Big Country / The Seer 2LP reissue

Big Country / The Seer 2LP reissue

Scottish rock band Big Country’s 1986 album The Seer is being reissued as an expanded 2LP set in July.

The album features the band’s biggest UK hit Look Away and the title track features vocals by a certain Ms Kate Bush .

The new vinyl edition is pressed on two 180g black vinyl records and features four bonus tracks. These are ‘Song Of The South’, ‘Look Away (12” Mix)’, ‘One Great Thing (Disco Mix)’, and ‘Giant’.

The 2LP expanded vinyl reissue of The Seer is released on 26 July 2019 via Music On Vinyl. You can pre-order from the SDE shop or the usual other channels.

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Big Country

The Seer Expanded Edition [180 gm 2LP vinyl]


1. Look Away
2. The Seer (featuring Kate Bush)
3. The Teacher
4. I Walk The Hill

1. Eiledon
2. One Great Thing
3. Hold The Heart
4. Remembrance Day

1. The Red Fox
2. The Sailor
3. Song Of The South (Bonus Track)

1. Look Away (12” Mix) (Bonus Track)
2. One Great Thing (Disco Mix) (Bonus Track)
3. Giant (Bonus Track)

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Jack Moon

Agreed, DLG1971. One big problem with vinyl is the master source: if vinyl is mastered from a digital source the result is an analogue reproduction of a digital source, ie an inferior copy.
Vinyl needs to be mastered from an analogue source to be *truly* analogue.

Mario Koopmans

We want the original Robert Millar mix of the album as per https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/millar-mix-seer with the proper Kate Bush duet.


Since when did surface noise, clicks, pops, static and a generally compromised sound that the artist DIDN’T hear in the studio sound better? A properly mastered CD is both technically and sonically streets ahead of a needle scraping across a piece of plastic. Pardon me whilst I laugh hysterically at those that claim it isn’t. And this is coming from someone who owns a Rega turntable which sounds great but not better than my CD player. Still, if you want to pay more and get less then feel free. It’s all good for the economy.

Chris Squires


Stephen Tomlinson

Wow…Amazon France is only €6.18 for 2 LP vinyl

Paul Taylor

Ordered it. We’ll see if it’s honoured!!

Donald Biscuits

This is great but when are we going to get some nice deluxe Skids reissues. Please.

Robert Laversuch

There is a three CD set out of first album. Came out on Caroline. Then there is a six CD box that includes the different mix of Days and Peel sessions and Joy album with lots of bonus material


Ditto all the others about the broken flow of the original album. I find it odd they went with the atypical “Look Away (12″ Mix)” and “One Great Thing (Disco Mix)” (aka “Big Baad Country Mix”) instead of the more conventional (and listenable) “Outlaw” and “Boston” mixes.

Steven Roberts

Hi Paul

So do we know what MusicOnVinyl are using as sources for these Big Country releases?

PLEASE don’t tell me they’re just using a copy of the mid-90s exapnded CDs as their masters – which, judging from the tracklistings, looks like it suspiciously might be the case…….

Mike the Fish

Email Music on Vinyl for the sources. They seem to be willing to reply to queries.


When will they every do proper the songs that made up the Wonderland mini album? I am just so disappointed!

Olaf Warwel

Hi out there,

Music on Vinyl release the 1996 remastered CD on Vinyl with an untouched Tracklisting, they do the same with The Crossing, this was the remastered CD from 1996 with the red booklet. No change or other remixes. Yes, we can call it bad or boring, but in my opinion they do a very good job! The Albums has really good sound quality, no noise and it sounds perfect on the record player. If I had a wish, I would like to have the restless natives soundtracks on vinyl, but nobody ask me!

I’ll buy me a copy!!! That’s a fact!

Stay alive


Yes they should have done that differently. You can never “undo” the flow of a record once it is engrained in your mind. And then they would probably have had room to add some additional songs from the Deluxe 2CD (now out of print).
BTW, having to get up after 4 of 5 songs WAS a problem for me back in the 80’s. Not having to flip the CD was one of the biggest reasons I immediately switched over and never going back to vinyl.


As a big country collector, i will probably end up getting
it anyways despite track listings etc.

