Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series Vol 1-3 to be reissued as a vinyl box set


5LP collection coming in Jan 2017

The first in Sony’s long running Bob Dylan ‘Bootleg Series’ releases – 1991’s Volumes 1-3 –  is to be reissue on vinyl for the first time in 25 years.

The 58 tracks (when span the period 1961-1991) will be pressed on 180g vinyl and come accompanied by a 36-page booklet.

Most retailers (see below)  look to be settling on a mid-£50 price point which isn’t too bad, although Amazon UK seem to be way off the mark at present with their price-tag.

The 5LP vinyl edition of The Bootleg Series Vols 1-3 will be released on 27 January 2017.


Side 1
1. Hard Times In New York Town
2. He Was a Friend of Mine
3. Man On the Street
4. No More Auction Block
5. House Carpenter
6. Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
7. Let Me Die In My Footsteps
8. Rambling, Gambling Willie

Side 2
1. Talkin’ Hava Negeilah Blues
2. Quit Your Low Down Ways
3. Worried Blues
4. Kingsport Town
5. Walkin’ Down the Line
6. Walls of Red Wing
7. Paths of Victory

Side 3
1. Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues
2. Who Killed Davey Moore?
3. Only a Hobo
4. Moonshiner
5. Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie

Side 4
1. When the Ship Comes In
2. The Times They Are A-Changin’
3. Seven Curses
4. Eternal Circle
5. Suze (The Cough Song)
6. Mama, You Been On My Mind
7. Farewell, Angelina

Side 5
1. Subterranean Homesick Blues
2. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Got to Stay All Night)
3. Sitting On a Barbed Wire Fence
4. Like a Rolling Stone
5. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
6. I’ll Keep It with Mine
7. She’s Your Lover Now

Side 6
1. I Shall Be Released
2. Santa-Fe
3. If Not for You
4. Wallflower
5. Nobody ‘Cept You
6. Tangled Up in Blue

Side 7
1. Call Letter Blues
2. Idiot Wind
3. If You See Her, Say Hello
4. Golden Loom
5. Catfish

Side 8
1. Seven Days
2. Ye Shall Be Changed
3. Every Grain of Sand
4. You Changed My Life
5. Angelina

Side 9
1. Need a Woman
2. Someone’s Got a Hold of My Heart
3. Tell Me
4. Lord Protect My Child

Side 10
1. Foot of Pride
2. Blind Willie McTell
3. When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky
4. Series of Dreams


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Volumes 1-3 , 8 and 10 are clear winners for me. This is an essential purchase at that price. I’m in !


Oh ,and the live one from Rolling Thunder , that’s a very cool release.


NEVER TOO LATE let’s hope they’ll do the same honest pricing for the rest of the series!!!

Mark Lloyd

A Big question for audiophiles, one that will probably go unanswered, is whether these vinyl pressings will be based on analogue original tapes or whether they will be cut from the digital mixes used for the CDs.

Mark S

Some of the source material for this is not exactly pristine so the specifics of the mastering are not exactly paramount I would have thought? Recorded 50 to 25 years ago to be played on some pretty scratchy systems at the time.
I get people wanting it as good as poss but it’s diminishing returns. A tiny proportion of people even have a system good enough to notice the small differences.
I say this as a massive Dylan fan but I do wonder what proportion of buyers of vinyl nowadays even have a turntable let alone a top end system capable of exposing the flaws in mastering techniques.
Just my opinion.
Most folks are playing it (if at all) on £50 decks piled high on supermarket shelves or via USB on their PC speakers.


I am really excited about this one. This is the best of all the bootleg series for me, and i’ve been wanting it on LP for a long time. Can’t wait to hear Blind Willie McTell.


Im mixed on his Godspell years.
But Im certain that “Every Grain Of Sand” is one of the all time greats of his.

Steve R.

Simon, I am a mad collector of Dylan bootlegs and one of his best live performances — ever — is his Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 20 April 1980 show (easily top 10-20). As with all his shows during this period, he played only his Gospel songs, so give it a listen, it may change your opinion of Slow Train Coming (however you may disagree with the content). I would also recommend PJ Harvey’s cover of “Shot of Love” (which, again, speaks to the worth of Dylan’s work during this period).


