Blondie / new album, ‘Pollinator’

Blondie’s ‘Pollinator’: have it your way.

Blondie return in May with their 11th studio album Pollinator.

The album was produced by John Congleton and was apparently the last long-player to be recorded at The Magic Shop in New York (where Bowie recorded Blackstar) before the studio closed it’s doors last spring.

This is either worrying or exciting depending on your disposition, but Pollinator features an array of guests and collaborators, including Johnny Marr (who wrote and plays guitar on My Monster), Joan Jett, Laurie Anderson, Sia and Charli XCX. In addition, TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek has co-written the first single, Fun which will be issued as a limited edition (1000 only) seven-inch single this month.

If Paul McCartney wants to drive you to streaming (see here) then Blondie want to drive you mad with physical options. Standard vinyl and CD editions will be widely available but if you head over to Blondie’s ‘official’ store you will find a dizzying array of bundles and special editions. I count 15 different ways to buy this album from coloured vinyl, to a ‘super music’ bundle (wrong terminology!), seven-inch box set, cassette, and the all important CD-and-hoodie combo! You could get, a-hem, stung for £80 if you opt for the ‘mega super music bundle’ (yes, that’s what it’s called) of Pollinator.

And it doesn’t end there, because apparently a white vinyl version will be available from indie retailers! I’m all for options, but ‘trying too hard’ is the phrase that comes to mind in this instance.

Pollinator will be released on 5 May 2017.



  • 1. Doom or Destiny
  • 2. Long Time
  • 3. Already Naked
  • 4. Fun
  • 5. My Monster
  • 6. Best Day Ever
  • 7. Gravity
  • 8. When I Gave Up On You
  • 9. Love Level
  • 10. Too Much
  • 11. Fragments

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Darren Sumner

Is anyone having trouble with the play back of the cassette? It sounds distorted. All my other cassettes play fine but ive noticed the out put on these particular tapes is far too high compared to others, giving it the distortion sound.

This sound is the same on the three cassettes I’ve received all today.

Blondie, Pollinator
Texas, Jump on board
Erasure, Gone with the world

All my other tapes play fine, but these new ones don’t? Any ideas?

Scott Laing

Darren, I’ve had the same issue with both the Blondie and Texas tapes (I don’t have Erasure). It sounds like they’ve just recorded them at too high a level. I picked up the new alt-j and Kasabian cassettes and they play perfectly.

Tempted to use the Blondie & Texas FLACs to re-record over.


Phew, thought I was going MAD!! Yeah, I intend to do that too, I’ve emailed BMG and had no reply! Just received the new Gary Newman on cassette and that plays perfectly, was a bit unsure as to buy it on cassette as he’s with BMG too.


I’ve liked Blondie since the 70s and think this album has some good song’s with good hooks and lyrics. It’s dance pop my 4 year old also likes it. I was a bit concerned about Debbie’s nan dance moves on Jules Holland but they have still got it. The white vinyl is still available at Banquet Records at the right price.


A sample of the 11 track album is on my BLOG


Besides the standard version I’ll be getting a version including bonus “Live” tracks & the Japanese version with bonus studio tracks.


I find the photos on their store quite strange – the CD is made to look like a jewel-case, but the actual listing clearly says ‘digipack’ and the 7″ box looks like 12″ albums! The art director’s not reading their e-mails…

Allan Johansen

And I can add a ‘signed by Blondie’ + download, standard CD version from Australia’s JB HIFI internet store for AUD 19.95 + postage (which is 1.69 here, not sure international), but you might have to hurry!


Wow – the postage for these products really hurts if you’re outside the UK …. anyone interested in the 7″ box set might like to know it’s turned up on Amazon for a good bit cheaper and minus those pesky postage charges…

I really want the white vinyl of this too.. and does anyone know if there’s a new b-side or additional track on the ‘Fun’ 7″?


It’s a real pleasure to see cover art where it looks as though someone actually worked on it. Cool.


Small house, big fan …. where would I put the vinyl, vinyl set and cassette the I only want the CD (either signed or with the signed print) …. same with other sets where to get the good bits (over and above the music, of course) I have to buy a vinyl and CD set when I really really don’t want the vinyl ….

Toni Hernandez

Any plans for a vinyl edition of ” Exit” ?


I’m a massive Debbie Harry / Blondie fan and even have the KooKoo album cover tattooed on my arm. However, the cover art for this album is VERY disappointing!


I recently bought a CD+DVD copy of ‘Parallel Lines’, the only Blondie record I own. I have the feeling that this is one of those bands stuck in the past, they still market themselves using images of Debbie Harry from the late 70s / early 80s. Don’t care much for the music they release these days, except that track from their last album that was graced by the voice of Beth Ditto, which was quite nice.

Aside all that, and regardless of the band or specific album involved, why one would buy a bundle of the very same album on 4 different formats? I mean, there’s no damn bonus track to be seen on any of the 4 formats! And if you get the album already on vinyl (12″) why throw in a 7″ box set version? Is there really anybody in the world who wants to listen to an album spread along 5 or 6 seven inches???


