Belinda Carlisle / The Vinyl Collection 1987-1993 / limited coloured vinyl box

Four virgin albums • Coloured vinyl box now sold out!

February 2018 sees the release of The Vinyl Collection 1987-1993, a Belinda Carlisle 4LP vinyl box set that is available as a black vinyl edition or a limited coloured vinyl package.

The outer rigid slipcase contains Belinda’s four albums from her Virgin Records years, Heaven On Earth (1987), Runaway Horses (1989), Live Your Life Be Free (1991) and Real (1993). If you opt for the coloured vinyl set – only available at Amazon UK – then these are blue, silver, red and white respectively.

Black vinyl edition of The Vinyl Collection 1987-1993

The other box set with the black vinyl editions of the same four albums, can also be distinguished by a different colour slipcase – light blue.

These albums contain numerous hit songs including Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Circle In The Sand, (We Want) The Same Thing, and Live Your Life Be Free. Each long-player is pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl and come with printed inner sleeves with lyrics.

The Vinyl Collection 1987-1993 is released by Demon Records on 23 February 2018

HEAVEN ON EARTH  (Blue Vinyl in limited box)

Side A

  • A1: Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • A2: Circle In The Sand
  • A3: Feel Free
  • A4: Should I Let You In?
  • A5: World Without You

Side B

  • B1: I Get Weak
  • B2: We Can Change
  • B3: Fool For Love
  • B4: Nobody Owns Me
  • B5: Love Never Dies…

RUNAWAY HORSES  (Silver Vinyl in limited box)

Side A

  • A1: Leave A Light On
  • A2: Runaway Horses
  • A3: Vision Of You
  • A4: Summer Rain
  • A5: La Luna

Side B

  • B1: (We Want) The Same Thing
  • B2: Deep Deep Ocean
  • B3: Valentine
  • B4: Whatever It Takes
  • B5: Shades Of Michelangelo

LIVE YOUR LIFE BE FREE (Red Vinyl in limited box)

Side A

  • A1: Live Your Life Be Free
  • A2: Do You Feel Like I Feel?
  • A3: Half The World
  • A4: You Came Out Of Nowhere
  • A5: You’re Nothing Without Me

Side B

  • B1: I Plead Insanity
  • B2: Emotional Highway
  • B3: Little Black Book
  • B4: Love Revolution
  • B5: World Of Love
  • B6: Loneliness Game

REAL  (White Vinyl in limited box)

Side A

  • A1: Goodbye Day
  • A2: Big Scary Animal
  • A3: Too Much Water
  • A4: Lay Down Your Arms
  • A5: Where Love Hides

Side B

  • B1: One With You
  • B2: Wrap My Arms
  • B3: Tell Me
  • B4: Windows Of The World
  • B5: Here Comes My Baby

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[…] These were previously available together in the ‘Amazon Exclusive’ edition of the Vinyl Collection 1987-1993  box set, although where before the colours were (respectively) blue, silver, red and white, this […]

Chris Squires

A rare loss from Amazon here.

Got the “Your parcel will be delivered 23rd March” email…. all very yippee

About 20 minutes ago I got the “unable to source from our supplier” email and my order has been cancelled. This time though, rather than kicking the can down the road the order has been cancelled. So at least there is closure rather than false hope.
Fortunately I was able to source a copy elsewhere (thank you elsewhere).
This I guess is the downside of the “Strictly limited edition of 500” they have to be bang on the ball of stock checking. You make 500 and promise / sell 550 some people are going to get pee’d off. Both of Belinda’s 500s have sold quickly. Difford / Wyman / Shadows / Suede / Dury are all still either available at a lower than launch price or took ages to sell out just 500.

Steve Rickard

I missed the original listing, but caught it the other day when it was ” back in stock on 22 March” up for order on Amazon. Order accepted, but would it be fulfilled ? To my surprise it turned up today, perfect, sealed condition, so not a customer return. Is it really first come first served, if other customers are getting their orders cancelled????


Same happened to me just now. All set for delivery today then at the last minute “unable to source from our supplier”? Surely they knew this yesterday when they emailed me to tell me it was on it’s way? So where did it go? Really annoying. Thanks Amazon!

andy brookes

yeah same here


Well the coloured vinyl set that I ordered on December 27th, having had the kick-the-can-down-the-road emails since release date, has been despatched and is due to arrive today – so hopefully they are sending out this batch to people who ordered last year rather than people who ordered when recently “back in stock”.

