Bob Dylan / new album: ‘Triplicate’


Bob Dylan will release a new triple album, aptly named Triplicate, at the end of March that continues his fascination with the Great American Songbook.

The ‘Jack Frost’ produced Triplicate is Dylan’s 38th studio album and follows 2015’s Shadows In The Night and last year’s Fallen Angels. Each disc in the three-CD or three-LP vinyl set hosts ten tracks and has a theme, with the first called ‘Til The Sun Goes Down, the second Devil Dolls and the third and final disc Coming Home Late.

As well as the standard three-CD (8-panel digipak) and 3LP sets, a limited edition deluxe triple vinyl package is also available. This presents the three vinyl records in a “numbered case-made book, with three bound in swing pockets and four-panel folder”. This also comes with a download card (as does the standard 3LP).

Triplicate will be released on 31 March 2017.


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Bob Dylan

Triplicate - Limited Deluxe 3LP vinyl box


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Bob Dylan

Triplicate 3CD Edition


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Bob Dylan

Triplicate 3LP Vinyl




Triplicate 3LP vinyl editions

Disc 1 – ‘ Til The Sun Goes Down

Side 1:

1. I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plans
2. September Of My Years
3. I Could Have Told You
4. Once Upon A Time
5. Stormy Weather

Side 2:

1. This Nearly Was Mine
2. That Old Feeling
3. It Gets Lonely Early
4. My One and Only Love
5. Trade Winds

Disc 2 – Devil Dolls

Side 1:

1. Braggin’
2. As Time Goes By
3. Imagination
4. How Deep Is The Ocean
5. P. S. I Love You

Side 2:

1. The Best Is Yet To Come
2. But Beautiful
3. Here’s That Rainy Day
4. Where Is The One
5. There’s A Flaw In My Flue

Disc 3 – Comin’ Home Late

Side 1:

1. Day In, Day Out
2. I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night
3. Sentimental Journey
4. Somewhere Along The Way
5. When The World Was Young

Side 2:

1. These Foolish Things
2. You Go To My Head
3. Stardust
4. It’s Funny To Everyone But Me
5. Why Was I Born

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Steve Sorensen

I got it because it’s Bob. Will still be looking for any of his code. Perhaps in the order or the way the song titles are laid out and elsewhere.


at this stage in his career, i think he can pretty much explore and do what he wants, not everyones gonna like or dig what he does, but hes expressing himself the way he wants to.


32€,not bad for 3LP :-) !!!


I’m torn. I am a die hard collector. Just short of the people that can afford the 18 CD box. But I have all the MFSL and Let Them Eat Vinyl releases and LP & CD’s galore. But where do I stop? Like someone has said I’d rather get the MFSL MONO editions part 2 coming out and the next Bootleg series boxes. I may have to sit this one out. Sorry Bob.

Allan Johansen

Have anybody (Paul?) seen the art work of the triple (sorry triplicate) LP version yet, except the cover?
Anyway, his first triple of new material, but of recycled material we’ve had ‘Masterpieces’, ‘Side Tracks’ and ‘DYLAN’.

Paul W

People please remember there is only one bob dylan lets enjoy ,what ever the master puts out

Lennie Moore

Its Dylan, if you like it buy it if you don’t don’t.


Some of you are being rather harsh. Dylan comes from a tradition of folk singers who often shared songs, played each others material, and celebrated those who had gone before. He’s done entire radio shows celebrating this stuff, has recorded entire albums of cover tunes back in the early 90’s, of course recorded Self Portrait in 1970, and his debut recording had cover tunes on it. This isn’t quite so out of the blue as it might seem.

Rather than three albums being over-the-top, we should be thinking how bloody brilliant it is that he can still do this. What do we want, less Dylan? If anyone has earned the right to do whatever he pleases, it’s him. He’s done nothing but give to the fans over the last years with constant touring, etc.

As for his voice, he’s been in good tune for the last couple albums. Of course live performances on Youtube may sound more ragged, so would yours after a similar touring schedule. The idea that he’d use autotune is ridiculous. No autotune in the world is going to make Dylan sound what the masses would call “good”.

My gripe is the cover art, which is horrendous. In the end though, it’s the music that stands – or not. So how about we wait a bit and actually listen to it before we condemn? It’s Bob Dylan people – WOO HOO!

Mo Wwstern

I kind of like Bob introducing me to old songs I haven’t heard. At least it isn’t a 3cd set of Christmas songs.

elliott buckingham

sounds like a Dylan soundalike with far better range and pitch. autotune anyone


it must be an expensive hobby being a bob Dylan fan with a seemingly never ending stream of material being released.


