Blue Zone / Big Thing 2CD deluxe


Lisa Stansfield’s first band Blue Zone’s one and only album, Big Thing, was never even released in the UK when it was issued in 1988, but 28 years later that is rectified with a double-disc deluxe edition slated for a November release.

The Rochdale trio (Stansfield alongside Ian Devaney and Andy Morris) was formed in 1984 and although four singles were released in the UK between 1986 and 1988, a top 40 hit eluded them. It was in America that the band tasted some success where Jackie proved a club and chart hit (it peaked at 54 in the Hot 100)

The album Big Thing (largely produced by Paul O’Duffy who was also working with Swing Out Sister at this time) eventually was put out in late 1988 (about a month after Duran Duran released their own ‘Big Thing’) although not, as mentioned, in the UK.

After the success of People Hold On in early 1989 (a song recorded for Coldcut’s album What’s That Noise?) Stansfield, Devaney and Morris would focus on Lisa’s solo career going forward.

Edsel have created a remastered Deluxe Edition of Big Thing which has been expanded to include bonus tracks, B-sides and remixes from all the singles. It comes with a 24-page booklet with new sleeve notes.

The Big Thing 2CD deluxe is issued on 18 November 2016.

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Blue Zone

Big Thing



Disc: 1
1. Jackie
2. Thinking About His Baby
3. Without A Word To Say
4. Sugar Tree
5. Her Seedy Life
6. Perfect Crime
7. One Kiss
8. Greedy Love
9. On Fire
10. We Will Cry
11. Feel It From Inside
12. Big Thing
13. Love Will Wait
14. Finest Thing
15. There Was I
16. Dirty Talk
17. Be The Sugar
18. Chance It

Disc: 2
1. Big Thing (Extended Version)
2. On Fire (Conflagration Mix)
3. Thinking About His Baby (Extended Version)
4. Jackie (Wake Up Mix)
5. Love Will Wait (Extended Version)
6. Finest Thing (Extended Version)
7. On Fire (Extended Version)
8. Jackie (Shotgun Scream Mix)
9. Love Will Wait (Re – Mix)
10. Finest Thing (US Remix)
11. On Fire (Dub [Embers Mix])
12. Big Thing (Big Dub Club Mix)

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The song “Perfect Crime” on the Blue Zone remaster is missing the first two bars. Will there be a replacement disc?


According to Discogs, “Jackie (Single Version)” 3.27 is a remix by Ric Wake, not an edit of LP version, which is also mixed by Wake.

Obviously, the discs are filled almost to capacity – but I would still like to see “The Answer” included. That way all (known) BZ tracks would be included – though there isn’t enough space for them all on Disc 1. Maybe substitute the 4.55 version of “Big Thing” with “The Answer”. Isn’t the 4.55 version just an early fade of ‘Extended Version’ 6.40? “Big Thing” would then be on Disc 2 – but it wasn’t included on the album in the first place.

I would also like to see a DVD on this set. This is obviously is a ‘companion’ to the 2014 Stansfield 2014 Edsel 2-CD+DVD reissues, so it would be nice if this release matched that set. There were videos made of “On Fire”, “Thinking About His Baby” and “Jackie” (that I know of). That’s not a lot of material of course – but neither was there a lot on the reissue of “Face Up”, just one video!


“Isn’t the 4.55 version just an early fade of ‘Extended Version’ 6.40?” – It’s worse than that; the 4:55 version starts at the 9-second mark of the extended version, with an echo of a keyboard chord from the 9 seconds that are missing from the front of the shorter edit. So it has a clumsy edit at the front, and a fade at the end.


I have the original issue+some promo cd singles and it is a great CD! I don’t care about the instrumentals or 7″ edits so that I will buy it to complete the reissue editions of Lisa’s career. What’s missing are her first singles…


In fact her first 82 album has been released severeal times and can still be found under names like “In session 81/82”.
There is only ONE track that never got a proper CD release from that era : her cover of “I Got a Feeling”…

Jackie’s Single version is just an edit of the LP version so it can be redone after … maybe for a new Lisa compilation ?

I can only guess that Extended “Euro 12” version of Thinking about his baby is a shorter version of the one that will be in the reissue…
About the “prime cuts” of jackie, I’m prettty sure it isn’t an official mix…


Prime Cuts was a DJ remix service, like Hot Tracks, Razormaid, Direct Hit, Discotech, DMC, Ultimix and Powerhouse. As such, those can often be the versions people are familiar with having enjoyed in the club at the time of the song’s release. I’ve tracked down a couple Prime Cuts releases for their reworkings of Laura Branigan hits.

