Bernard Hermann’s Taxi Driver film score on stunning double vinyl package


Marking the 40th anniversary of director Martin Scorcese’s seminal film Taxi Driver, Waxwork Records present a deluxe double LP featuring the vinyl debut of Bernard Hermann’s complete original score, plus the remastered original 1976 soundtrack.

“All the animals come out at night: buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies. Sick. Venal…” But enough about the SDE editor’s colourful group of friends, we’ve got a rather attractive-looking double LP to discuss.

Taxi Driver comes pressed on 180-gram vinyl in two colour variants – ‘Tri-Color’ or pure ‘Taxi Cab Yellow’ – and either edition delivered with a heavyweight old-style tip-on gatefold jacket.

The first disc presents legendary composer Bernard Hermann’s score, his last before his death on Christmas Eve 1975, on vinyl for the first time. The term ‘legendary’ is used advisedly in Hermann’s case when you consider his work on films such as Citizen Kane, Psycho, North By Northwest, Cape Fear, going back to 1941 film The Devil and Daniel Webster which earned him an Academy Award.

The second disc has the complete and remastered original soundtrack from the film.

According to a recent tweet by Waxwork Records, limited copies of the tri-color variant were ‘still in stock and moving fast’. Seemingly spectacularly expensive at $40 for either the Tri Color and Taxi Cab Yellow versions direct from the Waxwork Records, and, at the time of writing, pre-ordering at an even more eye-watering £48 from Amazon UK (colour variants not specified), this may be one for Taxi Driver collectors and/or aesthetes, because it’s fair to say that the Tri-Color disc is a thing of beauty and illustrator Rich Kelly has done a wonderful job with the illustrated album artwork.

Interesting to note that Waxwork Records launched Waxwork Comics! last year, ‘a new company specializing in a fresh take on horror-inspired comics’ and a glance at the artwork of their various soundtrack releases indicate that as much effort goes into the visuals as the audio.

Indeed, Martin Scorsese himself approved the new album artwork and has further endorsed the release by contributing new and exclusive liner notes to the accompanying four-page booklet.

Taxi Driver 40th anniversary 2LP vinyl is released on 29 April 2016.

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Bernard Herrmann

Taxi Driver [VINYL]



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  • 1. Main Theme
  • 2. Thank God for the Rain
  • 3. Cleaning the Cab
  • 4. I Still Can’t Sleep/ They Cannot Touch Her (Betsy’s Theme)
  • 5. Phone Call/I Realize How Much She Is Like the Others/A Strange Customer/Watching Palantine On TV/You’re Gonna Die in Hell/Betsy’s Theme/Hitting The…
  • 6. The .44 Magnum Is a Monster
  • 7. Getting Into Shape/Listen You Screwheads/Gunplay/Dear Father


  • 1.Theme From “Taxi Driver” [4.06]
  • 2. I Work The Whole City [2.24]
  • 3.Betsy In A White Dress [2.13]
  • 4.The Days Do Not End [4.05]
  • 5.Reprise: Theme From “Taxi Driver” [2.24]
  • 6.Diary Of A Taxi Driver
  • 7.Theme From Taxi Driver [3.35]
  • 8.The .44 Magnum Is A Monster [3.11]
  • 9.Sport And Iris [2.17]
  • 10.God’s Lonely Man (End Title) [1.52]

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Wowz, mine came this morning and the quality of the whole package is exceptional.

SDE Hall of Fame

Still waiting for mine from Amazon. Keep getting ‘delayed’ emails :(


@LostTurntable – thank you.
Too many people getting caught up in the pretty colours – very little discussion about quality… mastering… pressing, etc.
It’s crazy to spend so much money if the quality is compromised.

Steve G

Might have been nice if they had included Bernard Herrmann’s name on the cover instead of just a tiny “Music BERNARD HERRMANN” in the middle of the credit block on the back. His credit as conductor is larger than his composer credit.


FYI, Waxworks Records usually sound absolutely hideous. My Friday The 13th LP was damn near unplayable. So you’re paying a lot for a pretty picture.

Friso Pas

@ simon taylor: I just ordered mine through Discogs for a reasonable price. That way I’m also sure about getting the tri-color version and avoiding the sales tax by not buying it from Waxworks. I’m in The Netherlands and get slapped for 20% tax over 22 €, which is totally insane in this day and age.

Alan Wilson

I opted for the record soon as seen it on sale at Waxwork, It got delivered last week, it’s absolutely stunning, great artwork both inside and out and the records themselves look superb. I haven’t had a chance to give it a spin yet so am unable to comment on the sound.

On a side note, I’m based in the UK and it was sent with a lower value on the packaging therefore avoiding any possibility of those nasty customs charges.

All in all very happy with it so far.

simon taylor

Can anyone see that tri-color version available anywhere or all sold out? Bit of a shame if it has.

Tom M

“Can anyone see that tri-color version available anywhere or all sold out? Bit of a shame if it has.”
Still available from the Waxworks site this morning.


It looks really cool but I think I’ll be hoping that a deal alert will come down the line ;-)


Ya, a little pricey, but vinyl is getting that way now. Every record shop I go into here in Edmonton, record prices are on average $30+, and that’s for one record, never mind a double LP. That being said, the tri-color is going to cost me $40US + $15US shipping (shipping is always a big rip-off, that’s why I rarely buy anything from the US). That works out to $70CAN. I’d never pay that for a standard black LP, much less a double LP, but this looks pretty cool, so I figured I’d bite the bullet.


I would appreciate it very much if you could get an interview with one of these specialist vinyl pressing/manufacturing plants. There seem to be quite a few of them. It would be interesting to learn exactly how a record like this one is created (well for me anyway! :-)

SDE Hall of Fame

Good suggestion. Will put in the SDE pot of ideas! :)

Steve Roberts

Better value are the forthcoming Twisted Nerve OST vinyl releases. Available either in blood splattered yellow 180g vinyl or in clear vinyl, both packages include a CD and high quality download of the content and 7″ single along with a poster and a certificate signed by Bernard Herrman’s widow. Great value at £33 on Amazon UK

SDE Hall of Fame

Yes, they are better value. Might do a video of those to show them off, they’re excellent.


What constitutes a “heavyweight old-style tip-on gatefold jacket”? Especially the “tip-on” part? Looks like a nice package. $40 for a double LP on colored vinyl isn’t that outrageous a price.

SDE Hall of Fame

Basically, really thick card gatefold jacket, which is then ‘wrapped’ with printed design. Old school, and the expensive way to do it. Explained more elequently here > http://piratespress.com/cms/vinyl-records/packaging-options/jackets/casewrapped


A shame that such a striking record is such an eye-watering price.

SDE Hall of Fame

Yeah… not cheap. But I’m in love with that artwork. SO cool.


I don’t really get why soundtracks are suddenly sooooo massive on vinyl. It’s not like they were ever that popular before.

That said, this is probably a rare case of a soundtrack that deserves reissue, and they’re doing a great job of it.