Bill Withers / Greatest Hits on SACD


Bill Withers‘ iconic and definitive Greatest Hits compilation, is now available via Mobile Fidelity on the hi-res SACD format.

First issued in 1981, Greatest Hits is close to perfect, with a tight, 10-track selection –  it’s all meat and no lean. It includes Just The Two of Us, Ain’t No Sunshine, Lovely Day and Lean on Me, to name but a few. This is a hybrid SACD in a gatefold card sleeve.

Greatest Hits on SACD is out now.


1. Just the Two of Us
2. Use Me
3. Ain’t No Sunshine
4. Lovely Day
5. I Want to Spend the Night
6. Soul Shadows
7. Lean on Me
8. Grandma’s Hands
9. Hello Like Before
10. Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?

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A lot of artists release compilations titled ‘Greatest Hits’ when not all of the tracks included actually are. When ABBA released their first ‘Greatest Hits’ in 1976, it included several tracks from their first ‘Ring Ring’ album which hadn’t even been released (outside Scandinavia). These tracks were completely new to international audiences. Still, the album went on to become the second biggest selling album of the seventies in the UK (behind ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon & Garfunkel).

I’m all for keeping an iconic album in its original form, which means the same album artwork and no bonus tracks. I agree with Paul. It is art and why mess with the way the album was originally conceived by the artist, just because a CD has more capacity. Sometimes less is more.


Out of the 10 tracks only 2 were big hits, so not exactly a ‘Greatest Hits’ collection.


@Glenn and , fully agree with you both.

Just thought of two more Greatest Hits that you wouldn’t mess with; Paul Simons Greatest Hits etc (would buy an MFSL in a shot) and Simon and Garfunkels Greatest Hits. Both play like ‘proper’ albums which is why I think they included the latter in the Complete Albums Collection a couple of years ago.

Auntie Sabrina

Lets start a new conversation then, how about the big price difference between Amazon Italy and UK anyone?


I think some people here need a long vacation; why all the odd reactions to Paul or MFSL? They can’t change much, do they? It has just to do with agreements with the music industry corp. which doesn’t like mostly to see bonus tracks at ‘their’ albums done by independent audiophile labels.

Chris Squires

To me expanding a “Greatest Hits or “Best of…” changes the whole thing. It is no longer the same album. IMHO it makes a whole new album. It isn’t an exact analogy but it would be like adding 10 tracks to “All the Best” because some new songs have been found or an advert with a particular minor hit that wasn’t on the original “best of…” is now part of popular culture. Is it now an expanded “All the best” or is it now “Wingspan” or is it now “Pure”?

It’s different with a specific album, “Songs from the Big Chair” for example, but to me you can’t expand a “best of” or else it becomes something else. You might as well give it a new name. Is not “All over the World” or “Flashback” just an expanded SDE of “ELO’s Greatest Hits” from 1979?


Given that I can listen to all his works free on Spotify the obvious way to go is quality. However pricing is an issue . Regular CD is only 3.99. Hard to justify 10 times that !


Exactly. I much prefer to just listen to the music than obsess about the sound quality. The songs aren’t going to sound ten times better! £3.99 CD all the way.

alan hansen

i think that for me (and perhaps for many of you), there is a conceptual difference between a studio album and one that’s a compilation. with the former, i understand it being re-released as it was originally (although i certainly champion a bonus disc with bonus material); but with compilations (anthologies, greatest hits, etc.), i generally advocate for filling-up that disc.


Mobile Fidelity have a clear policy of re-releasing albums as they were originally released. Remastered, yes; but not remixed; no new art; no different versions or bonus tracks.

They don’t hide it so it’s up to the consumer. Personally, I respect their decision. I have many titles and this one is in the mail. Can’t wait to give it a spin!

Leslie Hanagan

That’s right. They can only licence the albums in their ‘original form’, hence no bonus tracks.
I have a number of Audio Fidelity and Mobile Fidelity releases and they are superb (Miles Davis ‘E.S.P.’ and ‘Santana III’ in the post!).


