Black Sabbath / Paranoid box sets

40th anniversary • 5LP vinyl box • 4CD set re-available

Black Sabbath‘s influential second album Paranoid will be reissued as vinyl and CD super deluxe box sets in October in celebration of the 40th anniversary.

Before you get too excited, the first thing to say is that the 4CD super deluxe is identical to the 2016 box set from Rhino. It includes the 1970 album, the 1974 Quad Mix folded down to stereo, plus two concerts from 1970: Brussels and Montreux. I still don’t understand why this doesn’t include the actual multi-channel Quad Mix on DVD from the 2009 CD+DVD deluxe edition. Weird. This comes with a 60-page hardcover book, a replica tour book and a poster.

What is new, is this box set on vinyl; it’s the same content as on the CD set, but across five vinyl records. So LPs one and two are the album and the folded down Quad Mix, while the two live concerts are on vinyl for the first time across the remaining three records (one and a half sides each). The vinyl set also comes with a hardcover book (with extensive liner notes featuring interviews with all four band members, rare photos, and memorabilia), a poster, and a replica of the tour book sold during the Paranoid tour.

Paranoid is reissued on 9 October 2020, via Sanctuary Records. Both sets are available via the official store which also has a bundle, for those interested.

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Paranoid 5LP vinyl super deluxe

LP 1: Original Album

Side A

“War Pigs / Luke’s Wall”
“Planet Caravan”
“Iron Man”

Side B

“Electric Funeral”
“Hand Of Doom”
“Rat Salad”
“Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots”

LP 2: Quadradisc Mix in Stereo (WS4 1887) 1974

Side C

“War Pigs / Luke’s Wall”
“Planet Caravan”
“Iron Man”

Side D

“Electric Funeral”
“Hand Of Doom”
“Rat Salad”
“Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots”

LP 3: Live in Montreux 1970 (Part One)

Side E

“Behind The Wall Of Sleep”

Side F

“Iron Man”
“War Pigs”

LP 4: Live in Montreux 1970 (Part Two)/Live in Brussels 1970 (Part One)

Side G

“Fairies Wear Boots”
“Hand Of Doom” 

Side H

“Hand Of Doom”
“Rat Salad”
“Iron Man”

LP 5: Live in Brussels 1970 (Part Two)

Side J

“Black Sabbath”

Side K

“Behind The Wall Of Sleep”
“War Pigs”
“Fairies Wear Boots”

Black Sabbath / Paranoid super deluxe edition

Paranoid 4CD super deluxe

War Pigs / Luke’s Wall (2012 – Remaster)
Paranoid (2012 – Remaster)
Planet Caravan (2012 – Remaster)
Iron Man (2012 – Remaster)
Electric Funeral (2012 – Remaster)
Hand of Doom (2012 – Remaster)
Rat Salad (2012 – Remaster)
Jack the Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots (2012 – Remaster)

War Pigs / Luke’s Wall (Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974)
Paranoid (Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974)
Planet Caravan (Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974)
Iron Man (Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974)
Electric Funeral (Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974)
Hand of Doom (Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974)
Rat Salad (Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974)
Jack the Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots (Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974)

Intro (Live in Montreux 1970)
Paranoid (Live in Montreux 1970)
N.I.B. (Live in Montreux 1970)
Behind the Wall of Sleep (Live in Montreux 1970)
Iron Man (Live in Montreux 1970)
War Pigs (Live in Montreux 1970)
Fairies Wear Boots (Live in Montreux 1970)
Hand of Doom (Live in Montreux 1970)

Paranoid (Live in Brussels 1970)
Hand of Doom (Live in Brussels 1970)
Rat Salad (Live in Brussels 1970)
Iron Man (Live in Brussels 1970)
Black Sabbath (Live in Brussels 1970)
N.I.B. (Live in Brussels 1970)
Behind the Wall of Sleep (Live in Brussels 1970)
War Pigs (Live in Brussels 1970)
Fairies Wear Boots (Live in Brussels 1970)

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Is the 2020 boxset done by Rhino? I dont own this album on vinyl at all so am in the market for buying one. I dont mind spending the money but want to be sure that it will be a decent pressing.



