yes, they are. “I Need You To Turn To” is an Elton John cover and “If You Could Read My Mind” is the Gordon Lightfoot tune.


Very beautiful woman.


Absolutely gorgeous lady.

Fergal O’Riordan

She’s so spirited. The world is a better place because Belinda Carlisle is in it.


Oh when will the barrel stopped being scraped. They would do better reissuing the deluxe cd sets as most of them are OOP surprisingly.

Same price as the Heaven On Earth set signed from a couple of years ago and same edition number. Now £40 odd on eBay, i wouldnt advise buying as an investment.


3 new tracks for 78,- Euros.
Do the math…


Lolling all the way to my collectables corner. This will indeed sit nicely next to the signed Heaven box! Thanks for the alert Paul!


CD should be available separately as I certainly won’t pay that for 3 new tracks

Jeff S

I was hoping that Demon would do a set like this for the 30th anniversary, just like they did with “Heaven On Earth”. Thanks for the information Paul. I noticed that Demon are also releasing another Belinda greatest hits set called “Gold” around the same time in September, with a 3CD set available, as well as a 2 LP gold vinyl. I am still holding out hope that the label will eventually issue “Belinda”, “A Woman & A Man”, and “Voila” all on colored vinyl/picture discs as well.

John Melandro

Ordered! Thank you!!!


Perfect addition to my limited Heaven on Earth Edition.


Again? Really? After the last (green) vinyl reissue? No thanks.


Got one…Thanks Paul.
According to a George Harrison interview, he performed one of his best solo guitar recordings on this album.

Jon J

I know Demon have been pretty ‘thorough’ in terms of exploiting Belinda’s back catalogue over the last few years, but this box set seems to contain very slim pickings for that price. The three new tracks would have to be pretty special to be worth shelling out nearly £70 for.


Why put three new recordings in a set that otherwise consists only of tracks from 30 years ago??

Otherwise this looks like a nice package! (I’m no Belinda Carlisle expert, though.)

Brian Scott

Amazon description says it’s white vinyl too!
Ordered, thanks Paul