Yup, appreciate the authenticity & dedication of MFSL to keep their eyes on the audio fidelity and not be otherwise distracted. Definitely worth it.


He only had 3 big hit singles in the UK that are featured on the compilation – ‘Lovely Day’ (highest position 7), ‘Lean On Me’ (highest position 18) and ‘Ain’t No Sunshine (highest position 40). As for his other so-called greatest hits, ‘Oh Yeah’ (highest position 60) and ‘Harlem’ (highest position 98), plus and 2 other versions/mixes of ‘Lovely Day’ (highest positions 2 and 40) and another version of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine (highest position 82). So, not exactly a Greatest Hits collection.

Simon Taylor

Sorry, missing the words “i dont have an SACD player” on above.

Simon Taylor

Okay, fair point, Paul. I guess my point is its a shame they’ve picked such a short compilation rather than a full length one, if you’re creating an SACD you want to hear as many good tracks as possible as they’re unlikely to ever do the same for any of the other albums in the Withers collection. That’s where this collection seems lightweight. But if as suggested above it comes down to licensing then this is the best we’ll get. I dont have an SACD (does anyone?) but for the SACD’s I do have, they sound great on my standard player.

Simon Taylor

Really can’t agree with you, Paul. Understood if that is your own view but this compilation is far from perfect and does need more tracks added to it.

Do you have any of Withers other records? Off the cuff I can name 5 great Withers songs that are missing from/would improve this collection – Harlem, Lonely Town Lonely Street, Kissin’ My Love, Hope She’ll be Happier, Let Me In Your Life.

10 tracks/36 minutes just isn’t acceptable in this day and age. That said if anyone goes for this i’m sure they’ll be happy but the Withers cd box set is much better bet/


Paul I agree with you on this and I also thought of Elton John’s Greatest Hits as an example as well. I have the Bill Withers box set which I think is mostly brilliant, but I got into him via the original Greatest Hits which I also have (as stated above) and play like a ‘proper’ album and thats the track order / content I want.


A nonsense comparison. This is one of many Bill Withers compilations. The Beatles only released one Sgt Peppers.

Paul H

Iconic maybe, definitive nothing like.

Craig Hedges

That is a terribly dated cover!


This day and age, I am surprised they did not remove the cigarette and replace it with one of those awful vapouriser cigarettes. LOL


Just like the recent Leave or Remain referendum – make a comment on here not liked, despite it being an opinion, you don’t get any say. I left 2 comments, both of which never got to see the light of day.


I agree as I hate cigarettes, alcohol, half eaten biscuits and tea without milk. LOL :o)

Phantom Stranger

Ever notice how the audiophile labels tend to license albums with fewer songs? For releases in the United States, it’s cheaper to release albums with fewer songs since the royalties are lower. The royalties are structured differently in Europe, which is why EU releases tend to pack as many songs as possible on a single disc.

So now you know why MFSL and Audio Fidelity tend to put out original album configurations with very few bonus tracks.

alan hansen

…and i was just about to inquire as to why all the effort if not expanding past the original ten tracks. what a wasted opportunity.


I hate to disagree but it is a terrible (so called) greatest hits – 10 tracks, of which only 3 made it into the top 40 singles chart. I agree with leaving the design as it was meant to be but some more tracks would have been a nice bonus, such as “Oh Yeah” and “Harlem” which both manage to get into the top 100 at least.


What Phantom Stranger says rings true, but Paul’s observation about this particular release does as well. Just because you can expand an album doesn’t mean you should.

Glad MFSL chose to direct their focus here if indeed they have no interest in longer.


Thanks Paul


I have the Columbia Gold CD of this and it sounds sublime so anyone with a SACD player should be in for a real treat


As it’s a hybrid disc is it multi channel?


What happend to Beatles deal alert +1 Link???

Simon Taylor

£30 for a 10 track, 36 minute long cd? The track listing isn’t stunning. Intrigued why they’ve SACD-ed a 35 year old best of album rather than not creating a full 75/80 minute SACD best of cd. There’s plenty of classic tracks to choose from in Bills catalogue.