If you read the article properly you’d know that this is released by Sanctuary…

Carl Jacobs

I’ve pre ordered mine to collect from Badlands in Cheltenham, my favourite indie store.
That and the Motorhead A.O.S and I’ll get perfect unadulterated hype stickered shipping boxes.

Paul Wren

Thanks for the alert. I’ve just ordered the 5 x LP version via JPC de. The main attraction for me is the live shows.


In different, less economically stressful times, I might have bitten, but it is going to take something pretty special from now on to get me to spend my money on these box sets.


Have the previous deluxe and super deluxe editions, don’t need this at all.

Do wish I’d bitten years ago and bought all the Japanese SACD’s though.

Ken Kozyra

50th Anniversary of Paranoid after two anniversary releases already. Where is the 40th anniversary of Heave and Hell which is still not even in print in vinyl

David B

just played the 2009 surround set and all i can say is that it’s incredible esp on tracks like “Hand of doom” .. ir’s def up there amongst my fave surround / quad sets (and i have almost every Stephen Wilson remaster) .. £12 certainly makes the 2009 an incredible bargain .. i would highly recommend this one above the 2020 version ..

Jonathan Shapiro

Absolutely pointless set. I just want to get a copy of the quad mix on vinyl


Still 1 of the worst front covers in history.


If you want to hear an interesting podcast on how Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal, have a listen to the Blindboy Podcast, Dark Salad.

It’s a long podcast and the Black Sabbath relevance doesn’t start until around 50 minutes in. But the opening preamble is important too. If you have never been a Metal fine it will give you a greater appreciation on it’s origins.

The very beginning is his own self promotion, the subject matter doesn’t start until 11 minutes in if you are feeling impatient.

Texas T-Bone

As for the 2009 Quadraphonic mix you mentioned I say what’s the point. The one in this set was totally LAME. It was obviously sourced from a bad vinyl copy and they didn’t even take the time to clean up the pops and ticks. There are conversions on the on the internet that are sourced from quad reel to reel tapes that sound 100 times better. Rhino could do this properly if they still have the original 4-channel tapes although from memory I don’t remember it being a great quad mix to begin with.


£70 for the cd box set?
You’re having a giraffe!!!!
£40 at absolute maximum!!!!

Boppin's Blog

5 lp version is $109.98 at Rhino.com.

thomas doherty

Can’t believe NO Blu Ray Audio for Paranoid.What a missed opportunity (among a LOT of missed opportunities from Rhino)


Is this a Rhino pressing?

Joe Embleton

I picked up the 2009 issue on vinyl but did not pick up the 2016 reissue due to the lack of a vinyl issue, so I am very happy indeed about this release. The quad mix folded to stereo is rather confusing though. I’ll be interested to see if it is noticeable.

Andrew Greenwood

I have both the previous deluxe and super deluxe issues so I have 6 different discs (or seven if you count both original albums as it is not completely clear if they are the same remaster – Andy Pearce is mentioned both times but not in the same way) so I’m as happy as a lark in spring as I don’t need to buy anything new (and of course I have far too many discs of Paranoid)


Hi Paul,

thanks for pointing out the 2cd+dvd version from 2009 in your post.

As i’m not exactly a metalhead i didn’t bother with this album so far but after finding out that said edition is still widely available for around 12 to 15 Euro i decided that i’ll give it a try.


Klaus, you’ll be better for it.

Music has no wall mate, and the cream of the crop in every “genre” is typically lauded for a reason.

Enjoy your experience with Paranoid.



Thanks for the encouragement man.
I have quite some hard and heavy stuff already like e.g. the lot from Led Zeppelin or highlights from the back catalogues of e.g. AC/DC, Deep Purple, Rainbow and the likes but Black Sabbath somehow fell of the radar since i first noticed them in the 70s when a music paper here in Germany had a feature about the guy who bit off bats heads on stage which made me laugh and shudder at the same time as a twelve year old.
Ever since i thought Ozzy to be some kind of wacko and the show with his offspring on MTV didn’t help the matter.
I bought the reunion album “13” quite cheap some time ago and thought it not bad but i guess that “Paranoid” will be quite another experience.