Mind you I have kicked up a huge fuss about it with Amazon since release date and they have given me £35 in Amazon credit for my “inconvenience” so it’s effectively only costing me about £20 !!

Matthew Holbrook

Mine has just arrived now, following a number of Amazon delays. Increasingly I was thinking mine had gone to one of the new purchasers now reviewing on the Amazon site. Thankfully I have the purple-boxed coloured vinyl set I ordered.

Chris Squires

Well…a few turned up yesterday on amazon, which is odd as there are several of us still waiting for the ones we ordered last year… so either they have forgotten us or they made sure that we get ours and the spare ones are then passed on… we shall see if they do turn up at last.


I received my ‘colored’ vinyl box set today from Amazon UK. It was delayed by one week but still got the colored edition I ordered.
Anyone knows if these lp’s have been mastered from the original tapes or were they mastered from the CD tracks?

Chris Squires

Rather annoyingly amazon told me on Friday that my coloured vinyl copy of Belinda Carlisle would be delayed until today (Monday) and this morning I got an email saying delivery is delayed until the 1st March. I am beginning to worry that they are kicking my can down the road and I am not going to get a copy. For whatever reason I feel that the delivery will keep getting pushed back until I get the dreaded “hey you aren’t going to get this but (big whoop) we haven’t charged you”. I can’t see any reason for a delay *other* than they don’t have it. No one is going to return one, even a slightly damaged one. Aaaaargh so miffed!!!

Anybody else get the same problem or am I just very unlucky?


I have a similar experience. They answered their usual generic not knowing what the hell is going on reply. Doesn’t sound like there’s a physical copy allocated to my order. Will give them a benefit of a doubt but it isn’t promising at all.

Chris Squires

As I thought, kicked down the road to the 9th March. I can see what is coming. Amazon over-sold or had some damaged ones..for whatever reason it does not look as though my order will be honoured and fulfilled. Aaaargh.

William Miller

Exactly same thing has happened to me constant delays now says march 9th :(

William Miller

Was due today. Now says arriving Monday! Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it. Some scalper on ebay selling 11 copies for £120 each! Amazon should limit to 2copies a person


Any Australian fans after the coloured box set? I’d be willing to pass mine on at cost price and postage within Australia.

Rod Kirkman

Hi Piotr

Do you still have the set available?



Yes, I’d be interested. How do I get in touch?

Steve S

Ive ordered the standard box set today having bought myself a nice turntable for Christmas. Amazon are giving punters £10 off £50 spend with code BIGTHANKS so this is a great way to get these back in my hands again.

[…] Belinda Carlisle / vinyl box sets […]


I got Belinda Carlisle The Collection on vinyl for Christmas, both inner sleeves were plain white. Does anyone know if this is standard on this issue? I had expected some notes and photos on the inner sleeves, part of the reason I prefer to buy vinyl.

Antonio José García

I got a copy from amazon.es for only 20 euros but it’s the same thing, plain white inner sleeves. I expected this release to be gatefold and/or with colour inner sleeves inlcuding the lyrics or something but they’re plain white and they don’t even feel high quality and on top of all there are two tracks missing from the CD version. I would recommend this vinyl release only for die hard vinyl lovers.

Steve S

The amazon listing is as follows:
Product Description
All four classic Belinda Carlisle albums from her Virgin Records years housed in a rigid slipcase. Each album is on 180g heavyweight vinyl, and the printed inner sleeves feature the lyrics.


Wow, another chance to buy the same songs for the twentieth time, I’m in!

Chris Squires

Well for me it’s a perfect way to explore 3 albums I have never heard. Particularly as the one I do know is “pretty good”. It’s a valid question to ask “well why the heck didn’t I get a version of any of the other three at some point in the last 24 years”
But sometimes it takes a set like this to spur one into action, particularly as (to me anyway) it looks so beautiful. I can think of the Sparks set, when slade ruled…..Ian Dury and Cheap Xmas as recent sets that could be accused of being an opportunity too many to buy again…. but it was all new to me and I am so glad they bothered as I have found some lovely music that I missed and I probably wouldn’t have bothered (or even known) if they hadn’t featured on SDE.


