Beyoncé to issue $300 Lemonade box

Beyoncé is to issue a box set of last year’s Lemonade album which she’s calling the ‘How To Make Lemonade Box Set’.

The 2,500 limited edition will cost a hefty $300 and the main attraction is mammoth 600-page hardcover book which includes hundreds of never-before-seen photos from the making of Lemonade as well as Beyoncé’s “personal writing” and lyrics. The box includes audio and visual album downloads.

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The box set will also contain a double 2LP yellow vinyl pressing of Lemonade although this is also available separately.

You can order both from Beyoncé’s website, although Amazon in the US already have the vinyl for pre-order with a release date of 28 July 2017.

Side A:
Pray You Catch Me
Hold Up
Don’t Hurt Yourself (Featuring Jack White)

Side B:
6 Inch (Featuring The Weeknd)
Daddy Lessons

Side C
Love Drought
Forward (Featuring James Blake)
Freedom (Featuring Kendrick Lamar)

Side D
All Night

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JPC states the yellow vinyl release date as 29.12.2017

william mckinley

I like her, but very overpriced for a picture book. Madonna’s book was a lot less than this, and we got to see her naked.


It’s a bit of a kick in the nuts to most of her fans who can only dream of having this money.


$300 ?
$3 is too much for this drivel.

Wayne Klein

Mmmm…does she need to buy another chandelier for her baby.


Yes Paul, and the ridiculous overpriced Gorrilaz release was a pure vanity project( musically also – as those who have heard it will testify).

Suzy Wrong

Finally on vinyl, yay!


I wonder if the video download of the album will be in 4k. Hmmmm…


I know 300.00 sounds expensive and it is however really well done coffee table art books can cost 100.00-150,00-200.00. If the book is high quality well constructed I’m sure the book alone could fetch a high price via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The downside is that with her previous CD / DVD album she eventually released a Combo of it as a C/ BLU-Ray and the audio PCM 5.1 audio was great. This Deluxe should have been the perfect time to include the film on a BLU Ray disc with great PCM 5.1 audio. Major missed opportunity!

I’m a causal Beyoncé fan and really do want to see her Formation Tour hopefully a BLU Ray release will be coming soon. Something tells me there will be a HBO presentation but this was Beyoncé’s Epic Tour. even if you are not a fan you have to agree she is on top of the mountain currently and if this Tour doesn’t get a home video release it will she shocking.

Larry Davis

Ummmm, nice piece, BUT I am a fan, just not hardcore…great record, but I am happy with the CD/DVD and the yellow vinyl is nice…I may go for the separate vinyl…but the box is too costly


200 of the photos will be of the Pro-tools screens.


Surely the point is that overpriced box sets usually come out for established classics…not a very recently released LP. Vanity release …nothing more…no reflection on the music which apparently is pretty good.


You know, aside from all the points about “serious artists” and whatnot, perhaps the best response to all the griping about “fools spending money foolishly” would be, “My fucking money; I’ll buy what I want.” Cher famously said, of her plastic surgery, “It’s my money, and if I want to have my tits slapped onto my back, I’ll do it.” This is definitely a niche product, but from the looks of it, it’s going to be well-put-together, and anyone buying it obviously is going to feel it’s worth the price. Personally, I think anyone who drops more than three bucks on one of those mega-Dylan box sets with seventy takes of the same track has wasted their money, but as long as they’re not spending mine, why should I care?


This comment is 100% on the money. It’s hypocritical to slate this for the cost/content and then spend the same amount on reissues of artists that you *like*. If Beyonce is one of your favourite artists then you’ll covet this set. Doesn’t make it any less valid than a David Bowie limited release, for example.

The Progster

A fool and his money are soon departed…If you buy it maybe you have got more money than sense? and Beyoncé s bank account gets bigger and bigger we just get poorer with all these senseless expensive releases…save your money for something that’s not overtly overpriced.

John volley

It wasn’t a very good album to start off with ,each new album gets worse and worse and as a long term fan I am losing the faith ! x

Boaz Halachmi

The webstore says it’s made-to-order. I tried to order 3,000 copies and I could (if I wanted for $900,000). I guess the number of copies will depend on the number of the pre-orders.


Love all the negative comments about this. Paul McCartney could fart in a box, and you’d pay £100 for it, but anytime an artist you don’t much care for puts out a flashy box set, it’s a ridiculous cash grab.


This is the first album that Beyonce has done that actually felt, to me at least, like a complete, fully-envisioned album, instead of a collections of songs–singles and filler. I loved the entire project. That said, I’m glad there’s no “exclusive content” in terms of audio and video, because I couldn’t justify this much money, even if there was a bonus disc.


Hi! Where did you see the info about there being only 2500 copies? I had been looking for this info.


ok, 2500 gets me excited – I would consider adding this to the collection but on her site it says “made-to-order” and so if thousands of people order it then this isnt worth $300 to me.


