Blancmange / The Blanc Tapes 6LP box

6LP black vinyl box • Limited • SIGNED editions available

London Records are to release a limited edition six-LP vinyl box of Blancmange‘s The Blanc Tapes, with signed editions available.

Previously a nine-CD collection, this set brings together the band’s first three albums – Happy Families (1982), Mange Tout (1984) and Believe You Me (1985) – with each featuring a bonus disc that includes of B-sides, extended versions and demos.

Each set features six back vinyl records (two per album) in gatefold sleeves with printed inners. The three vinyl packages then slot into an outer slipcase. The audio is remastered and these come with a download card.

The Blanc Tapes vinyl box will be released on 24 May 2019. The official Blancmange store offers this set with a 12″ x 12″ ‘Blind Vision’ print SIGNED by Stephen and Neil. If your not bothered about signed prints, it’s very cheap on Amazon in the UK right now.

The Blanc Tapes 6LP vinyl box

LP 1 & 2

Happy Families:

A1. I Can’t Explain
A2. Fell Me
A3. I’ve Seen The Word
A4. Wasted
A5. Living On The Ceiling

B1. Waves
B2. Kind
B3. Sad Day
B4. Cruel
B5. God’s Kitchen

C1. Sad Day (Original Version)
C2. Holland (Demo)
C3. Melodic Piece (Demo)
C4. I Can’t Explain (Demo)
C5. I’ve Seen The Word (Demo)
C6. Black Bell (Demo)
C7. Business Steps

D1. Waves (Original Version – No Strings)
D2. Living On The Ceiling (Extended)
D3. God’s Kitchen (12” Mix)
D4. Feel Me (Extended 12” Version)

LP 3 & 4

Mange Tout:

A1. Don’t Tell Me
A2. Game Above My Head
A3. Blind Vision
A4. Time Became The Tide
A5. That’s Love, That It Is
A6. Murder

B1. See The Train
B2. All Things Are Nice
B3. My Baby
B4. The Day Before You Came

C1. Vishnu (Short Version)
C2. Game Above My Head (Extended)
C3. On Our Way To
C4. Don’t Tell Me (Extended)

D1. The Day Before You Came (Extended)
D2. That’s Love, That It Is (Extended)
D3. Blind Vision (Long Version)

LP 5 & 6 

Believe You Me

A1. Lose Your Love
A2. What’s Your Problem
A3. Paradise Is
A4. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone?
A5. 22339

B1. Don’t You Love It All
B2. Believe
B3. Lorraine’s My Nurse
B4. Other Animals
B5. No Wonder They Never Made It Back!
B6. John

C1. Lose Your Love (Extended)
C2. M Diver (Alternate Dream) (Demo)
C3. River Of Life (Demo)
C4. Scream Down The House

D1. Side Two
D2. What’s Your Problem? (Extended)
D3. I Can See It (Extended)

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Neil Grant

I got all 3 (9 in title)


I have contacted Amazon about the problems on my pressings and also London Records and the Blancmange twitter page. Needless to say I have had no response back from either of the latter, which is a shame.

Unfortunately this is Edsel (again) and their lack of quality control. The sleeves are beautifully expanded to become gatefold’s with lots of extra detailed artwork, which can only be commended, however the most important aspect of any vinyl release is the quality of the pressing itself. On this occasion and sadly to say on many other occasions, Edsel have let themselves and their customers down yet again.

Amazon as always will provide a refund, but I have no confidence in repurchasing this product which is a shame, because inbetween the scraping and hissing sounds on the left channel, the vinyl mastering sounded gorgeous. This really should have been a 5 star product.

I wonder just how much vinyl and plastic goes to landfill from Demon Edses miss pressings and faulty goods. They need to get it right first time and every time before their reputation is so badly tarnished that people will turn away from purchasing their faulty goods.

Did anyone get a perfect copy?


Apologies to Demon Edsel for my oversight. Beccause Demon Music Group/ Edsel we’re responsible for the expanded 3CD sets also entitled The Blanc Tapes previously, I had wrongfully thought the manufacture/ distributor for this vinyl set of the same name. I stand corrected and am more than happy to withdraw my comments about them. It is clearly an issue that London Records / Because Music need to sort out.

Apologies for any offence caused.

Richard Williams

No I didn’t get a perfect copy either . Has anyone had any luck with contacting London Records / Because Music? Surely the band won’t be happy with these numerous issues – can’t they get involved?


Great news for any of you affected by the Blancmange vinyl issues. @Blancmange have posted the following on their twitter feed:

‘Dear All

It has been brought to our attention that a percentage of our recently reissued ‘The Blanc Tapes’ vinyl has a manufacturing issue. Band, management and London Records went through a lengthy approval process to produce this release – in fact the test pressings we all approved sounded fantastic but unfortunately the final pressing was affected, in part, by vinyl pollution. This is an issue with the vinyl material itself which was used for part of the run. The problem has sporadically effected the three albums. If you have one or more copies in your set which have marks/chemical residue on the vinyl itself or sound issues please email info@londonrecordings.co.uk. We will replace faulty copies free of charge. Please include your full name, postal address, proof of purchase (email or copy of receipt) and state which of the faulty albums you have.

Thank you and big apologies to those who have had issues.

London Records’

A big thanks goes to London Records and Blancmange for having the courtesy to both recognise and rectify the issues with this stunning box set.