Personally, I loved Panic Of Girls – they’re finest album since Autoamerican in my humble opinion. What I Heard, Mother, Love Doesn’t Frighten Me, China Shoes… all great tunes. Ghosts Of Download didn’t float my boat so hoping for a return to form with Pollinator.


Why does everyone seem not to like Ghosts of Download? Many great songs like Sugar On the Side, Rave, Backroom, Winter…even their cover of Relax is brilliant. As a whole I think Ghosts is better than anything that came after Autoamerican.


$118 Canadian for shipping of the Mega Super Music Bundle to Canada :/

Pete muscutt

Disappointed by the lack of marbles and drinks coasters. That’s kind of a deal breaker.


Signed CD available from Australian retailer JB HiFi: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/browse/pop/pollinator/336577/.

Dr Bryant

The international postage will sting, but it seems like a decent deal on all of the bundles as they come with a print signed by all members of the band.


a ‘super music’ bundle (wrong terminology!),

What’s wrong with the terminology? Love the site!


Got it!


Awesome! Someone who know how to do a real SDE (PMcC…. please take note).

But, where’s the 8-Track cart??? ;-D

I’ve just ordered the Hugely Mega Intense Super Dooper Really Big Thing. :-)

C’mon – why not eh?

and I do have a cassette deck – woot!


Do sales from a band’s store qualify for chart placings?


I think I’ll wait for the mono version.

Stan Fractious

Love Blondie, I’ve ordered all 15 versions plus the white vinyl version from my local indie retailer! Yay!!!

Nick Preece

Hey Stan, who’s your Local indie store.? I can’t find the 7″ Single Fun anywhere…. supposedly released yesterday……?

Luc Hendrickx

I love you!! I’m a Blondie-fan since 1977


Wot no “tote” bag? ;-)


As someone who likes the artwork of an LP to be as good as the music, or at least memorable, I think the type face for the band name stinks. It looks like the first text that happened to pop on the computer. The same for the Bob Dylan cover too. How about some visual flair or artistic vision rather than “will this do?”.


It’s good to have options!


I personally like the single and the recent albums. It is good that you have a choice of the way you purchase the album. The version I went for has a signed print as well as the vinyl etc. The cost isn’t that high and looks like, from my order, that the download is not included as part of the price of the product but more as a free item, as all the costs of the separate items are broken down in the payment receipt. I am just happy to have a new Blondie album and look forward to hearing it in full.


What are we going to do with a cassette in 2017?

Peter Robertshaw

Just an FYI – I got as far as Checkout on the “Mega Super Bundle” and on top of the £80 you will get hit with £12.36 of P&P (to UK). Eeek!

Boaz Halachmi

…and £44 for international!

Eric W

Wasn’t it a few years ago that they were going break up? I like the single..not their best but certainly listenable…


I must say at first listen i wasn’t at all excited. It sounds like a sped up version of Good Boys (which was a fairly good single) from 2003. Maybe after a few listens i may change my mind. Blondie’s last few albums were almost forgettable except for a few songs here and there.


LOVE the graphics!

Alan Wilson

The artwork is done by the artist Shepard Fairey, I’ve been various pieces of his artwork for years, if you get a chance check out his website for some great Art Prints https://obeygiant.com/

Stuart Collie

Those two bundles that are offered – in both cases if you don’t include the additional download option of either flac or mp3 it’ll cost you £8 less! £8 for a download of an album you’re already getting 4 copies of, at least one of which you could easily rip yourself! You’d think they’d throw the flac/mp3 option in for free. Never ceases to annoy me quite how much artists are prepared to fleece their most loyal fans

Nick Preece

You’ve got to add the £8 download too, it wont let you check out without it on….. so you don’t save £8 …… just tried buying it without it and it wouldn’t let me…. so a waste of £8


Red Vinyl , Cassette , signed book , 7 inch singles …….they know how to wear a chap down . Ordered . Thanks for the notification Mr Sinclair.
Now off to track down the white vinyl version.


Let me know if you have any luck with the white one!

Eric M.

Blondie’s work post-‘No Exit’ is pretty hit-and-miss t me. I enjoyed several tracks off of ‘Panic of Girls’ but ‘Ghosts of Download’ had an amateurish finish to it to my ears. Looking forward to this, hoping the array of guest stars and the much heightened level of publicity for this album are good omens.

Paul Nolan

Tempted by the 7″ box set (Hasn’t that been done before by another artist recently) and the red vinyl

O(+> Peter B

I’ve seen 7″ box set versions of Hot Fuss by The Killers and I Learned The Hard Way by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings.


I’m excited about Johnny Marr and Laurie Anderson being involved.


Pretty boring and faceless dance music with bland lyrics. I tuned out after Panic Of Girls was a total disappointment. It seems I’m missing nothing.

Luc Hendrickx

I don’t agree, Scott!! The charts ‘agree’ with me… Long Time is a dance hit!