Great they have separate vinyl and CD sets but heck what a wasted opportunity not even the alternative tracks from the 2009 release with the DVD.
Very lazy anniversary release, seem to have been taking lessons from the rolling stones.


I wasn’t aware of the 2009 version with the 5.1 version. So I’ve just grabbed that off Amazon for £13.00 better bargain than this I think.



Technically it’s not a 5.1 but a 4.0 if i understand the concept of quad mixes correctly…

David B

Same here .. looking forward to hearing it ..

Big Steve

£20 a record, Seem’s good value if your a fan. Seen worse.


If you fold a quad mix down to stereo is it any different to a regular stereo mix? Can’t quite see the selling point there.


But how unique is it? Does anyone here know if there’s a significant difference?



Beneath i copied you excerpts from a review on Amazon.uk:

By: S. Muzyka

5,0 of 5 stars

Review from the United Kingdom of 12 January 2017

Verified purchase

Get It For The Quad Mix

This classic album has been re-issued so many times you may be wondering if it’s worth forking out for again. As far as this release goes, most definitely yes.
The big draw here is a stereo fold-down of the original Quadraphonic mix released in 1974, available for the first time on CD. If you thought you knew everything about this album think again. Obviously it depends on how well you know the music but believe me the differences are many. I won’t list them all here, but the most noticeable include:
‘War Pigs’ running to a proper ending, (it was artificially speeded up during final mastering for the original stereo mix),
That most heavy metal of instruments, the tambourine, kept on the mixes of both ‘War Pigs’ and ‘Paranoid’ (who knew?!),
A different effect on the guitar solo for the title track (and even more ghastly sounding),
Completely different bass track on ‘Iron Man’ – A real revelation for Sabbath fans, this – I can only assume that when the sessions were moved to Island Studios for overdubs and final mixing, ‘Geezer’ decided to re-do his bass guitar for this track and whether by accident or design the engineers who worked on the Quad mix used his original one instead (or it could be the other way round and this is a later overdub, anyone know for sure?)’
The big plus for me, though, is the sublime ‘Planet Caravan’,effects pop up in different places and Ozzy’s voice is higher in the mix but best of all it’s allowed a much longer fade-out. For this alone, I recommend investing in this release.

What? Ozzy? Worried?

repackage the same old stuff, slap a 50th sticker on it, shift more copies to the gullible.



At least they don’t combine cd and vinyl, add 2 or 3 hardcover books of photos and ask 300 Euro for it…

thomas doherty

Give them time.Rhino has “jumped the shark” they think fans will buy anything they put out so-the bigger the pricier,the better.

Chris Squires

Or….. re-highlight the availability of something for new (or old) fans that missed it the first time and first time on vinyl…. I am not sure why, whenever something has the possibility of bringing more people to the fold that some people just feel the need to sneer (if you buy this you are gullible / stupid). We have all discovered something for the fist time at some point in our lives, even if we are late to that particular party.
The instant, thoughtless negativity of some posts astounds me as it depresses me. It’s as if this release can only be designed for one person and if it doesn’t do it for *you* (you maybe have it already) then it is instantly only “for the gullible”.
There are dozens of re-reissues of fairly recent box sets that are sorely needed (1999? Five Years?), look at how quick The Hurting and SFTBC disappeared off shelves for the recent SDE re-issue. Was that for the gullible? If they re-packaged Five Years on Vinyl I am pretty sure the queue of stupid people on SDE would be significant.

As an aside – Nearly every “Vinyl only” box set re-issue has the comment “No CD – no deal” or equivalent thought. Until someone points out that it *was* released on CD in 2016 / 2013 or whenever but costs a kidney. Well whaddayaknow? This release takes care of that issue. New Vinyl, re-issued CD set. What’s not to like?

thomas doherty

Yep !