It’s not even that great of an album compared to the
prior two. But its better than anything that came afterwards.


Graham Gardner

That’s your personal opinion. I happen to think Skinners & Damascus were superior.


I don’t think the splits affect the flow of the album too much. Eiledon works quite well at the beginning of a side.

My complaint is more about the poor choice of bonus tracks. Ideally they would have kept The Seer to one vinyl and then added the full Restless Natives soundtrack as a bonus album.

Giant has nothing to do with The Seer era, originally appearing on the Wonderland single between The Crossing and Steeltown.


No Teacher (12″ Mystery Mix) and the two Restless Natives (very funny film by the way) Soundtracks Parts 1 & 2 (produced by Geoff Emerick) which were the b-sides of Look Away and Teacher. Shame. Plenty of room on there for 3 more tracks.


The “new” way to press LPs is to keep the album side at under 15 minutes. While better sounding [usually] than the same album on a single LP, it generally jacks up the price as well.

Tony Smith

A repress of the double cd version would be nice. Silly prices now if you can find one

tom m hans

100% agreed.


wow that CD is expensive now, £42 on ebay sold this week.


Yes! I love this album, Steeltown will always be the best but this is just an amazing record.

Chris Squires

As much as I love expanded editions, for example I love the Thompson twins 2LP sets with associated remixes. I am not sure I like them messing with the flow of the original album.
It sounds a bit ‘arry Redknapp but I don’t like 4.4.2 for the original 10 track album.

I guess they are trying to keep the music length down a bit but it just messes with the album, particularly when it’s an album you know well from back in the day when we had all the time in the world. I would always prefer to keep the original album on one disc and the extras on the other.

Different beast entirely with the Abbey Road half speeders with the album over 4 sides at 45RPM as that is for a purpose, I am just not sure that purpose is served well on these Big Country reissues. It might not bother everyone, but the flow of an album matters to me.


Chris, that is my biggest problem with vinyl. And once you press play, you can get up 15 mins later again to flip the record, and then 15 mins later again to start the 2nd disc, etc. It doesn’t make for comfortable listening.

Chris Squires

Well I need the exercise to be honest Kauw, so that is never the problem, it was never a problem in the ’80s when we played singles and 12″ers. We’ve just become lazy and spoiled with Spotify and 80 minute CDs.

I have an album flow in my head, I know what is coming next and how it should happen, I can’t, for example, listen to Broken without having Head over Heels in my head all ready to go and if doesn’t happen it just feels odd.
So having the 5 and 5 of an original LP like The Seer and The Crossing being split into 4 plus 4 plus 2 across three sides is something I think they could avoid, especially as BJ says above there is room for a couple of extra tracks like the Thompson Twins efforts at 5 plus 5 plus 3 plus 3.

There are ways of doing things to update them, I just don’t think this is a particularly good way. I just have a feeling that the people making these decisions now are not of that era and just don’t get it maybe……. Album flow in a Spotify world is meaningless.


ditto..i do not get the vinyl choice when cds exist. it I like using chopsticks when the fork is available

Mark Nicolson

Or like drinking a lovely malt when the gut rot cheap wine is available. Vinyl if cared for and played on a decent system is always better.


I don’t know which sounds better, I’m not enough of an audiofile to hear the difference. May be vinyl sounds better but CD’s sound good enough to me. But again, the real problem for me is convenience. Never having to flip it, is huge. It was already my biggest petpeeve when CD’s weren’t around. After 4 or 5 songs you have to get up from the dinner table or whatever you were doing and flip it. And it got worse with the new vinyl. They spread albums out over 2 vinyl discs now so you bare have 15 minutes to sit down and talk to someone before having to break away to flip for another 15 minutes. That just doesn’t work for me. Not in the 80’s and not now. But I’m not against vinyl, I’m glad it is there and people are enjoying it. The more physical product, the better. I just hope the CD sticks around for a little longer.


Objectively speaking, if:

1. a record and a CD are mastered from the same source (be that analog master tape, tape copy, DAT or digital source), and
2. both are in mint condition and played back with the best equipment available, then

The vinyl may sound close to the CD; not as quiet, but with close-to-CD fidelity. To most ears, they may sound very similar, if not equal. But one is a truer representation of the source – and that’s the CD.