Neil Potter

I followed the advice here, also published on Discogs and Blancmange’s Twitter page and have still not heard back from London Records, 5 of the six sides of my copy of The Blanc Tapes 3 x LP Box Set have an oily/rainbow smudges/finger prints and I’m beginning to think the company cannot fulfil the replacement requests they’ve received.
Do you have any contacts at London Records or Because Music Paul or are you able to ask them what’s going on?

Neil Potter

…and another week of silence – not a single reply from anyone about the replacement vinyls – it smacks of burying ones head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away. Emails and Tweets sent to Universal Music Group / London Records (Recordings) / Blancmange twitter feed and posts on here, all ignored. At the very least, it’s common courtesy to issue a holding email explaining the delays and reasons for not communicating with those of us who invested our hard earned money into these re-issues etc.

Neil Potter

It’s now been 50 days since I received the first response from London Records on 22nd July 2019:


To keep you updated we are still working through issues with the factory on the Blancmange pressings. We want to be 100% certain all replacement copies are without fault before we send them out

Please bear with us- you will absolutely receive a free of charge replacement but we can’t rush the process and will need you to please be patient. We want to make sure it’s worth the wait and everyone is happy.

We will update you again as soon as we have a confirmed shipping date.

All the best
London Records

I do hope the words “we can’t rush the process” won’t lead to a 3 year Brexit-type delay…I mean seriously…this is TERRIBLE Customer Service on a whole new level.
Q: Has anyone received their replacement copies yet?

Peter Hill

Any updates on replacement records?

London Records had a stall at Independent Label Day, Kings Cross on 30 November and were pushing the three double LPs.

As they looked warped (the Shrink wrapped sleeves were very distorted) I ordered from Amazon and am now unfortunately the owner of a bad pressing of Blanc Tapes with the opening track on one of the sides having a weird skip that makes the Stylus return to the beginning of the record after the first word !

Not impressed and would like replacements if they’re available.


Unfortunately my copy had to go back due to pressing faults and marked discs. A number of early Amazon reviews also had similar problems. A real shame as the idea, and the artwork, were great, but seems to be issues at the manufacturer.

John in Manhattan

£35.02 from Amazon UK incl. shipping to the USA vs. £82.00 for the signed print. It would’ve been nice to receive the signed print but at a savings of £46.98, I can’t justify the extra cost.


This set is a mind-blowing £42.03 on Amazon! MOVE FAST!!! https://amzn.to/2Id37mX


Thanks Eustace. I will skip the signatures and go for that price.

Had pre ordered the signed version at 55 plus 23 sterling delivery (78 quid) to Ireland.
Ridiculous price for postage from Britain to Ireland .

Recently got 39 Clocks vinyl box set from Tapete Records, Germany that was 7 euro postage.
JPC Germany postage is also 7 euro for box sets from Germany to Ireland.

Marc Sutton

Hi Colm, look up anpost addresspal service. It will save you loads on shipping from UK.

David Stokoe

The postage to the USA and no vat reduction drives me mad v what happens when you buy with amazon why do all sites when shipping to the USA not remove the vat

Gareth Pugh

A really nice way to ‘complete’ the vinyl albums catalogue in one fell and very swishly executed swoop (if you’ve kept up with their post-restart albums – although there hasn’t been a vinyl release of Nil By Mouth or Commuter 23… yet). Decent price-point too. I can vouch for some of those 12″ albums and B-sides being superb. The 12″ Long Version of Blind Vision is a mighty thing to behold! For completists, it’s still worth also snapping up the 9-disc CD set as that inevitably holds a lot more rarities still. But if this is as nicely executed as that was, this will be brilliant.

Peter Robertshaw

Too tasty to resist at that reasonable price!

Peter Webb

Correct very reasonable price. Not like the Depeche Mode 12 inch box sets the latest 2 are a rip off. Have just ordered and paid for the Blancmange set. Yum yum.

John in Manhattan

£27.00 postage to USA. Ouch!

Sub-Total: £55.00

Chris Squires

Ouch indeed, but you guys in the US don’t get hammered with all of the taxes when it is the other way around.
The Concert for George SDE was an equivalent of £260 to buy (only available in the USA). By the time I got it through my front door it cost £360.33 so a tad over £100 in shipping, tax and, the final cherry on the cake, the hostage fee charged by Royal Mail for doing their job. I would have happily settled for “just” £27 shipping without the stripey shirt and mask brigade getting involved.

However much it hurts we are just so used to being fleeced over here in the UK it stops hurting after a while.


Considering that the cheapest delivery option is £6 for those of us on the same land mass, £27 delivery is not too bad for a very reasonable priced 6 vinyl set.


… oh, that’s crazy.
To Germany I pay “only” £ 25.50 –
no thanks, cart deleted :(

mick tormey

Yea there should be an US option at a decent postage rate John..I went for 2x the Biggy smalls release at $60 postage earlier in the year!. The albums costing $80 each!! but for ltd classics the stretch is worth it I think a least!


awesome! does anyone know if these were remastered from the original mastertapes?

elliott buckingham

very surprised they didn’t go for some extremely bright blanchmange coloured vinyl. a damn good price though.

Steve M

Great news, thanks Paul.


Ordered! Thats me all done and dusted, Mange Tout is still a favourite album on regular rotation in our house and this is a great price for their Boxset.

Wilbert Prichad

Not a fan of them personally, but what a great cover!

Donald Biscuits

Agreed. The Day Before You Came, a great cover!


Terrific. Thanks Paul. Ordered