Yes, particularly now when you have 36-disc editions of entire tours being released and 18-disc editions of The Cutting Edge with two entire discs of ONE song. I believe many of the die-hards are starting to ask “what is this shit?” Of course if you’re loaded you can afford these endless superdeluxeeditions. If you’re knocked out loaded you can afford these superduperdeluxeeditions (there’s an idea for a website). There is clearly a three-tier marketing system going on these days which I’m not entirely happy with and some people will pay stupid figures for anything Dylanesque. How about The Bootleg Series Volume 50: Bob Mutters In His Sleep (25 disc numbered collectors edition)? I’m game.

Paul Murphy

Twas ever thus. Of course, in the old days it was ‘import’ vinyl [and then CDs] bought at record fairs, Camden Market, or from a suitcase in the backroom of certain owner-occupier record shops. Nowadays, one can buy a 36-Disc set of the 1966 tour for half of what I paid for the ‘Genuine Live 1966’ 10-CD Box. Kids today with their streaming – don’t know they’re born!

CJ Feeney

At least most of it is new to market, as opposed to the umpteenth re-release of a classic album.

I’d sooner be a Dylan fan than a McCartney fan.

David M

New self-penned material from McCartney since 2000:

Driving Rain
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
Memory Almost Full
Electric Arguments (as The Fireman)
(plus another album planed for 2017)

Likewise for Dylan

Love and Theft
Together Through Life
Modern Times

Dylan takes the covers album title 3-1 (or 5-1) though

CJ Feeney

By “new to market” I mean material that has not been officially released before, whether from unreleased archives or any new material whether cover versions or original songs.

Dylan fans are served well because you can buy the Bootleg series (usually) without rebuying an album you already own many times over. Hence I’m more pleased with the stuff Dylan release than the McCartney reissues series or, to pick another example, the Bowie boxes.


Anyone remember when artists gave a damn about cover art? Those were the days.


If that video is of the actual album, the tonearm is bouncing up and down like the LP is warped.

And while I realize it’s themed, there’s no reason why this couldn’t have been put onto 2 CDs.
Putting it on three is just to make it seem like you’re getting more, although $23 U.S. is actually quite reasonable regardless of whether it’s 2CDs or 3CDs.

IMO, these songs are songs for singers. Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, even Dean Martin, and many others. When it’s Dylan’s own material, his voice usually works, because it’s written in his voice. But when it’s standards like this, I personally find it quite repulsive because Dylan is not a very good interpreter, he’s not a crooner, he was never a great singer (even though it worked) and now his voice is completely shot. But I’ll admit to not liking most of Nashville Skyline when it was first released either.

Charles K.

Haven’t been a huge fan of his last two but liked the material better live. Hopefully this will get it out of his system and deliver some original songs.

David Fisher

It seems Ringo was well ahead of the curve with his first solo outing SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. Was he the first rock ‘n’ roller to mine the classic songbook? The Nose’s 1970 LP shares two titles with this collection.

I wasn’t blown away with the last two Dylan albums but when I saw him perform last year at the RAH in London it all made sense. I haven’t seen him singing with such intensity in years and I’ve seen him quite a number of times since ’84. Many people there were disappointed but for me I thought it was a sublime evening. The band were so focussed. He seemed to me like an artist still at the top of his game. His game mind, not anyone else’s.

I’ll be seeing him again this year so look forward to hearing this album as a taster for the next live experience.

Simon F

Do you think Dylan has done this like Ringo said about Sentimental Journey; “I did it for me mum!”


You wait a year for a new Bob Dylan album, then three come along at once. Be interesting to know whether these were recorded recently or are a mix of new and off-cuts from the last two covers albums. Can’t say I’m wildly enthused by this, but I dare say I’ll buy it at some stage. Terrible cover. It says “budget-priced compilation of copyright-expired songs” to me (which may be pretty accurate)

Charlie Waffles

I do not want Bob Dylan putting out three discs. How about Led Zeppelin or Rush or AC/DC?

Paul Murphy

It’s a bit like global warming – we all knew it was coming, but prayed someone in power would do something to try and stop it. Sadly the odds are we aren’t going to see the words ‘new Bob Dylan album’ very many more times, either. We can probably expect yet another new compilation out around May, then all being well the ‘Gospel Years’ Bootleg Series set for Christmas, although Dylan’s ‘people’ have, with no trace of irony, been worrying about product saturation in recent years [if 5 discs of ‘classic’ covers isn’t milking the cow to the bone I don’t know what is]. Still, to paraphrase Elvis Costello back in the ‘Beard Years’, “just ‘cuz you don’t like the new stuff doesn’t mean your copy of ‘Armed Forces’ no longer exists”, and those lovely Mobile Fidelity releases still keep a-comin’ [another batch any day now they shall be released].

CJ Feeney

I bought Shadows… but not Fallen Angels. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it dreck, but it just doesn’t hit me like his originals or his folk albums.

