Ben Folds / Brick: The Songs Of Ben Folds 1994-2012 / 13CD box set

Signed edition SOLD OUT • 13CD box set • Bonus tracks

In June, Edsel will issue Brick – The Songs Of Ben Folds 19942012, a 13CD box set that takes a detailed look at the output of American singer-songwriter Ben Folds.

It includes all four Ben Folds Five albums (including 2012’s comeback album, The Sound of the Life of the Mind), all of Folds’ solo albums (up until 2012), live recordings, b-sides and other bonus material.

In this new set the first album (1995’s Ben Folds Five) comes with five bonus tracks, while the second (Whatever and Ever Amen from ’97) features 19 extra tracks on a separate CD. The third album from the original era – The Unauthorised Biography of Reinhold Messneralso includes a two extra songs and a radio edit.

Ben’s first solo album, Rockin’ The Suburbs was issued in 2001 and is included here across two discs (with 14 bonus tracks) and 2005’s Songs For Silverman only includes a couple of bonus cuts, but this is because most of the extra material from this era can be found on disc nine of this set Songs For Goldfish (at the time bundled with Songs For Silverman and sold via Folds’ website).

Supersunnyspeedgraphic compiles song from a trio of EPs – Sunny 16, Speed Graphic and Super D – and Folds’ final solo album Way To Normal is present and correct in both standard and Stems and Seeds variant (the latter sees the album re-ordered and remastered with much less compression).

In 2011, Ben Folds Five got back together to record their first album for 13 years. The Sound of the Life of The Mind completes this new Brick box set (which also features Ben Folds Live)

Brick – The Songs Of Ben Folds 19942012 includes a 60 page booklet featuring a brand new interview with Paul Myers and comes in unique ‘brick’ packaging. It will be released on 6 July 2018.

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Ben Folds

Brick: the Songs of Ben Folds 1995 to 2012 - standard edition


1. Jackson Cannery
2. Philosophy
3. Julianne
4. Where’s Summer B.?
5. Alice Childress
6. Underground
7. Sports & Wine
8. Uncle Walter
9. Best Imitation Of Myself
10. Video
11. The Last Polka
12. Boxing

13. Eddie Walker, This Is Your Life
14. Tom And Mary (studio)
15. Dick Holster
16. Emaline (studio)
17. Jackson Cannery (original 7” version)

1. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
2. Fair
3. Brick
4. Song for the Dumped
5. Selfless, Cold and Composed
6. Kate
7. Smoke
8. Cigarette
9. Steven’s Last Night in Town
10. Battle of Who Could Care Less
11. Missing the War
12. Evaporated

1. Song For The Dumped (Japanese Version)
2. For All The Pretty People
3. Michell Lane
4. All Shook Up
5. Champagne Supernova
(Live at LA2, London 26 November 1996)
6. Theme From Dr. Pyser
(Live at LA2, London 26 November 1996)
7. Hava Nagila
8. For Those Of Ya’ll Who Wear Fannie Packs
9. One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
(Shitless Version)
10. Bad Idea (Demo Version)
11. Missing The War (Live at Gaston Hall,
Georgetown University 04 December 1997)
12. She Don’t Use Jelly
13. Smoke (Live on “Morning Becomes Eclectic”
KCRW / Los Angeles, 17 July 1997)
14. Brick (Radio Mix)
15. Video Killed The Radio Star
16. She Don’t Use Jelly (Lounge-A-Palooza)
17. Kate (Ska Mix)
18. Bad Idea
19. Air

1. Narcolepsy
2. Don’t Change Your Plans
3. Mess
4. Magic
5. Hospital Song
6. Army
7. Your Redneck Past
8. Your Most Valuable Possession
9. Regrets
10. Jane
11. Lullabye
12. (Theme From) Dr. Pyser

13. Birds
14. Leather Jacket
15. Don’t Change Your Plans (Radio Edit)

1. Annie Waits
2. Zak And Sara
3. Still Fighting It
4. Gone
5. Fred Jones, Pt. 2
6. The Ascent Of Stan
7. Losing Lisa
8. Carrying Cathy
9. Not The Same
10. Hiro’s Song
11. Rockin’ The Suburbs
12. Fired
13. The Luckiest

