Bert Jansch / Living In The Shadows box


Earth Recordings will next month issue Living In The Shadows, a four-CD box set that brings together three Bert Jansch albums from the 1990s and along with a fourth disc of unheard and unreleased material from the same decade.

This set collects a trio of albums from the folk legend, namely: Ornament Tree (originally issued in 1990), When The Circus Comes To Town (1995) and Toy Balloon (1998). The unreleased material was transferred from Bert’s own collection of tapes – catalogued earlier this year – and the selection includes demos, alternate versions and some completely new tracks.

Living In The Shadows – 4CD set in book packaging

The four-CD edition comes packaged as a gorgeous-looking book-set with sleeve-notes by Bert’s biographer Colin Harper. A similarly presented 4LP vinyl box is also available.

Living In The Shadows will be issued on 27 January 2016.

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Bert Jansch

Living In The Shadows


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Bert Jansch

Living In The Shadows [VINYL]






CD or LP 1
1. The Ornament Tree
2. The Banks O’Sicily
3. The Rambling Boys of Pleasure
4. The Rocky Road to Dublin
5. Three Dreamers
6. The Mountain Streams
7. The Blackbirds of Mullamore
8. Ladyfair
9. The Road Tae Dundee
10. Tramps and Hawkers
11. The January Man
12. Dobbins Flowery Vale

CD or LP 2
1. Walk Quietly By
2. Open Road
3. Back Home
4. On One Around
5. Step Around
6. Step Back
7. When the Circus Comes to Town
8. Summer Heat
9. Just a Dream
10. Lady Doctor from Ashington
11. Steal the Night Away
12. Honey Don’t You Understand
13. Born With the Blues
14. Morning Brings Peace of Mind
15. Living in the Shadows

CD or LP 3
1. Carnival
2. She Moved Through the Fair
3. All I Got
4. Bett’s Dance
5. Toy Balloon
6. Waitin & Wonderin
7. Hey Doc
8. Sweet Talking Lady
9. Paper House
10. Born and Bred in Old Ireland
11. How It All Came Down
12. Just a Simple Soul

CD or LP 4
1. Morning Brings Sweet Peace of Mind
2. Back Home
3. Just a Dream
4. Untitled Instrumental
5. When the Circus Comes to Town
6. No-one Around
7. Lily of the West
8. Fool’s Mate
9. Paper Houses
10. Another Star
11. Little Max
12. Merry Priest
13. Untitled Instrumental 2 (Early Attempt With John Renbourn)
14. Untitled Instrumental 2 (With John Renbourn)

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Ernest James Johnston

I have not received my 4cd boxed set of Living in the Shadows,can you please let me know when to expect it

[…] Bert Jansch / Living In The Shadows (box […]

Tom Bingham

Much as I love to see BertJansch LPs being re released and keeping the music alive and relevant, From a collectors point of view I hate that just about everything Bert ever did I will have to buy again. The extras added seem to double even treble the costs compared to other release and as its only the “Music” I am interested in not pretty pictures I really really hate having to pay for extras I do not want. The volume of these releases seem to indicate that they are aimed at a particular customer, they are NOT for mass consumption and are being manufactured in tiny amounts for money or at least thats what i perceive not to promote BJ to the masses or the general public. I wish all of these re release businesses a prosperous new year but doubt if Bert was still here with us he would do the same.

Ken Wilson

I could not agree with you more, I have just about every album he produced and am happy to leave it at that. Met him in 1969 and again in 2006, still in my mind today nice guy,


These releases have been really great for me, I don`t think the cost has been excessive. A 4 CD box set in quality packaging for £28 is a bargain as is the LP box set for £41. Yes the `Avocet` LP cost £29 but Earth did a great job with the packaging. You are right Tom it is the music that really matters but doing that bit extra for this release was worth every penny. The CD edition was also quality in packaging and especially the music, the cost? £12. Would Bert condone these releases? Of course he would, Earth can`t be making that much out of this release program and they should be congratulated for doing so.


I’m in for this and the other releases also. Bert Jansch was unique in putting out albums of consistent quality throughout his career. I’m a late-comer to all of Bert’s music and I must have bought 15 LPs last year of Bert’s back catalog in the past year, CDs also and as Colin Harper says the ‘Avocet’ release was superb on both vinyl & CD. Earth Recordings are to be commended for these releases.

Colin, any plans for a Special Edition of your ‘Sunset Cavaliers’ album? Seriously it was a fine album, thank you for the music.

Colin H

You’re very kind Richie! I thought recently about a vinyl version of either ‘Sunset Cavaliers’ (which includes a track with Bert, for anyone wonders what this deviation from the thread is about!) or its 2010 predecessor ‘Titanium Flag’, but I got cold feet.

However, I have prepared a new edition of ‘Titanium Flag’ on CD, due via Market Square in March or April, which includes 4 bonus period tracks and 3 newly recorded tracks, two of them reconvening the original ensemble of musicians (violin, clarinet, drums, flugelhorn) with guest pianist Scott Flanigan, flautist Premik Russell Tubbs (ex-Mahavishnu Orchestra, and featured on ‘Sunset…’) and the great Jan Akkerman on guitar (ex-Focus), to whom the album was originally dedicated. Being on a theme of Arctic history, I’ve included two vintage fold-out maps of the Arctic plus a 12pp booklet and wholly revamped cover design.


You`ve sold one Colin, I am looking forward to this release as I was unaware of `Titanium Flag`. Sounds good.

Colin H

Thank you! The remastering on ‘T Flag’ is by the great Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering – it sounds great.

But getting back to Bert Jansch, I should mention that the forthcoming Cherry Red 7CD set on his 1967-73 band will include all the then-previously unreleased studio takes that were issued on Sanctuary CD editions in the early 2000s alongside the albums proper (all newly mastered, many from original tape sources) PLUS 26 previously unreleased tracks (just over 2 hours’ worth), mostly from studio sessions.


One of my fastest one click buys here on SDE ;-) Jansch never lost his qualities over such a long time. Four vinlys with the same content as four CDs is remarkable and exemplary. 2017 should go on like this.


This label has been putting out some very nice Jansch reissues. I’m excited to get this one in my hands.

Colin H

Thanks for the coverage of the set, Paul (semi-detached interest declared: I wrote the notes). I like the Earth vinyl chaps too. I thought their ‘Avocet’ reissue with new artwork/inserts was a triumph – perhaps rare in being a reissue revamp that matched the audio, and the musical artist, in a way that the original artwork hadn’t managed.

Anyone interested in Bert should look out for a 7CD set by his 1967-73 band on Cherry Red in 2017, featuring their complete albums newly remastered with over two hours of previously unreleased material. Having been asked to, I’ve contributed purely factual/neutral written content (track source info and chronology); several other writers are being approached to write appreciations.

Earth Vinyl/BJ collectors should also look out for Earth’s forthcoming revamp of Bert’s terrific 1998 recording/2001 release ‘Downunder: Live In Australia’ – which I believe will be its first release on vinyl. I think it’s out in February 2017.

CJ Feeney

That looks beautiful.

Jansch’s music has passed me by really, which is odd considering I love Fairport and the rest of the Island folkie roster from his heyday with Pentangle.

Are these press release photos, Paul, or do you actually have a copy.