Big Country / The Crossing 2LP reissue

Scottish rock band Big Country’s debut album The Crossing is being reissued as an expanded 2LP set in April.

The 1983 album features four singles, two of which – ‘Fields of Fire (400 Miles)’ and ‘Chance’ – were top ten singles in the UK.

The new vinyl edition is pressed on two 180g black vinyl records and features four bonus tracks. These are: ‘Angle Park’ (B-side to ‘Fields of Fire’), ‘The Crossing’ (despite its title this did not feature on the album proper but rather on the 12-inch of ‘Chance’), ‘All Of Us’ (B-side to ‘In a Big Country’) and ‘Heart and Soul’ (which was a bonus track on the original cassette tape).

The album’s ten tracks are now spread over three sides of vinyl with the four bonus tracks on side D. This reissue comes with an insert with song lyrics and drawings.

The 2LP expanded vinyl reissue of The Crossing is released on 26 April 2019 via Music On Vinyl. You can pre-order from the SDE shop or the usual other channels.

1. In A Big Country
2. Inwards
3. Chance
4. A Thousand Stars

1. The Storm
2. Harvest Home
3. Lost Patrol

1. Close Action
2. Fields Of Fire
3. Porrohman

1. Angle Park*
2. All Of Us*
3. The Crossing*
4. Heart and Soul*

* Bonus tracks

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Just got my copy, thanks Paul. It looks great but I won’t be able to play it today. I’m ill in bed, not serious but I don’t have a turntable in the bedroom. Unfortunately.

Paul Wren

Just ordered from the SDE shop. One of the top 100 debut albums of all time as nominated by Classic Rock magazine. I now have the original album, the 30th anniversary album plus this latest release – right on!

Kevin Henry

My most played LP in 1983. Absolutely brilliant. The only time I saw them was at Knebworth in 1986 when they supported Queen. What a day that was.


For those not in the know, the version of Heart and Soul on the UK cassette edition, is a slightly longer version. Glad to see there is still an interest in Big Country, they were such a great band! R.I.P. Stuart you are missed.

Matt Young

Ordered…Thanks, Paul

paul wren

Quality studio band and one of the very best of all time to see live. Stuart Adamson is greatly missed. I may have to buy this as a completist colletor.

Robert Laversuch

Hi Paul greetings you might remember me from 10 years ago when you would post regularly on Ian Grats BC web page and so did I. Yes BC are in the top five bands of all time. The Who were said to still be in the top five on a purely average night playing live the same is true for Stuart et al


well, another year, another release of ‘the crossing’, guess i’ll be getting this also.

only looking at vinyl, have the UK green, red, and blue covers,
have a US promo, US blue, and the UK boxset promo with different artwork,
along with the UK 2xLP 30th anniversary.

the more the merrier.



As a Skids fan I was a bit sceptical of BC but soon warmed to them, overlooked the commercialism and just enjoyed the rock. I love this album and the sleeve variants so I’m going to be picky and say they should have gone for an unused colour, maybe black, as they’ve run out of primaries. Plus the yellow looks tacky, if that is the final art, they should have gone for gold or silver embossed.


If you don’t have this record and are into your vinyl… This is a great release, just get it. Angle Park is a fabulous addition to this set and could have easily been on the album. The rest of the extras are good too.

I guess a lot of fan’s didn’t want them to; they evolved into a very fine band with Driving To Damascus being the best set of songs in my opinion… But this was them at their commercial breakthrough and unique best.

Woodsey Niles

I would buy this if it was on CD

Steven Roberts

Here you go:-


Even has the same bonus tracks. In fact, the cynic in me wonders if this CD is the source for the vinyl edition?

Id like to think not…..


Many a great night watching country across the Midlands, from the hummingbird to the NEC and all places in-between.. The hummingbird gigs were always fantastic, remember seeing the wonderstuff supporting one night before they hit the charts..think that was the night i got onstage to sing backing vox. ha ha just remembered that. The civic in wolves for the last tour when Bruce was playing through a van halen 5150 stack [one for the muso’s there] and the river rooms in stourbridge over the last few years.

Listening to Restless Natives as I’m typing.. RIP Stuart


Wonderland 12” should be included in its entirety.

The Golden Age Of Madness!

Big Country? What a great band, loved them then, love them now. I saw them twice live. First time at The Apollo, Manchester on `The Crossing` tour, a superb live band. I`m sure, but don`t mind being corrected, that they ran out of songs and played almost the full album again. I did consume a large amount of liquid refreshment prior to an during the concert!

The second time was at The Reading Rock Festival (1984?), just as they started to play `Fields Of Fire`, flames were supposed to shoot up at the front of the stage. Instead the flames shot out horizontally over the heads of the crowd! Luckily no-one was burned/hurt, imagine that in these H&S (over)consious days. Yes, it was another great performance.

Stuart`s passing was a shock, another great performer/songwriter/musician leaving us far too early.

Now it`s over to the SDE Shop to buy the LP and contribute to Paul`s bulging bank account ;-))

Mark Levy

I’ve got the boxed set with all the albums released on cd

elliott buckingham

steeltown has been reissued as a dbl vinyl.

Cosmo Castanza

I remenber buying the 12 inch of Fields Of The Fire from that lot with the dog and gramophone ……and getting 12 inch Harvest Home free with it.

