Blue Rondo A La Turk / Chewing The Fat expanded deluxe edition


Cherry Red will issue Blue Rondo A La Turk‘s debut album on CD for the first time this month.

The jazz-pop outfit released Chewing The Fat in 1982, a long-player that included the top 40 UK hit Me and Mr. Sanchez which became the official theme for the 1982 Brazil World Cup.

By the time the album came out the band had inflated to a ten-piece, three of whom –  Mark Reilly, Danny White and Kito Poncioni – left to form Matt Bianco. After this, one further record emerged (Bees Knees And Chicken Elbows) under the truncated Blue Rondo name, before the group called it a day.

This new two-CD deluxe edition features bonus seven-inch and twelve-inch versions and non-album tracks, as well as a selection of contemporary remixes by the likes of Youth and Andy Weatherall.

Chewing The Fat deluxe edition is released on 16 June 2014.

Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. Change
  • 2. I Spy For The F.B.I.
  • 3. Coco
  • 4. The Heavens Are Crying (John Luongo Mix)
  • 5. The Method
  • 6. They Really Don’t
  • 7. Sarava
  • 8. Klacto Vee Sedstein
  • 9. Carioca
  • 10. Me And Mr Sanchez (7″)
  • 11. Changeling
  • 12. The Heavens Are Crying (7″)
  • 13. Me And Mr Sanchez (12″)
  • 14. Klacto (Part Two)
  • 15. The Cities Are Dying

Disc: 2

  • 1. Klactopolkastein
  • 2. Light And Shadow
  • 3. Klactoblusedstein
  • 4. 417 – Flu
  • 5. Changez
  • 6. Malandro Do Sanchez
  • 7. Heavens
  • 8. Klactofonkedstein
  • 9. Samba Do Sanchez
  • 10. Cocomakossa (Fonkaye Mofo Mix)
  • 11. Samba Do Senhor Sanchez (Faze Acbon Mix)
  • 12. There’s A Change (Youth’s Troca De Angola Faiy Fat Mix)
  • 13. Klactofilthedstein (Andy Weatherall’s Mixling)
  • 14. Changezzzz (Youth’s Acid Dub It Up Dischord Mix)
  • 15. The Cities Are Dying

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Metal Mickey

This has been high on my “why isn’t this on CD?” list for a long time, so great to see it, especially in what looks like a pretty comprehensive edition… mind you, bearing in mind how small their discography is, I’m half-surprised they didn’t just add one more CD and make it a complete Blue Rondo anthology…

gary c

Arrived today, solid 2CD package and very well put together, with funny and informative liner notes by Chris Sullivan.
Agree with above comments, discography is quite small true, but there is quality there and I’m thankful someone has their head screwed on at Cherry Red and treated this reissue with care.
Thanks SDE for featuring this too. I might have missed this one if I hadn’t spotted it here…
Now will someone please do a Hipsway reissue? This is getting embarrassing people

Paul H

@ Carl I completely agree with that!

Carl Edwards

hopefully this will lead to Funkapolitian lp getting a cd release. C

Paul H

Chris Sullivan has kindly put an additional free batucuda style remix El Ritmo de Sanchez on Soundcloud for download at

Perfect for the 2014 World Cup.

Btw great news the BBC is using Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star” for their coverage.

Gary C

This looks great. A vastly underrated band indeed, with so many interesting people involved like Godley and Creme, Langer and Winstanley…
Back in the days when we got most of our music news and info from the inkies and late night radio, I had read (long after the event) that The Smiths had supported Blue Rondo A La Turk on their debut gig and decided to check them out. I wasn’t disappointed.
And for once, the contemporary remixes on this reissue could be really interesting what with Youth and Weatherall involved.

Richard Hare

’82 World Cup was in Spain, I think..?

Paul H

Used for the Brazilian TV coverage of the 1982 World Cup held in Spain.

Paul H

underrated band, great album, timely reissue, beautifully done.Bees Knees and Chickens Elbows next?