My first every Dylan show was one of those Toronto gospel shows. It was a great introduction and shill one of my top Dylan show. Really looking forward to the gospel box.


I bought the original CD release of this – a big LP sized box set – from Cobb Records in Bangor on 27 January 1993. I remember because it was my birthday!


I actually have this on vinyl already – bought when the set was first issued. I still have the cassette version too. And the CD’s. Oh boy…


I have been aware of this on Amazon for a while and assumed it was a new edition, but good to have it confirmed. Sorely tempted to buy, but will my wife forgive me?


Love the Dylan bootleg series , I’m hoping for an affordable version of the Cutting Edge 1965-1966 18 cd box set .

Arthur O'Brien

Good luck!

Simon Taylor

Amazon have had this listed for a few weeks now, good to see it confirmed as being an official release. Hard to say no to at £50. Will wait for the amazon price to drop. I absolutely love this 3 cd set. Wonderful collection so to own on vinyl will be impossible to resist.

Martin Stockdale

Excellent news, will be a valuable addition to my ever growing Dylan collection. Rather spend £50+ on this than seeing him play.

Eric W

I remember buying this CD box when it came out like it was just yesterday. The big box store I bought it at in San Francisco is LONG GONE. This is something I’d like to have.

andrew fritze

I have it on cassette, might just might upgrade.


Volume 8 is my favourite. Lucky we don’t all agree on everything!

Daniel Wylie

Volume 10 is my favourite. Waiting patiently for the Blood On The Tracks demos.

Ben Williams

I spoke to someone in “the know” – Blood on the Tracks set is all done but likely to be a 2018 release…Gospel Years (1979-1981) coming out next year.


A Bootleg of ‘the gospel years’ would be a must-buy for me as, imho, Slow Train Coming is one of his best

Simon F

Slow Train Coming. One of his best !? You are taking the piss here surely?!

Mark Lloyd

Slow Train one of my two or three favourites also

Paul Murphy

Both ‘Blood On The Tracks’ and ‘Rolling Thunder Review’ are all done. The Gospel Years is also set to include a DVD, and is apparently scheduled for very late 2017. As Ben says, this is due to cover the period 1979-1981, although I would argue [and do in the next instalment of my ‘Bob Dylan Concert Years’ books – shameless plug, apologies Paul] – that it should also encompass ‘Infidels’, or rather, the original unreleased version of it. Bob was in superb voice on those 1979 and early 1980 shows, anyone who scoffs that he cannot sing should listen to ‘When He Returns’ from Toronto 1980.


Hello Paul, where can I find information on your book(s) ?

Paul Murphy

Hello Gerbrand, both The 60s and The 70s volumes are out of print at present [I wish I still had some myself, I saw a copy of the former go for £150 on ebay earlier this year], I’m currently fine-tuning the first proof of The 80s, and the intention is to have all three out for Dylan’s spring tour. I am tempted to snippily say you can get a lot of their contents merrily plagiarised uncredited in the books of another Dylan author, but hey ho. My ‘Blonde On Blonde’ review piece on Amazon is a shortened piece from the former piece. Of course, if you like some Bob-humour, my spoof book on everybody’s favourite Nobel winner, ‘Don’t Look Sideways’, is just out on limited run, available from angel3.publishing@gmail.com – normally £12.99, mention SDE and it will be £10 including UK shipping.
A couple of little SDE exclusive previews of The 80s, as it’s the No 1 music site of the year: contrary to widespread speculation at the time, and since, that ‘Jokerman’ is about himself, the title comes from the name Jokanaan (aka John the Baptist) ; and the subtitle of ‘Tight Connection To My Heart’, (‘Has Anybody Seen My Love’) is most likely not a reduction of ‘Has Anybody Seen My Lord’, as has been long held, but a cribbing from one of Dylan’s favourite films as a youth, ‘Has Anybody Seen My Gal’, starring Bob-favourite James Dean.


Thank you, Paul. Looking forward to the reprints and new volume !


Excellent. I definitely think that period is up for a new look. I still like Infidels and its probably my favorite of his from the 1980’s


I wonder if they will do a mega box set of the bootleg series like they did with the studio albums.


The best of the Bootleg Series thus far and a fair price at £50 for 5LPs

Thanks Paul