Björk / Vulnicura Live / deluxe box

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One Little Indian are to release a live version of Björk’s eighth studio album Vulnicura, which will be available on CD, vinyl and as a deluxe limited edition boxset.

The album is made up of Björk’s favourite performances from her 2015 tour, and it features every song on Vulnicura, plus some favourites from previous works. The songs were performed live with the Alarm Will Sound & Heritage Orchestras, and artists The Haxan Cloak & Arca.

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2LP vinyl front cover

The CD and vinyl are both packaged in special Vulnicura ‘wound’ die-cut sleeves, while the ‘Luxury Edition’ box set will contain the double LP in a gatefold sleeve, a CD, a download card, a set of six photo prints housed in a glassine sleeve and an exclusive 3D Low Polygon Bjork Moth Paper Mask, which is a self-assembly job (it comes in pieces, with its own set of instructions on how to build it!)

The mask has been developed in collaboration with Wintercroft and based on a James Merry original design. Box set designed at M/M (Paris).

The box won’t ship until September (groan) and appears to be exclusive to One Little Indian/Bjork (at least for now) and can be ordered here. The double LP and CD editions are out on 5 July 2016 (no CD pre-orders as yet).


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CD front cover
Screenshot 2016-06-16 09.56.44
Luxury box set

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and what about a dvd with the performances???




I was expecting a price of like 300£ for the box considering the description of this mask, but glad to see it’s quite affordable, and given that it looks pretty neat I will buy it.


What I’d really like to see is Bjork re-issue her early-mid period solo albums (say up to Medula) as re-mastered and as digipacks with outtakes etc and some quality packaging. The remixes, live takes and acoustic editions can be excellent, but she has overlooked the original albums where, in my opinion, her best work resides.


I don’t know that she’s really overlooked them considering the DualDisc reissues and the new vinyl pressings that seem to come out yearly now. She just hasn’t really done an “audio deluxe” approach for them (which, for the most part, would include live takes, alternate versions, demos, acoustic, remixes, etc. that you mention aren’t as valuable). She’s reissued the pure albums plenty.


I can’t believe there are still releases coming out for this. If this is different content-wise than the Rough Trade exclusive version from November/December, then that just be complete overkill. Even if its the same, why this? Why now? Flogging indeed…

Matthew McKinnon

Welcome to the world of Bjork. She milks the fanbase dry every single time.


Is the mask available separately? I could wear it with Clapton’s replica denim jacket whilst carrying my Beach Boys beach ball and embossed goat.


Think I will pass on the mask and wait for the coloured vinyl, there’s bound to be one soon.


DVD/Bluray Release would be more interesting because of the “insect movies”.

Stephen Davison

Do we know exactly how limited the box set is?


Is it just me, or has this album in particular seemed to have been really flogged? Feels like the 5th or 6th version of it.


We’ve had an acoustic version, which is unusual, but we haven’t had the remix album yet so there could well be more to look forward to….

Does anyone know if the performances on here are the same as those on the limited edition of Vulnicura Live that was available through Rough Trade a while back? There appears to be one less track on this new edition but I assume they’re the same versions.


Bjork.fr says these are the same tracks, minus All Neon Like indeed, so I’ll probably stick my Rough Trade edition


Although bizarrely there’s never been a deluxe reissue of Debut. Not even a double CD if I’m not mistaken. Considering the huge plethora of remixes from that era it does seem odd.


Dom – I have an edition of Debut with a double-sided disc, so that’s almost a double. Standard CD on one side, and DTS surround DVD (plus videos) on the other. None of the many, many remixes though.

Matthew McKinnon

I think she did the deluxe treatment for the albums in one go with the surround-sound box set.


She did the remix ep for Debut and also did Debut Live, like she did for Post with Telegram and Post Live but no overblown deluxe multi-format art project, Those albums were so good she could sell enough of the album on their own. Plus her fans were all just lucky to afford a CD back then. The whole “so deluxe you will need to get a bigger house and plant a forest and house a family on site to water the trees in order to erase the carbon footprint edition” is definitely more of a 2007 + marketing phenomena that we’ve seen since Radiohead upped the game with In Rainbows.