Though it’s rare, you do see the occasional remix service version on extended remasters & box sets. They’re as official as the artist wishes to consider them, which is to say they’re not initially on the artist’s label, and not for general sale due to remix service licensing agreements, but can be when, as I noted, the artist decides to include it on a later expanded edition.


I did a bit of data checking at Discogs:

Disc 1 (79.18)
1. Jackie 3.47
2. Thinking About His Baby 4.03
3. Without A Word To Say 3.38
4. Sugar Tree 4.16
5. Her Seedy Life 4.50
6. Perfect Crime 4.15
7. One Kiss 4.58
8. Greedy Love 4.39
9. On Fire 3.47
10. We Will Cry 4.57
11. Feel It From Inside 4.40 [Germany & Japan CD only]
12. * Big Thing 4.55 [B-side to ‘Thinking About His Baby’ & LS ‘This Is The Right Time’]
13. * Love Will Wait (7″ Version) 4.20 [non-album A-side + B-side to ‘Finest Thing’]
14. * Finest Thing (7″ Version) 4.20 [non-album A-side]
15. There Was I 4.28 [B-side to ‘Love Will Wait’ & ‘Jackie’]
16. * Dirty Talk 4.40 [from ‘Love Will Wait (Re-Mix)’ 12″]
17. Be The Sugar 5.00 [B-side to ‘On Fire’]
18. Chance It 3.45 [B-side to ‘Jackie’]

Disc 2 (79.10)
1. Big Thing (Extended Version) 6.40
2. On Fire (Conflagration Mix) 8.10 [by Kevorkian & Hutchinson]
3. Thinking About His Baby (Extended Version) 6.58 [by Ron St. Germain]
4. Jackie (Wake Up Mix) 7.00 [by Ric Wake] [= Extended Dance Mix 7.02 by Wake?]
5. * Love Will Wait (Extended Version) 6.46 [by Chris Porter]
6. Finest Thing (Extended Version) 6.30
7. On Fire (Extended Version) 5.37
8. Jackie (Shotgun Scream Mix) 5.00
9. * Love Will Wait (Re – Mix) 6.20 [by Julian Mendelsohn]
10. Finest Thing (US Remix) 6.00 [by Nick Martinelli]
11. * On Fire (Dub [Embers Mix]) 6.39 [by Kevorkian & Hutchinson]
12. * Big Thing (Big Dub Club Mix) 7.30

Big Thing (Redux) 5:25 [2004 LS remake, on ‘Easier / Treat Me Like A Woman’ CD]
* Finest Thing (Instrumental Dub) 5.10 [US Remix] [by Nick Martinelli]
Jackie (Single Version) 3.27 [by Ric Wake]
* Jackie (Instrumental) [7″] 3.27 [by Ric Wake]
* Jackie (Instrumental) [12″] 6.54 [by Ric Wake]
*? Jackie [Prime Cuts Mix] 6.32
The Answer 4.01 [on LS ‘The Complete Collection’ 6-CD]
Thinking About His Baby (Extended) 5.56 [Euro 12″]

*) previously unreleased on CD


I’d love if they could add “Jackie” [Prime Cuts Mix], I can never get enough of that song and this mix sounds like something that would be hard/expensive if not impossible to get on CD.


Once again to anyone that could make this happen – please remaster and expand Coldcut’s What’s that Noise? Thanks!

Dejan Dozic

wouldn’t miss this for the world. to hear “Jackie” with the voice of Lisa Stansfield is worth every penny, dime, krona!!! Hehehe


Damn, I just shelled out $14 for a pre-owned original from Germany via amazon UK marketplace shipped to the US… well, nothing I can do and I ordered this one as well.


Already saw this and marked in my mind !

This is not totally complete but there so few mixes omitted that we’ll not make a mess of it ! I was wondering when this would come to the shops and now I’m clearly satisfied !

This album was a good thing anyway :-D !


An awesome release of a true rarity.

Looks like a great compilation!


Rob Iles

This is on my wish list and I have been monitoring discogs and amazon marketplace!
Seeing this has made my day!

November is a VERY expensive month for me!

Thanks for the head up Paul – Ordered!


… with Yazz


Hi Paul. This is out just in time for my birthday on the 23rd in case you were wondering. :)

Stevie B

Paul, I think what Lanny is trying to say is that this would make a nice present if you haven’t got him one already.


Ordered …