Ben Folds Five / The Complete Sessions At West 54th limited coloured vinyl

2LP blue vinyl limited to 1000 copies • CD edition also available

This July, Real Gone Music will issue The Complete Sessions at West 54th a live performance by Ben Folds Five as recorded by American public broadcaster PBS in 1997.

These sessions were recorded at the Sony Music Studios in West 54th Street in Manhattan and the TV broadcasts were normally very edited (around 30 minutes in length). Ben Folds Five (Folds, drummer Darren Jessee and bassist Robert Sledge) were one of the first acts to perform, in June of ’97 although the performance wasn’t broadcast until November of that same year (alongside Beck).

The video for these complete sessions have been issued on DVD (back in 2001) but not the audio, which features 15 tunes including three from the self-titled debut and nine from their then-current release Whatever and Ever Amen, and three songs that had not been released at the time (Emaline, Theme from ‘Dr. Pyser,” and the cover of The Flaming LipsShe Don’t Use Jelly).

This release is available as a gatefold 2LP set pressed on blue vinyl. This is limited to 1000 copies. A CD version is also being release. Both have sleeve notes by Bill Kopps.

The Complete Sessions at West 54th will be released on 13 July 2018, a week after Demon Music’s Brick: The Songs Of Ben Folds 1995-2012

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Ben Folds Five

The Complete Sessions at West 54th - limited blue vinyl

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Ben Folds Five

The Complete Sessions at West 54th - CD Edition


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Ben Folds

Brick: the Songs of Ben Folds 1995 to 2012 - standard edition


Side 1
1. Missing the War
2. Kate
3. Battle of Who Could Care Less
4. The Last Polka

Side 2
1. Selfless, Cold and Composed
2. Brick
3. Steven’s Last Night in Town
4. Smoke

Side 3
1. Philosophy
2. Emaline
3. Theme from “Dr. Pyser”
4. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces

Side 4
1. Underground
2. She Don’t Use Jelly
3. Song for the Dumped

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Darren Linklater

Looking forward to this one. Ordered the brick box last month as well. I’m sure Ben said he had an album planned for this year so maybe more to come.

Paul- any word on the audio source or remastering of the box set?

Larry Davis

I may get the blue vinyl but it’s pricey and no rush…will def get the CD at some point… Just reacquired the 3CD Retrospective…cuz some tracks not on the Brick box…


I finally plunk down money to get everything from Ben Folds all at once, and one week later, there will already be something new I don’t have. Sigh. (I know, first world problems, but at least let me have a month or so.)


Is “Bue” vinyl (look at your SDE Bonus Content email) a new ultra-quiet audiophile compound mined from the catacombs located in the Appian Way in Rome?

Mathew Lauren

There’s always one. At least you made “a funny” out of it. Good thing, Paul seems to have been blessed with thick skin and a sense of humour. Keep up the great work, Paul.


Spooky coincidental timing, so close to the Ben Folds box set. Anyone would think they’d want to take all our money at once?!

Mike Cox

Great news and great show! I’m hoping they’ll put out the “Back to Front” reunion show from 2008 at some point. A couple of tunes from that show made the 3 disc Retrospective set in 2011.