I received that email too MartyTem, but on clicking the link absolutely nothing happened. Must have been sold out again instantly. boo.


I know your pain colinthebruce, your experience is typically mine.

Antonio José García

A pity so few copies are going to be made of the limited edition set leaving a lot of fans like me unsatisfied ordering the black vinyls set. They should have made more copies of the colored vinyls and less of the black ones because all or most fans would want the colored set while a non-fan wouldn’t mind much either if the vinyls they order are colored or plain black. Also the purple box looks better and more luxury than the blue one. I wonder if making colored vinyls is much more expensive than making plain black vinyls because both boxes are sold for the same price in amazon.co.uk.


Luckily, after the sets were marked sold out, I signed up for an email to be notified if the title came back in stock. Surprisingly, I received an email (in the middle of the night) from Amazon that they were copies for sale. Thanks to insomnia, I was able to promptly respond to the notice and place an order. Yay!


Have to say the milking of the BC back catalogue is getting dull.


O.k. it is the next day…I apologize for my crudeness BUT I feel like I had to shake yo booties a bit to get your attention and be memorable. I understand what you are saying Chris Squires and maybe when it comes down to it I am in the wrong…buuuut as a customer it is VERY disappointing as someone who comes to this website every day to see something OUT OF PRINT the day of its announcement before it even goes on sale. If anything are more not able to be made at some point? I am sorry for letting my passion get to the best of me losing control. This website is phenomenal and I don’t really mean what I said about not telling us certain things. With that said 500 copies of something is an amount that could possibly be handed out as party favors, amongst, friends, family, industry folk, and people the artists probably know or have some contact with. It’s hardly an amount that even local artists used to have to sell in their own corners of the world. I’m sorry that former Stones bassist Bill Wyman or whatever recording artist can’t either sell their recordings at all or can’t meet the demand. I agree that is truly an relevant issue (and rather sad to be honest in terms of not being able to sell a few hundred copies). I’ll check and see if I am on the e-mail list and what have you though I have to say I am somewhere else on Earth so I’m not sure that fixes this problem that I appear to not be the only one having with this process. It’s like being left out of a click or some insider group that you actually are able to partake in.

P.S.: As the bitch that I am I actually found a place to buy this product which makes me on a personal level feel all jolly about myself but it would not surprise me if there were some other customers that feel the way I do about some of the choices concerning these limited releases. A release can still be limited if more are made. I am sorry as I know it is not easy making decisions here…sigh…


Yes, a release can still be limited if more are made, but have you ever seen the reaction on here when a release “limited to _____ number of copies” suddenly either gets that number increased or gets a second, barely different at all, release? It a no-win situation, because the villagers with the pitchforks and torches come out either way.


Where did you find it AlexKx??


Unfortunately I have missed the deal. My question is: Has anybody here ordered two or more copies of the coloured vinyls and would sell (for more) one copy?

Chris Squires

It’s kind of like the “Good old days” but I guess the numbers and mechanics are a bit different.

Reading about a limited edition 7″ or 12″ Double pack in the NME or Smash Hits or hearing about it from an employee at the record shop. Taking the bus into Birmingham the following Saturday and hoping you could hunt one down to spend your hard earned £1.29 on the Gentlemen Take Polaroids double pack. Knowing your route around 7 shops in the shortest possible time. WHSmiths, Cyclops, HMV, Virgin, The Oasis, Boots, Tower Records and so on. Until you snagged one and came straight home to play it…over and over again. (Jumpers for goalposts).

You can do all that without leaving your chair now… just get an SDE news alert, five clicks and you are done… the numbers are reduced but what are they going to do? They have made a “Normal set” and a limited edition… do they make 1000, 2000 of the limited set or do they make what they know they can sell and create a “Demand”?
Have they worked out that 500 is spot on to raise interest and that 1000 will leave many unsold and a feeling of failure?…. Some 500 edition amazon exclusive sets are still unsold 9 months later at discounted prices (Bill Wyman “White Lightning” – The Shadows on Red Vinyl) and some sell out in a day (Belinda / Blancmange / T-Rex) .
I wouldn’t want to be the poor sod to have to work it all out. Is it better to leave…. 100 people feeling disappointed or 400 copies unsold on the shelf for 6 months.