1. Rockin’ The Suburbs (Radio Edit)
2. Girl
3. Make Me Mommy
4. One Down
5. The Secret Life Of Morgan Davis
6. Zak And Sara (Live at The Chapel, Newtown,
NSW, Australia for MTV)
7. Boxing (Live at The Chapel, Newtown, NSW,
Australia for MTV)
8. Bizarre Christmas Incident
9. Lonely Christmas Eve
10. Protection
11. Wandering (E.P. Version)
12. All U Can Eat (E.P. Version)
13. Rockstar (E.P. Version)
14. Songs Of Love (E.P. Version)

1. One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
2. Zak And Sara
3. Silver Street
4. Best Imitation Of Myself
5. Not The Same
6. Jane
7. One Down
8. Fred Jones Part 2
9. Brick
10. Narcolepsy
11. Army
12. The Last Polka
13. Tiny Dancer
14. Rock This Bitch
15. Philosophy (Inc. Misirlou)
16. The Luckiest
17. Emaline

1. Bastard
2. You To Thank
3. Jesusland
4. Landed
5. Gracie
6. Trusted
7. Give Judy My Notice
8. Late
9. Sentimental Guy
10. Time
11. Prison Food

12. Side Of The Road
13. Landed (Strings Version)

1. In Between Days
2. Gone
3. Hiro’s Song
4. You To Thank
5. Weather Channel Music
6. Evaporated
7. There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You
8. Rockin’ The Suburbs
9. Radio Jingles for Tokyo’s Inter-FM
10. Side Of The Road (Studio)

1. In Between Days
2. All U Can Eat
3. Songs Of Love
4. There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You
5. Learn To Live With What You Are
6. Bitches Ain’t Shit
7. Adelaide
8. Rent A Cop
9. Get Your Hands Off My Woman
10. Bruised
11. Dog
12. Still

13. Kalamazoo (E.P. Version)
14. Them That Got (Live E.P. Version – Recorded live
at The Avalon, Boston, MA, 08 June 2002)
From the motion picture Over The Hedge
15. Family Of Me
16. Heist
17. Lost In The Supermarket
18. Still
19. Rockin’ the Suburbs (feat. William Shatner)
(‘Over the Hedge’ Version)
20. Still (Reprise)

1. Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)
2. Dr. Yang
3. The Frown Song
4. You Don’t Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)
5. Before Cologne
6. Cologne (Piano Orchestra Version)
7. Errant Dog
8. Free Coffee
9. Bitch Went Nuts
10. Brainwascht
11. Effington
12. Kylie From Connecticut
13. Black Glasses (feat. Angela Aki)

1. Effington
2. Frown Song
3. Dr. Yang
4. You Don’t Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)
5. Free Coffee
6. Cologne (Piano Orchestra Version)
7. Bitch Went Nuts
8. Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)
9. Kylie From Connecticut
10. Errant Dog
11. Brainwascht
12. Cologne (Piano Orchestra Version)
13. Bitch Went Nutz
14. Way To Normal
15. Free Coffee Town
16. Lovesick Dianostician
17. Frowne Song (Feeble Anthem)
18. You Don’t Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)
(Conan O’Brien Rehearsal, 2008)
19. Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)
(Japanese Version)
20. Brainwashed

1. Erase Me
2. Michael Praytor, Five Years Later
3. Sky High
4. The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind
5. On Being Frank
6. Draw A Crowd
7. Do It Anyway
8. Hold That Thought
9. Away When You Were Here
10. Thank You For Breaking My Heart
11. House

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Anyone have any luck getting a replacement print? It’s been a while and I haven’t heard anything after being told to provide my address.

Paul E.

@Charles…I did get a response email back and my replacement signed print. I also got an old box set corrected today by Howard Jones. That faulty “Risk” bonus cd was just received by his web store. I was impressed with them taking care of things so fast.

Rob Maurer

Thanks, Paul. Just emailed them. Also asked the question of how they’d even HAVE replacements to give considering it was supposed to be a Limited Edition.


