Blur / ‘Live at the BBC’ 10-inch single

To mark the 25th anniversary of Blur‘s classic Parklife album, Parlophone are issuing Live at the BBC, a special four-track 10-inch vinyl EP.

The Parklife album was originally issued in April 1994 and this Live at the BBC record features four tracks – ‘Girls & Boys,’ ‘Jubilee,’ ‘Trouble In The Message Centre,’ ‘Lot 105’ – taken from a Mark Radcliffe Radio 1 session recorded live at the BBC in Manchester on 7 March 1994, just a few weeks ahead of Parklife’s release (25 April 1994).

Live at the BBC is released on 2 August 2019. Before you ask, there is no CD version!

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Side 1
1. Girls & Boys (Live At The BBC)
2. Jubilee (Live At The BBC)

Side 2
1. Trouble In the Message (Live At The BBC)
2. Lot 105 (Live At The BBC)

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Gareth Jones

When I bought the Blur 21 box set, I remember Alex doing a couple of radio interviews to promote, and stated it contained pretty much “everything they’ve ever done”. It contained several radio sessions, but for some reason not the Radcliffe one. Were they holding it back for this anniversary??!

Incidentally, the Blur 21 box set was also missing the fan club single ‘Colours’ and Seymour track ‘Tell Me, Tell Me’, which was a 7-inch B-side on ‘Sunday Sunday’.

So no matter how much an artist will try to claim a box set is comprehensive, they really should consult the fans who will actually know more than them if something is missing!!


Though this is true, ‘Tell Me, Tell Me’ is not a song that rewards repeated listening…

Gareth Jones

Ha! I never said being a completest meant owning all good material! I just found it odd though, considering they managed to put it on the 10th anniversary singles box set! https://www.discogs.com/Blur-10th-Anniversary-Box-Set/release/539977


‘Live at the BBC’ a nice taster – any news on releasing their greatest hits on vinyl or is that being saved for the 25th anniversary?

Peter Muscutt

The 21 box set is a really comprehensive package, and the Live at the BBC EP looks nice too. There’s probably be enough material for a full live at the bbc album, what with the tracks they did live at John Peels house and the session they recorded that came out on the Universal single. Not sure if there’s be too much unreleased stuff though to go with the previously available tracks.

Kevin Galliford

Loads of new “Parklife” merchandise on their website too which looks tasty. Fantastic album!


Any mention of including a download code?

Ben Williams

Could a “blur at the BBC” release be on the cards for the future? Would be good!

Joseph Bartram

Have ordered this from the website I already have blur 21 shame there is no gigs to coincide with this maybe they will wait til the 25th anniversary of “the great escape.”


Damon Albarn recently said that they were asked to do Parklife-related gigs this year but turned them down because they felt that there was a risk of rubbing up against the current political backdrop in ways they didn’t foresee or condone (or words to that effect). A pity because it is a truly magnificent album but hard not to take his point.


Yeah, Parklife is lairy enough for the “Take back control” lot to co-opt.


Thanks for making the connection. I forgot about Bet Bet Bet….so I have heard these before.


Probably the source material for the record.

Bit late on the anniversary, too. April was 3 months ago.