It’s the same as a concert – Sell out the Hammersmith Apollo (4,000 – success?) in 14 minutes or half fill the o2 (10,000 – failure?). Is it better to have 6,000 people feeling disappointed whilst claiming “Sells out in a day”? – It’s all marketing….


LISTEN! If there are going to be so few copies made and sold please DO NOT TELL us about it!!! This is pathetic! It was just announced today! I’m not very disappointed I am PISSED! This is NOT to be taken seriously. You all and whoever else OBVIOUSLY have NO interest in either sales or making money so I have to ask WHAT’S UP?! What’s your real motive? The amount being sold is equivalent to party favors! This obviously does not involve the general public! Pathetic!

Sarah Dean

AlexKx, you don’t make any sense, what are you ranting about!!…needless to say I am not P!ssed, I got my copy :)


As much as I’m looking forward to this box set release, I’m going to predict the next release: 7″ vinyl box set Heaven Is a Place On Earth – Lay Down Your Arms… The Virgin Years.


WOW – All gone. Went as fast as the SIGNED Heaven on Earth Box Sets!


Oh no! Missed out. Your FB post only just now popped up in my feed. Sadness.


I do get the SDE alert emails, but somehow the stars didn’t align and I missed this one. (I wasn’t slagging you, Paul. I just wasn’t online or on email much yesterday.)


They better make some more! I am pissed!!!!

graham hill

all gone!
that was quick! glad i ordered straight away!
thanks paul……


I’m glad that Belinda’s catalog is getting some proper attention, and the new album was a nice addition to the body of work, but where is the pop album that she keeps mentioning and keeps seeming to be pushed further and further back. While the yoga album was a pleasant listen, I don’t see it being something that I’m going to have on heavy rotation–kind of like the album of French songs. I would love more pop music from her, though I realize she also needs to follow her creative muse.

Neil McL

Sold out now thanks Paul would never have known without you as usual


A shame Belinda’s first solo album and “A Woman & A Man” (never on LP) aren’t included. I ordered the colored vinyl.


I wish they could strike a deal with IRS (or whoever holds the rights now) to include “Belinda” in this set.

Saar Freedman

Snagged. Thanks for the heads up Paul.
Too bad they didn’t straighten out the copyrights and go for a complete set ( I’m guessing that would have been a pink “Belinda” and purple (?) Woman& a Man to round up the “pop” years


This would have been amazing, how come we got the deluxe CDs of these 2 albums a couple of years ago? And now they can’t include anything from them on these vinyl projects? E.G. The vinyl version of the Collection also excluded pre / post virgin songs (bar Sun).


looks great like the last heaven on earth set!

Tony Orwell

170 sold in the last two hours on amazon, be quick!


I’m sure it’ll be sold out by the end of the day, I accidentally stumbled across this, so I’m sure a lot of fans don’t know about this yet.


Ordered the coloured set, thought I’d missed out but luckily got one in time.
I’ve only got Heaven on earth on vinyl so this is perfect. The box set for the black vinyl looks pretty too though.

Ade Young

Good music. But unimaginative, predictable vinyl colour choices..? An element of surprise, picking a highlight colour from the album cover, might be interesting, rather than ‘it’s a blue cover, hey make the record blue’…


I agree. I would have went with gold for “Heaven,” green for “Runaway” and dark red for “Real” to match the album titles on the cover and an orangish-red for “Live” to match the roses a little closer.

Mark Franklin

Limited edition set ordered! I hope they do number them.

lee bowler

Just when you thought Demon couldn’t do anything more with her back-catalogue ……… needless to say, coloured vinyl edition ordered. £15 per album (plus the box) sounds a fair price to me and of course, it will become highly collectible around the world. Hopefully the ‘Real’ vinyl has a new master/test pressing as the original UK edition (the LP was only released in the UK) had a manufacturing problem on Side B :)


Do you know if the limited edition coloured vinyl box sets are numbered?

Chris Squires

They look quite pretty and as I only have heaven on Earth it’s a great way to get into the other three albums. And at least the colours look like they should…. limited edition set is ordered.


mhm will this be exclusive to the UK or also available elsewhere?

David Thorpe

Thanks Paul ordered coloured vinyl

London Rob

I ordered the coloured vinyl set, thanks for the info.
Had vinyl singles but never vinyl albums, really looking forward to getting this lovely looking set.

Danko Crljen

Ordered the colour vinyl box.

Thanks for the tip Paul.