Billy Ocean / Remixes and Rarities 2CD

I always take a keen interest in what Cherry Red do with their occasional ‘Remixes and Rarities’ series, having instigated it back in 2013 with a Paul Young set. This August, the label continue it with a two-CD Billy Ocean compilation.

This 23-track double disc package keeps to the accepted format and includes plenty of remixes of hits like ‘When The Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going)’, ‘Love Really Hurts Without You’ and ‘Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car’. There are 12-inch remixes, dub mixes, instrumental remixes and more. This set also includes ‘European Queen’ and ‘African Queen’ (but not ‘Caribbean Queen’, presumably because it’s not rare!).

All tracks contained within have been “lovingly remastered”, with audio being sourced from the original master tapes “where possible”. This comes with a 16-page booklet with sleeve notes by Justin Kantor.

Billy Ocean’s Remixes and Rarities will be released on 23 August 2019. In my opinion these sets are great value for not much more than a tenner (in the UK, at least).

The sets below were compiled and designed by SDE’s Paul Sinclair:

CD 1
1. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (Extended Version)
2. European Queen (No More Love On The Run) (Special Mix)
3. City Limit (Alternative Version)
4. Love Really Hurts Without You (1986 Dance Mix)
5. Mystery Lady (Club Mix)
6. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (Extended Version)
7. Loverboy (Dub Mix)
8. Are You Ready (12″ Version)
9. Licence To Chill (Extended Version)
10. Pressure (Uk 12″ Extended Mix)
11. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (Instrumental)
12. Love Zone (Extended Version)

CD 2
1. African Queen (No More Love On The Run) (New Extended Mix)
2. American Hearts (12″ Version)
3. Dance Floor (Extended Mix)
4. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (Club Mix)
5. I Sleep Much Better (In Someone Else’s Bed) (Extended Version)
6. Love Really Hurts Without You (Dub Mix)
7. Bittersweet (Extended Version)
8. Pick Up The Pieces (Put It Back) (Reese Club Riot Mix)
9. Loverboy (Extended Club Remix)
10. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (Instrumental)
11. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (7th Heaven Club Mix)

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Shame that “Tear Down These Walls” remixes aren’t included.

Charlie Shine

I just received my copy of Billy’s CD. However, I’m not sure whether Loverboy Dub comes from the original master tape or it wasn’t properly remastered. I heard some noises at the intro as it was ripped from vinyl. Does anyone know if it really comes from the master tape? I analyzed the song’s wave already and I noted some noise on it. Thanks!

Charlie Shine

At last! Loverboy Dub on CD. I really don’t understand why the label record didn’t include it on Suddenly Expanded Edition.

Tom Walsh

Shame that his greatest track, Red Light Spells Danger, is missing. I know its not an official release/version but there is a fantastic extended version on Youtube with a really evocative set of photos from the 1970s.


I hope American Hearts comes from a proper master and not the dodgy vinyl rip that’s on the re-issue of the album. The “where possible” worries me a bit :-)

Richard Rodriguez B

Really Not inclu carribean queen instrumental version, and 12 inch remix So Sad


Cherry Red hardly ever “lovingly remasters” anything so I’m not too hopeful.


To be honest, even the radio stations gave up on playing anything that charted. What’s the point, except to the collector, and it appears they missed the mark on that point too.

Paul M

Where’s the remixes of his smash “Red Light Spells Danger”?


Paul M, i think they werw not able to track down a vinyl to rip that mix from.


They didn’t try hard enough for Red Light.Absolute killer track.ats.


Not inclu carribean queen instrumental version . REGRETS .

Steven Roberts

I don’t really see the point of instrumental mixes on this kind of (incomplete) compilation . If this were a box set that hoovered up EVERYTHING released (like the Bananarama singles box), then fair enough.

But Billy Ocean, is a SINGER, isn’t he?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

for me are rare: “tear down these walls” ( special extended mix + club mix + instrumental version ) / “the colour of love” ( instrumental version ) / “calypso crazy” ( instrumental version ) / “red light spells danger) ( 1987 remix ) / “i sleep much better…” ( 7” version with rap and w/o rap ), “love zone” ( instrumental version ) and “pick up the pieces” ( reese renaissance dub workout + 7” radio mix ) from 1993. none of them are presented here. 100% misplaced is the 7th heaven remix from 2016. this “remixes & rarities” compilation are obviously made for people who like billy ocean and 12”ers and should exclude all bonus tracks from the remastered album re-releases.

Johnny Spasm

I’d love a definition of “Lovingly remastered.” American here pointing out that their rerelease of the Breakin’ & Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo are called Breakdance & Breakdance 2. Would have been nice if they had stuck with the original titles. Not like we Americans can order a copy of 3 Pieces by Yaz.


I bought the European Queen 12″ single for 10p when it flopped. It was back in the charts a few weeks later as Caribbean Queen, but I loved having the original version. Around that time Madonna’s Borderline was a flop and I picked up the 12″ single for 50p. Of course she had a massive hit with it a few months later when she was all over the charts. It was an art to try and buy cheap as I never had any money, so I’d quite often wait for the singles to hit the bargain bin, if they ever did.

Nowadays it’s an art to try and buy cheap via the internet as a lot of people do using SDE. It’s fun and saves a fortune, whilst still spending far too much.

Happy days!

Larry Davis

Speaking of originals, in 1984, UK band Roman Holliday (another Jive signed band) released a killer powerpop single called “One Foot Back In Your Door” from their 3rd album “Hold Your Fire”, Mutt Lange wrote & produced it, it was featured in the forgotten movie “Teachers”, I bought the single…but it flopped (#76 US, not sure UK)…that was that…then Billy Ocean released a little ditty called “Get Out Of My Dreams (Get Into My Car)” which hit #1 in America…catchy song that totally rips off the superior Roman Holliday song, the hooks and structure, everything….the video is on YouTube…nothing happened between Billy & the band cuz Mutt wrote both…he lifted from an undeserving flop and put the pieces into a hit…I get it but still prefer the original RH single…the vocals are more Def Leppard/Billy Idol hybrid too…I wish someone would mashup both songs together, like someone did with Simply Red’s “Sunrise” & Hall & Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That”…


Disappointing that none of the Tear Down These Walls remixes are included as they have never been on CD as well as Loverboy (AOR Mix) and the diamond mix of Caribbean Queen. Also missing is the single remix of Bitter Sweet.



Maybe a 3 discs set or two separete volumes would have been better to include everything that needed to be included in such a comprehensive compilation.


Why is his hair smoldering?


Great value sets I agree and will be getting.
Disappointed they haven’t included the underrated single On The Run (the battle is over) and the b side Caribbean Disco.