Hopefully with a triple album he has got this out of his system, and will be revisited by his muse to produce some new material.


This release is already incredibly dull.


Dylan’s my favorite artist and I’ve defended his last two covers albums, but good god I just don’t know what to make of this. It takes overkill to a new level.

I would have more respect for a “super deluxe” that positions the last two (2015’s Shadows in the Night and 2016’s Fallen Angels) in a box with three bonus discs. For Sony/Dylan to call this his new album is a peculiar line in the sand, or something. Insert your own metaphor.

Henrik Kirkegaard

Dylan is dylan
To be honestly I would prefer a new album with dylan penned songs
Not more covers
But dylan does what he wants
Hope it good

Ben Williams

I do love these standards albums. A bit like when Johnny Cash started doing American Recordings; great voice, makes the songs his own and ends a career with a fine full-stop.

In twenty years time, Shadows In The Night will be considerd a modern classic.


If it’s anything like his last AARP giveaway, this should be a miss.




@Aaron, he’s already covered the Beatles, he did Things we said Today on the Art of McCartney.
@andrew R, totally agree with you.
@Adey, he is touring the UK in spring.

Peter Stanton

I got really excited when I saw “new Bob Dylan album”. Then I saw the contents. Not for me I’m afraid, despite being an almost life long fan.

Still need Live 1966 plus other Deluxe Bootleg series before I spend out on this.

Thanks for keeping us informed.


Would be nice to see Dylan touring the UK again…


He is in May. No matter who tries the “American Songbook” trick no one can ever match the first and best attempt by Harry Nilsson back in 1973!

Ben Williams

He is, in May.

Mark Petz

Well…at least we know he can still sing when he wants. And still knows how to confound his fans. To be honest, I’m not sure I would ever be interested enough in this material to spin it multiple times and thus justify the expenditure.

Jim Cargill

David M says:
January 31, 2017 at 16:28
The new Rod Stewart? Very dispiriting that he is releasing this dreck at such a late stage of his career.
I suspect ‘Dreck’ was overlooked as a title in favour of ‘Triplicate’….

Maybe ‘Dreck’ just doesn’t have that ‘je ne sais quois’ that the marketing guys were looking for! :-)

/ Jim

andrew R

He wants to keep working /touring .Perhaps after all the songs he has written
the well is dry but his instinct is to keep producing work. He has an astonishing work ethic
i say cut him some slack ,we are lucky to still have him .

Simon F

I agree with David and Jim. Bye bye Bob, it was nice knowing you…

Edward Bates

If only Day In, Day Out WAS the Bowie song.


Great to see that this long-out-of-print 12” dub version
finally gets released on CD……

Andy K

I’m so glad he is still so productive; he’ll be sorely missed when he’s gone – albeit having left behind an astonishing body of work…

Btw, his voice sounds in the best shape it has for a long time on these covers…


any props for the godfather of geriatrock?


@Aaron, given the theme of the album, it’s likely to be this American song instead:



P.S. I Love You is, presumably, NOT the Beatles song, but the 1934 Gordon Jenkins-Jerry Mercer standard.


The deluxe vinyl box isn’t that much more expensive than the standard version. I’m in!

Boaz Halachmi

From the official Bob Dylan store, regarding the limited box:
– 3 LPs
– 180 gram in Numbered Case-made Book with 3 Bound In Swing Pockets and Four Panel Folder
– DL Card

David M

The new Rod Stewart? Very dispiriting that he is releasing this dreck at such a late stage of his career.

Mike R

Agreed. Bob is killing me with these.


Oh. Could of been worse. Release each separately. Pay more.


Now. did it really have to be released on 3CDs [and 3LPs]? I don’t think Bobby is known to have too many lengthy tracks. Unless there is some actual theme for each album.

Sean Murdock

Bob never fails to surprise, does he? I haven’t loved the first two “American Songbook” albums, but five albums makes an “era” to me, and I will definitely give all of them a new chance. Just a semantic musing: Is this really an “album” called Triplicate, or is it THREE new albums (they all have titles) in a collection called Triplicate?


I see on your link the pre order price is $ 53.50 for the deluxe but when click on the link the price is $ 66.98


No digital hi-res. Not surprising, but disappointing.


Do I see P.S. I Love You on disc 2?!?!? Dylan does the Beatles…this could be amazing!

David M

Not that song I am pretty sure

Andy P

I imagine it’s the popular song from the 1930’s written by Godron Jenkins. This would be more in keeping with the overall theme of the Great American Songbook.


I think is the Johnny Mercer song recorded, among others, by Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby, Bobby Vinton and…Sinatra!


Bob performed “Things We Said Today” on that Paul McCartney tribute ablum.