I got mine today in the USA. I was stunned to find the print in the box underneath the set with no protection at all. Of course it is crumbled on the complete top, complete bottom and creased down the sides in the shape of the box set. The set itself was in pristine condition. Very disappointing. I paid extra for this?

As far as the signature goes, it doesn’t really looked signed to me. Just looks like it is part of the print and not real ink. Any way to completely know? And who the heck signed this? Is it a “B” for Ben and a “J” for Jessee? Because it certainly doesn’t look like a complete first or last name name. It barely looks like letters.


Got mine, with no sheet at all. I contacted Amazon, but no luck. Trying my luck with the label.


Mine’s just arrived – no print at all, creased or otherwise. Not happy.


I just received mine at my work. I believe the item is under review because, rather unfathomably, they simply shipped the brick with the signed lyric sheet in the bottom of the box.

Literally no protection at all. They treated the signed lyric sheet like a packing slip and just tossed it in the bottom of the box.

Quite remarkable. I have all my shipments sent to my office so I can’t properly examine it yet for damage. Mine appeared to be OK.

But completely crazy…. I imagine they will be getting many returns.

Paul E.

@fenwick – you and I have been keeping up with this thread and I’m sorry to say that my box set arrived today in exactly the same fashion. The exterior packaging survived the trip to my U.S. mailbox, however, upon opening I also discovered the autographed print was sitting at the bottom of the shipping container UNDER the “Brick” box set! It was creased on all four sides plus had a lovely outline of the deluxe box just to add insult to injury. My guess is that Demon pre-packed these and Amazon simply shipped as is. I’m going to voice my displeasure and ask for a replacement autographed print and if that’s not possible, at least a price adjustment for the premium I paid for this Exclusive Edition. Underwhelming to say the least.


Same situation with mine. Luckily, it’s only the bottom the page that is crumpled from the box being crushed, but it still sucks.


Seems like I was “lucky” and only the bottom of the page was damaged for me. I’ve emailed Demon, thanks for the link Paul!

Paul E.

Thanks Mr. Sinclair! I’ve just emailed Demon Music to ask for a replacement autographed print and will provide a follow up once they reply back.

Paul E.

After a very brief email exchange, Demon Music offered and already shipped a replacement signed print for me. I’d encourage other SDE readers to follow Paul’s direction and let them remedy things for you.
The set otherwise is really outstanding and remastered with no brick wall nonsense. Of course the packaging was an inconvenience but Demon stepped up and, in the end, I’ll have 2 signed prints + a box set with 13 discs for around $60! Thanks again Paul for your dedication and responsiveness as you always do what you can for SDE readers/fans.


Paul, would it be possible for you to post the correspondence with Demon? ake sure I have “said the right thing” to get an uncrumpled sheet. If not, no worries,


I just got mine in the USA. The lyric sheet is crumpled as well. What a disappointment and waste of money.

Paul E.

From an Amazon email dated 28th June:

“Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

Ben Folds “Brick – The Songs Of Ben Folds 1994-2012 (Amazon Exclusive Edition)”
Estimated arrival date: August 13 2018 – August 17 2018″


Just got an email that mine shipped

Andy F

Message on Amazon now says:

“Item Under Review
This item is currently unavailable because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it’s described here. (Thanks for the tip!)”

Interesting …..


Can you fix the title? The image and official Edsel site say it’s 1994-2012–not 1995.

J Galvin

I want this but I wanna know if the whole set is remastered, above it shows the Ep. tracks remastered but not all the early albums.

[…] The Complete Sessions at West 54th will be released on 13 July 2018, a week after Demon Music’s Brick: The Songs Of Ben Folds 1995-2012 […]


Just got a note from Amazon UK that the release date has been pushed back two weeks, to July 6.

Paul E.

@Greg – I got that as well. I’m in the U.S. and ordered the signed edition. My email message was: “Estimated arrival date: July 16 2018 – July 20 2018”. Not sure if the differential was based on shipping to the U.S. or the fact that it included the autographed print vs. the standard “Brick” set.

Paul Anthony

I’ve got the Truth & Rumours promo CD that is the perfect companion piece to Reinhold Messner. It’s somewhere in the loft.

