Blind Melon / Soup: audiophile vinyl

Blind Melon‘s second album, Soup, has been re-released by US-label Analog Spark as an audiophile standard vinyl reissue.

The album – originally issued in 1995 – was considered a sales disappointment at the time, but over two decades later it remains a rewarding listen, from the New Orleans jazz-influenced Skinned, the slightly psychedelic rock of Toes Across The Floor to the acoustic Mouthful Of Cavities. Lead singer Shannon Hoon would die from a drug overdose just eight weeks after the album’s release.

This new vinyl reissue brings the album back in print on the black stuff for the first time since the original release. This reissue has been “sourced from the original mix reels” and mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.

In terms of presentation, this includes a ‘menu booklet’ and is housed in a Stoughton old style ‘tip-on’ gatefold jacket. It’s rather expensive in the UK, but available for a competitive price in France. Soup on 180g vinyl is out now.

1. Galaxie
2. 2 x 4
3. Vernie
4. Skinned
5. Toes Across The Floor
6. Walk
7. Dumptruck
8. Car Seat (God’s Present)
9. Wilt
10. The Duke
11. St. Andrew’s Fall
12. New Life
13. Mouthful of Cavities
14. Lemonade

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One of the most underrated bands of the 90’s and without doubt one of the best 90’s albums. stunning album and this release is fantastic


Have the black vinyl and it does sound amazing, highly recommended.

Stevie B

Always wait until they blink, be it Amazon or HMV. Unless it’s a truly limited edition, almost nothing is so important to have on the day its announced.

Chris Squires

Analogue Spark was the company that announced (with fanfare) that they were releasing an audiophile vinyl of “The Red Shoes” a couple of years back. But that got quietly shelved. I would love to know why it was ditched.

Amazon UK is like going to the Casino…do you feel lucky? It’s about 50:50 where it starts off with a) a stupidly high price that comes down before release date to something more reasonable then bounces back up slowly i.e. Wet Wet Wet – Popped in Souled out started at £65 – I got it a week later at £46 and now it is back up at £53
or b) it starts off low – get in quick – and then shoots up i.e. The Who – Live in Leeds triple Vinyl started at £13 and then shot up to £48 and now sits mid-50s.
There is also c) which is the yo-yo effect i.e. Nick Cave Lovely Creatures which I think has been everywhere between £38 and £65 several times. Someone with keyboard Tourette’s on the pricing desk.

It’s all up-in-the-air, like the Horses, a bit of guess work with a bit of knowledge and fingers crossed. Bear in mind this is all before release as well, THEN you have to take into account “will it sell”?

The exception proving the rule is Flowers in the Dirt which has barely shifted. It can’t have sold many copies at £130…it HAS to come down soon, doesn’t it?


But what’s even better is if you’re not too bothered about having an item on the release date, wait until you can pick it up on Amazon Market place new for a lower than Amazon can offer it.

Stevie B

Everything’s initially rather expensive on Amazon in the UK!

elliott buckingham

he sounds like jon Anderson which is no bad thing