I cannot recall any other time a record store did this with any of my gazillion purchases.

Both these songs are top notch classics.


For me this was (at the time) the greatest debut album since Iron Maiden. I’ve bought it numerous times starting with the green cover cassette with extra tracks, blue cover on vinyl and later on CD.

I’ve only recently purchased a turntable and bought the limited red cover edition on vinyl from Discogs but I’ll still be in for this!

William Jolly

Anybody out there know why (back in the day) they switched Filds with 100stars?


Nice artwork – shame they decided to spoil the symmetry by spreading the original two sides over three sides

Brian Stettin

Totally agree, Yogi. “The Storm” is the perfect side 1 closer and “Harvest Home” is the perfect side 2 opener. The album was designed that way as a listening experience, and this re-distribution distorts it.


Really hope they do the same with Steeltown, that is just the best Big Country album

Paul Taylor

Got the green cover issue and a blue cover I bought in West Germany in 1983. Was lucky enough to see them twice in 84/85 on the Steeltown tour, including the Hogmanay concert at the Edinburgh Playhouse that was broadcast live on the BBC ( watched it again a few weeks ago)
There was a red cover version released back in the day so this isn’t unusual

Tracey Spivey

All I can say about this is that it’s a brilliant record from a brilliant band.


I love this album, and originally owned it as a cassette that included the 12″ mixes of In a Big Country, Chance and Fields of Fire. These were obviously not on the original vinyl, the previous vinyl re-issue, the Deluxe Edition nor this one. The 12″ CD that they released is unavailable for years – and really expensive second hand. The inclusion of those tracks would have made a great side 4. Pity. Will buy it anyway, despite having 3 other copies on vinyl! Red cover is strange – previous vinyl releases were either green or blue.


The 12″ mix of Chance wasn’t on the cassette only the mixes of In a Big Country and Fields of Fire. It had two other bonus tracks Angle Park and Heart And Soul.

B Davies

There are several covers of the original. I own Blue,Red , Green on vinyl and Red on cd.

B Davies

Album was originally also available in a red cover on vinyl.

O(+> Peter B

I had that cassette too. They should have kept the album to sides 1 & 2, the aforementioned bonus tracks on side 3 and the 12” versions on side 4 – I would have bought it. This would still be great, but could have been better – and few things are more disappointing than reissues that could have been better.


That 12” Greatest Hits CD was excellent. Came out on Tracks Records.

Kevin Ruppenthal

Are B and C switched? Original album closes with Porrohman.

Tom m hans

Nice. If I’d only still have a record player.

Steven Roberts

Just kind of surprised it’s not red vinyl!

Steven Roberts

Gutted that I missed out on the 30th anniversary double vinyl release, so this is a welcome reissue – albeit with a different track listing (IIRC the 30th had demo/instrumental mixes on sides 3 and 4),

Still, spreading the original album over three sides of vinyl should really allow the music to breathe – looking forward particularly to cranking up Porrohman :)


Looks like they have significantly played around with the track order. Not sure why? Porrohman was always a brilliant way to finish the album.

Graham Gardner

Brilliant news Paul. Ordered 2 copies from SDE shop. One for my son who is also a massive BC fan and had the good fortune to shake hands with Stuart at his first ever BC gig in 1999. Cheers!


What a great band Big Country were when they started out. There was so much competition and variety in the charts that bands had to be so good to stand out. The Crossing is brilliant but it is a shame there wasn’t room on this vinyl release for the live cover version of Tracks of my Tears. Recorded live at The Barrowlands, it was a great B side to Chance, which I recorded on to a mix tape and listened to a lot.

I saw Big Country at Newcastle City Hall on the Steeltown tour. They were having technical issues on the opening number, the brilliant Wonderland, and had three stop start attempts to get going, before playing a great concert. At the end, Stuart Adamson announced that they’d come back and play a free concert to make up for the long forgotten issues at the start – what a class act.

Robert Laversuch

Already have the tape, the CD including 2 CD set plus several vinyl copies but will probably get this again. IMHO one of the greatest debuts ever and then it is upstaged by Steeltown-yes the second effort is sublime. Stuart Adamson one of the greatest songwriters and guitarists there was and is missed every day. IMHO BC and The Alarm should have been as big as U2 or Simple Minds and for me Stuart should be elevated to god-like genius.

Mister Stick

Nice to see enthusiasm about this reissue. Big Country played near me on the Crossing tour, and I can still remember the great opening of Mark Brzezicki pounding out “A Thousand Stars” under thunderstorm sound effects as the band wandered on stage. Here in the states, Big Country were video darlings in ’83, but largely forgotten before Steeltown was released. As celebrated by Robert (above), Steeltown was surely a winning follow up, but I don’t recall them even getting a chance to tour the US for that release.

Good as that record was, nothing could replace the sound of that first single, “In A Big Country”, on the radio. Something absolutely new and relentlessly exciting. A girl I knew told me that every time she heard those opening drums, she heard a gallop, and imagined herself flying across a brilliant green field on a hard-charging thoroughbred. And a college roommate had Scottish-born parents who nearly went apoplectic when they heard it: “Those guitars… They’re pipes! That’s my country on the MTV!”

I wonder if that’s the kind of thing that great songwriters shoot for.

Thanks always, Paul.

Enrico G.

Why the red cover???

Nigel D Day

There was a red cover originally ! And blue and green I think