Geert De Wilde

Difficult to see, but I wonder what that ‘brick’ is made of? Just thin cardboard? Plastic? brick? Is it textured. Judging from the price I imagine it’s just shoebox-material with brick-picture pasted on? Though it would be nice if it were anything more fanciful


Ben Folds breathes new industrial life into Stewartby, Beds. perhaps?

Geert De Wilde

No worries, I pre-ordered it as soon as it popped up here :) .But I’m a bit worried the ‘brick’ may look flimsy and a bit tacky. I guess all we can do is wait and see what it will look like …


@Paul Sinclair:

Wouldn’t it be nice though if they made a limited edition of one-hundred or the likes housed in actual bricks exclusively to retail in brick-and-mortar stores? ;-))

Ben in Colorado

Well there’s one more signed copy available.

I just canceled my pre-order. I get excited when I see box sets that might be interesting to me, but then after I sleep on it I decide I don’t really need it. That is the case here.

Ben Folds Five first three albums were wonderful . Songs for Silverman was excellent. But his Way to Normal album was absolutely awful. I listened to it once and never listened to it again.
I did love his three EPs .

I think I have what I need, so if you want a signed copy get to Amazon.co.UK fast.

Michael G

Signed Edition gone already!


Seems to be gone …

Prince Is Dead

I see that Fear of Pop Vol. 1 is not included, anything else “major” missing? There are many stray tracks and this would have been a great opportunity to collect all of them in one place.


I wish I liked Ben Folds now..but I can’t


Saw him live last fall and he tore it up as always. Great box set here. Highly recommended. If you don’t want the full box and are curious about his music you need to pick up both the Whatever and Ever Amen and Rocking The Suburbs albums as a starting point.

Paul E.

I needed to purchase another large box set this week and my wife was in full agreement. With that approval, the signed edition has been ordered. She says “thank you” and so do I Paul!

Darren linklater

I have most of this content but am missing a few of the bonus tracks as well as the Seeds CD. Can’t fault this collection at a really good price so pre ordered from Amazon with the added bonus of the signed lyric sheet. Thanks for the deal alert Paul. This site is costing me a fortune!

Larry Davis

Turns out, after comparing tracklistings, I am hanging onto my 3 CDR’s of the “Fifty Five Vault” because there is more than a handful of demos/covers/live tracks/rarities not carried over to “Brick”, plus with those tracks in alphabetical order, it makes for additional interesting, fun listening…


A fair amount of those older bonus tracks are on the Naked Baby Photos compilation.


This is the exact kind of box set I wish more bands would put out when their discography starts to get up there. As much as I love CD’s I always take a chance to offload my old jewel cases sitting on my CD shelf to have them nicely packaged in a tidy box set. I own every Ben Folds album despite always being kind of on the fence about him. I don’t think I need this much material but can’t refuse this box set at that price.

Is it really not being released in the US where he has a much larger fan base?

Larry Davis

Looks that way…it’s on Edsel/Demon, a UK company, no US distribution…not sure if Ben controls/owns his masters, but if he did, and wanted it directly out in the US, he’d have to license it to someone else in the US…most of his stuff was out via Sony, so if they own the rights over Ben, they would have to do their own set…which would not be nearly as good or comprehensive as this “Brick”… Just sayin’


Great value. Would have loved a Hi-Res Blu-ray but truly a great value. Page, McCartney, Waters, Henley, Ferry, etc. take note. I think this “brick” packaging should be required on every overly compressed reissue. I’m hopeful this will be the un-brickwalled “brick”

don cooper

If you order a quintuple,would that be Ben Folds Five Bricks?
Clever trick if you can do it.

Paul Kent

Signed print copy duly ordered! Like others I have the majority of the content but it’s nice to replace some digital stuff with a physical format. Not everything, but I have the Best Imitation 3CD set and the Fifty-Five Vault digital box, so the gaps will be plugged. Cheers for the heads-up, Paul :)

Larry Davis

Is everything from the Fifty Five Vault on this box?? I hadn’t looked at it in ages BUT I backed that up on 3 CDRs…

Paul Kent

This pretty much covers it, Larry, apart from the odd live cut or alternate mix. Strange that Over The Hedge is here in full but no other soundtrack work. Also House has been appended to The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind but not Stumblin’ Home Winter Blues. Just me nit-picking, though… it hasn’t stopped me ordering it!