The only question to be asked is… will the book hold my door open in a 10mph breeze? Not much of a Beyonce fan but can see her appeal for some, 300 bucks is pushing it for a photo album and a bit of vinyl tho. Unless it’s lemon scratch & sniff, of course.


I wonder if this was 600 pages of Pink Floyd 2500 copy exclusivity would the comments be anywhere near so barbed? After all, how many people on here lapped up the leftover crap and tat they dug out of the bin and repacked and sold for $430+ as The Early Years? And I say that as a Floyd fan. One SDE rule for ‘serious’ artists beloved of affluent middle aged men, another rule for every other artist? Not sure, just putting that thought out there ;)

Stevie B

Content of the early years was considerably greater than what is being offered here, not that I was interested in that set either.


That’s a subjective assessment, though. Considering my interest in Pink Floyd begins and ends with…well, it actually doesn’t begin anywhere….then I could just as easily say this is the better package.


If you are a PF die hard yes, mostly not missing much / not essential otherwise. My favourite comment from a review of it was that ‘it makes me realise I am not as a big a fan as I thought’. Meaning it is hard going, and nothing like an unmissable listen. But to a hard core Beyonce fan isn’t a ltd edition 600 page coffee table book just as essential as what is on the PF discs? Would Bowie fans not go nuts for a book like that with only 2500 in the world? Pretty sure they would.

Stevie B

I’ve asked my local library if they can get a copy of the book in so that I can borrow it.

Otherwise might be tempted when it’s going at 2 for £10 in HMV.


For that price I would have expected her to include some of her intimates (check out the webstore) as well as her photo album.


B is not my thing, but I don’t have any negative opinions on her either. For such a hugely famous artist / star the price for exclusivity of that big book makes sense, assuming that it STAYS exclusive and is never published and sold separately. If so then I imagine it will hold it’s value. If not then people will have been conned. But I am seeing a rare signed 1000 qty box set of one of my more obscure favorite artists going up on ebay for upto £200, from an original £60 rrp. So ltd editions can be an decent investment if your need to sell. This will sell out easily.

Emili Lafarga

I think I’ll get a couple of them, or better, three. Just in case.

Chris Squires

This is the third draft….. I was going to say like many…. vanity…who cares about words….who cares about pictures….stupid price…. and so on.

Then I read Gary’s point above, I spent money on this stuff, a lot of money this year…all of the McCartney editions (except FITD on principal – which will break once it hits £60 or less) which, when push comes to shove, are books with some music attached…. but most importantly I have spent a grand or more on books ABOUT Kate Bush, Gered, Guido, JCB… and that’s where I agree about the snobby comments. Guilty, well I would have been if I posted the first version of this post. Somebody will love this. Just not me. If it were a £200 edition of The Kick Inside with double coloured vinyl and a 600 page book I would get three… so each to their own.


Well spoken Sir.
I own the CD/DVD-package of said Beyonce-album and must admit that i like the music and even more the lyrics though i’m normally more into bands that had already split 10 years before she was born, but GBP 300 for 600 pages of photos and handwritings of her is a bit too much.
As Chris pointed out there are certainly artists i would think about buying although not at such prices, least not before i win the lottery.
For example currently i’m waiting (im)patiently on the SDE from Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds which also might have an impressive book to come with it, but at a more reasonable price.


“If it were a £200 edition of The Kick Inside with double coloured vinyl and a 600 page book I would get three… so each to their own”

Why only three?

Rob G

Does it leave you stranded on an island in an emergency tent? Yikes that’s a $280 set of liner notes to a $20 album I already had.

Cool about the vinyl though.

Rob Iles

I took the wife to see Beyoncé last year as a wedding present. Outdoor arena in Manchester.
I’m no fan, however I must say …. she certainly earns her cash!
Fantastic performance, fantastic show, the best quality sound system I have ever heard (was worth the £600 to hear that!)

I will not be buying the boxed set, however I am tempted on the vinyl purchase!
It’s fair to say, this purchase will probably be the first where the wife WILL NOT say “why have you paid £?? For that when you can get the CD for £?”


One word: ridiculous !

gary oliver

Beyonce maybe not for some ; but all the snobbish vanity book / cash grab comments could apply to many, many box sets featured on here (that are no doubt snapped up)

Auntie Sabrina

Good luck with selling these B


They will sell out immediately.


I’m not sure the concept of a “lemon” has translated here.

andrew r

Cash grab for that twin buggy she’s been saving for !


Balls to the expensive box of tat, but the album finally on vinyl is great news.


*how to make a bit of extra cash from people with too much of it.


No thanks. I can buy a whole bottle for £0.99p and not get a pointless vanity book with it (and all the previously available content).