Electric Sydney

Anyone who has a song called “Bitch Went Nuts” is at least worth a look see.

Larry Davis

It’s a fun song about a girl losing it at a company Christmas party…one thing about Ben…like Miles Hunt from the Wonder Stuff, he has a mean, vindictive, wisearse sense of humour, which in his hands is fun/funny, while in lesser hands would be deemed just mean and obnoxious…oh and he’s got the musical chops and tuneful songwriting to back him up…this box will be great fun…

Electric Sydney

He is a very clever songwriter which I appreciate. Signed version ordered, thanks Paul.


The “Fake Leak” of Way To Normal was good fun.


Does this include the tracks from The Bens EP (recorded with Ben Kweller & Ben Lee)…can’t see some of them here…I don’t know much about Ben Folds so maybe it only includes the tracks he was most involved with.

Sammy Waslow

One of my favourite comments to ever appear on a hype sticker (I cannot remember the source and I don’t have the disc to hand) was on the first Ben Folds Five album. “The best thing to come out of America since Star Wars. You will never, ever regret buying this album.” I bought it without hearing a note and loved it. Saw Ben Folds Five in December 1997 (and again on the reunion tour) and I’ll be seeing Ben for the seventh time in a fortnight. And I never, ever regretted buying that album.

Gary Thompson

I saw this trailed on another site last week, and have been waiting for more details. According to the Amazon.co.uk site, it isn’t available for delivery to Northern Ireland (where I live) for some reason, yet I was able to place my order with no problem. I suppose I’ll have to wait until it’s released to see if I get a copy.


Gary, I live in Dublin and have it on order.
Maybe this is the start of “ the hard border”!

Neil Parnell

hope the mastering is not brickwalled…..(sorry)


Paul, any chance of a vinyl set?


Now this is something that I didn’t know I was waiting for. Just ordered the signed copy. I have seen him live in 2007 in Cologne. The concert still ranks among the best I have ever seen.


And now I wish I liked Ben Folds! That really looks like a job well done, doesn’t it? Fair play to everyone involved with this.


And the award for best value boxset of the year goes to…

simon dipple

Doesn’t include the Accapella University album, which i actually like . Overall great value, fed up with being asked to cough up loads for very little content.


The Accapella album never even had a UK release though. I had to order it from the US. It’s a fun and interesting project I guess, but I’ve only listened to it twice since I bought it!!


Well, I do have a lot of this already. But, the box looks great and with the exception of the patchy Nick Hornby collaboration, this compiles it all neatly into one place. And I snagged a signed copy too which is tasty.

Anyone know when Amazon take payment on pre-orders? I could do with them waiting a little while :D


Looks amazing AND affordable! I already own 99% of the albums and CD singles, but there’s still plenty of material on here I don’t have including his Christmas songs! I might have to offload all my original albums and replace them with this. But it’s missing the one Ben Folds album I still don’t own – Lonely Avenue. Also shame there’s no DVD, but then again I’d probably only watch it once!!

Larry Davis

No DVD or Blu-ray… Video content?? Boo…and weird but nabbed one anyway…


Awesome! Who said CDs are dead? :)

Larry Davis

Well well well, isn’t THIS a nice surprise?? Ben Folds is quite the talent, a punky Billy Joel if you will…and his output is quite large and all over the place, releasewise…there was a 3CD anthology released some years back with a deluxe released digitally with like 50 extra songs to download, many of them rare…this Brickbox…how appropriate…looks like it gathers it all together with all the albums, both solo AND BF5…had to put in the preorder as soon as I saw this because Folds fans are notoriously hardcore, and this WILL go fast…I got one tho…yay me!!


Wow. This looks good. As a band I’ve always liked but never really delved to deep into, this is a box I would really like to get stuck into.

Stop making me spend my money Paul!! :’D